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I got my quote!! I'm sold! Dr Azurin it is! Summer 2013 mommy makeover here I come!!

I'm starting my experience and will post a little...

I'm starting my experience and will post a little here and there. I'm looking for advice, encouragement and opinions so I make the right decision and have a speedy recovery.
I have not set my mind fully to what combo I will go with, below are my possible combinations, feel free to give me your choice.

1. Dr Salamas, Aventura, FL
-Mini TT
Price over 10k I believe

2. Dr. Markmann, Elliot City, MD
Price over 15k I believe

3. Dr Robert Kubowski
Price not sure

4. Dr Brian Glatt NJ
Price over 15k

So those are my top choices, I really don't want to spend over 15k if I have to. I have seen Dr Glatt and am already very impressed by him. He is super nice and he does excellent TT! His price however was high. I origanlly asked for the BA, TT, LS and it came to 21k including fees and anesthesia. Yikes!! That's like a new Honda accord! Lol. 

I am leaning towards Dr Salama because his work is amazing! But unsure about the recovery time and how that will work traveling and all , I live in new jersey.

Second choice is dr Markmann, he does a more heart shape behind, does low scar TT and is a car ride away.

Third choices dr zubowski, his TT look really good, his scars are really low and the belloy button looks normal. He does nice BL too, his before and after pics look a little saggy but I have fullness in my breasts now where I think mine won't look saggy.

Fourth choice, close third is Dr Tattlebaum, he does a decent BBL and TT. Please check them out and let me know based off my pics and what I want done who u think I should go to. I want to do this the 2 nd to the last week of August next summer.

Hope to hear some good ideas/ opinions :-)

So I just scheduled my consult with Dr Markmann. ...

So I just scheduled my consult with Dr Markmann. October 9th, im excited but nervous about the charge and if he will agree to do a TT and BBl at the same time, fingers crossed!! :-)
Thank you! I have been researching ever since I had my first child in 2005, so its been a long time coming! :-) i am excited and cant wait! Just hope it all works out

Welcome to RealSelf.  I am very happy to see you doing such thorough research with all of the doctors.  This is the most important part of the process.  Try to put the money issue aside and just trust your gut and heart.  Who did you feel most comfortable with?  

It's really hard to explain but you will know it when you have found the right doctor for YOU!


You have come to the best place ever for for support and I look forward to having you in the community.


So I heard back from Nancy from Dr Salama and I...

So I heard back from Nancy from Dr Salama and I received a quote, all inclusive for BBL $7799.00. Price is definitely trending upward! He's worth it though based off all the great reviews and after pics. So no complaints there, just wish he did the TT and BBL at the same time :-(

I just sent Nancy my pics so cant wait to hear what the doctor has to say if I need a TT or not. We'll see what he says.
hey! those are all great docs. If a TT is priority for you, check out Dr. Azurin of Coral Gables. My tt incision is very low and clean. Being of mixed race, I tend to get Keloid (raised ugly scars) but Dr. A left me a thin little line.

Hi BBL's are gorgeous but way smaller than Salamas . You will have to request a BIG BUTT if you want a colossal sized booty. I'm sure he will accommodate that. As far as LS , I think he is a god. lol He knows how to carve out an hourglass body on just about anyone.

On the down side, he doesn't combine BL with TT. This was a drawback for me but since my TT was high priority and his work was the only one I really liked, I decided to do my mommy makeover in parts. I saw you commented on my review. If you have any questions, ask away. I'm here to help

You are going to do just fine:)

Good luck to you...i have 50 more days before my surgery is done, and I am super excited as well!!

So I am a little more confused now and a little...

So I am a little more confused now and a little upset? I got a call Friday from Amy at Dr Markmanns office and she to.d me he will have to reschedule my consult 10/9, which is next week, because he will be in surgery all day. I have had this consult booked for over 4 months! And was driving over 2 hrs to get there. So mad right now. I didn't even reschedule I was so upset.
And now I'm looking into Dr Azurin. I really like his TT and BBL before and after pics and from what I've seen he does both at the same time. My only concern is the travel. Any ladies travel for your procedures, please give me your opinion if its really not that bad or what to expect traveling for surgery.

Hey girls, so I havn't had surgery yet, but I felt...

Hey girls, so I havn't had surgery yet, but I felt i needed to add my pre-op pics so you can see my shape and why I fell the need for TT, BBL and LS :-)

Sorry, thought I'd mention I'm 5'4" 168 lbs,...

Sorry, thought I'd mention I'm 5'4" 168 lbs, although I don't think I look like I weigh that much...O_o
Hi flybabymomma! I'm getting my BBL & TT with Dr Azurin on January 9th. I really wasn't all that keen on traveling to have this done but you go where the Dr that does the best work is for me. Looking at Dr A's TT, he does a amazing job with a low thin TT incision and his BBLs are not unnatural looking to me. Good luck to you!
I think I know the place you're going to. I can't remember the Dr name but I saw a RS review and saw pics of the Dr office and heard of how nice the recovery house is. What made you decide to go to Mexico? It's so hard to decide on a Dr long distance as I'm finding out myself. But for me I just see too many better Drs and results the farther away they are. I wish I could find a doc closer that does exactly what I'm looking for but I'm just nit finding it. Good luck with your surgery. Can't wait to hear how it went and see your results!
@overhauling: so happy for you! Where are you traveling from? I totally agree about Dr A low low scar, that pretty much sold it for me that and he does BBL and TT together. How many cc you think you will get to each cheek?

So with the advice of MiamiMom, I decided to...

So with the advice of MiamiMom, I decided to contact the Doc office and I spoke with Yashira. She was super sweet and nice ; )
She told me to send her front, side, and back pictures and the Doc will review in the next week and respond with a quote and more details. I am keeping my fingers crossed it comes back favorable! If I get a good quote I will have to book closer to April since I want to schedule for August 2013. I will most likely go with the Mariott hotel thats nearby, its priced right and looks nice. I may or may not bring my mom and kids, not sure yet...If i bring the kids I want them to be able to have fun un FL not stuck inside the hotel room while my mom helps take care of me yknow? so not sure yet. I might have to find a nurse that makes house calls to tend to me that way my mom can help out more with the kids. Any advice on this?

I am so anxious to get my quote I check my email...

I am so anxious to get my quote I check my email like 100 times a day! Lol. I am so dead set on these procedures i think the only thing that could stop me is the finance piece. I hope my quote is good and i can swing it. Then just have to worry about asking off from my job. Eeek. Thats going to be tough. But i guess we'll cross that beidge when we get there. Any advice on the time off from work would be helpful. :-)
Your results are going to be great you have a excellent foundation!!
Thanks wrkinonit!! I am so happy and excited to do it! Wish I could do it tomorrow if I could!
i saw dr. glatt too! i thought he was very nice & i felt so comfortable with him. i ended up waiting a few years to get my tt & went with a friend's ps.  good luck & let us know who you pick & how it goes!

Found some things to support my bootie after...

Found some things to support my bootie after surgery. Put up pics of these things i plan on trying:

Butt surgery cushion
Kid sized pool innertube
Adult size innertube
Wedge pillow
It is good you looked into different surgeons as research is so important. I really love Dr.Azurin's tummy tucks because the stomach is so flat and the scar is so thin and low! It is incredible. I am getting a BBL with Salama in July but I would definitely go to Azurin for a tummy tuck and if I needed a round 2 of lipo and fat grafting.
did you ever consult with Dr. Tattelbaum? I haven't checked out the rest of the docs you mentioned but I have had my eye on dr t and his patients and he has amazing results - going to see him next week
Hi NTL! No I havnt seen him ever since his office cancelled my first consult. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Im still wanting to go with Dr Azurin but not sure I will have the funds in time for this summer so I might just go with lipo and BBL with Dr Daniel Del Vecchio. He does natural breast aug with fat transfer and the results look phenomenal! So i may just get lipo and BBL or just a natural breast lift. Are you going for a tummy tuck and bbl?

Hi ladies. So it's been a while since my last...

Hi ladies. So it's been a while since my last post and I am still wanting to go ahead with the procedure. I just have some questions for those of you who have done it already or are scheduled to... How did you go about paying for it? I feel like I've seen sooo many women on this site have multiple surgeries and I wonder how can anyone afford it? I have pretty good credit soI think I will be approved for a loan but would just like to know how you all did it or maybe you have some insight to where I should go that gives good plans and rates for elective surgery. Btw I am looking to have the bbl and TT. Hope everyone is doing well!
Great that you are going ahead with surgery!  You will be so happy!  I had lipo & TT & used some tax return money & put the rest on Care Credit.  I was able to get 0% financing if I paid it off within a year.  Care Credit is like a credit card & many Dr. offices accept it & offer low or 0% financing if you pay it off within a certain time (Dr. office usually decides the length of time - 6 months, 1 year).  Good luck & let us know how your surgery goes - can't wait to see an update!
Dr Daniel Azurin

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