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I am a female in my early 30's. No children but...

I am a female in my early 30's. No children but obese all of my life. I lost quite a bit of weight size 24 to a 8-10 but have regained and I'm in about a 16 now. At either weight, 10 or 16, my body only shrunk... it wasn't disappointing at all, I was happy and I lost weight with diet and exercise, however, I never could look the way I wanted, I honestly was and still am afraid to get surgery... however, due to another problem I have to get surgery this year anyway and now I am considering a tuck brachioplasty (arms). My logic is, I am already going under for surgery, why not get this done too?

I'm torn though, I feel like maybe I don't deserve it, I don't have a this problem because of kids. I'm also spiritual... and I'm concerned I am being vain and that maybe God will punish me while under... I know it sounds CRAZY but that is what I am thinking...

I've only told 2 people what I am thinking. I'm ashamed to tell anyone else. I believe writing will help me greatly.

Besides an upcoming surgery that I will eventually need to get done and it will hopefully alleviate some minor aches and pains, I want this because I have tried to lose weight and get in shape the "right way" and YES I love working out and stying fit. even at this 16 I feel okay, but I can't run like I use to and I am still working out... I just don't have the time to do 1.5 - 2 hours a day 6 days a week like I use to. Regardless, even with the hard work I never looked like I wanted (flat stomach and no love handles and WINGS FOR DAYS... at my smallest they waved and hung). I just want to be happy with how I FEEL AND LOOK. I want to show my stomach if I want to or wear a back less dress... even in a 8-10 I couldn't.

Anwyay, I have been SO ANXIOUS and torn. This seems like the perfect time to do it, altough I'm not at my lost weight because I will already be on leave for at least 4 - 8 weeks... and the surgery already required a bikini cut (meaning I was going to scarred anyway)... but again, I think this is just me trying to justify it... so pros:

- No kids or family, so financially this is a good time for me
- already going under and will have a scar
- flat stomach, no more flabby arms, and a flatter back... he isn't sure if he can get all of it... I carry all my weight in my back it seems
- I'm pretty darn confident now, but I want to like my shape and all the hard work I have put in to loose the weight I have lost

- Doing this alone (kinda)... I'm a little worried about my mental/emotional state
- Will I be out even longer because of the multiple surgeries
- Its expensive
- I may have to get more work done because I plan to still workout and loose weight (size 10 is fine for me if my stomach and back or flat)



Hey hun please dont feel like you dont deserve it . . YOU DO ! I totally agree with you . . if your going under and it has bothered you for so long, I say, do it ! I'm going in for April 4 and anxious as hell !
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So I'm waiting for a DATE! I'm so ready to get...

So I'm waiting for a DATE! I'm so ready to get this finished... but are there risk of being under for so long... 6 hours... Okay, I can do this... :)


Hello! I see that March 25th is the magic day for both of us! I wish you the best!
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hello..YOU do deserve to look good!! dont doubt that at all..If this is something u been long looking for...and something that has been bothersome to you for awhile...go for it...I had the same feeling as u..i am religious too..and u are suppost to accept yourself as u are..but u know..i saw it as a healthy thing i was doing for myself..as my abdomen no matter how much i tried to loose weight..it always hung there in the way of everything!!! which is not healthy at all. With pain in my back i was not able to exercise that area at all. I dont have kids either and well...like i told my family i want to look good now not at 50..that was my view! I do want kids later on wich will ruin my TT but i shall deal with that when the time comes! The first 3 to 4 weeks is torture i found on the body and mind! Just tonight i told my grand ma " i dont know how i managed to get to today" You will have down days of course...but i am now 5 weeks post op and walking the mall now!! :-) and bought my fist nice langerie!!! You will need help the first couple of days...therefore try to confide in someone on helping u!!!!! Any questions u would like to know...or simply just talk..ill be here!!!!
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Oh yes i forgot to mention..i was sooo nervous just like you...i thought "oh what if i die on the table and never wake up? what if i get punished?" i brought my living will with me...believe it or not..and look at me today...alive and well...its just fear and anxiety that is taking over thats all...but tell yourself everything will be fine!!!

I finally got my date!!! I am so relieved I don't...

I finally got my date!!! I am so relieved I don't know what to do. No one on this site has expressed the craziness of waiting for a date... needless to say, this is over with and now... now I don't know what to do really!!! My surgery is complex because I'm have more than one thing done and the other is not related to body contouring... anyway, I have no idea what recovery will be like because it is much more complex... however, I plan to at minimum post regularly to help me through recovery. I'll probably take pictures too... I just want to be healthy and look better after this... now, I have to think positive thoughts and get my mind ready for recovery! I"M SO RELIEVED!


Dear tobenew,

I share your thoughts about being vain....what will people think...I could have used the money to feed hungry children...all the guilt! I am doing this, finally after thinking about it for years and years and I refuse to feel guilty...even though, I do at times. I am also having a brow lift and eye lid revision done at the same time. Let me know how you do! You are in my prayers.
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I had a hysterectomy with my TT and was under 6 hours. I don't know how much harder the recovery was with the hysterectomy but I got the all clear to go back to the gym at 5 weeks. But to go easy! I am still sore and swollen and occasionally take a half of pain pill at night. I sure you will do fine and look great!
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Oh I'm so happy you finally got a surgery date, eh? That's really great. Ya, positive thoughts . . . that's what I'm trying to do. Just be sure to listen to your doc and follow everything he tells ya. This site is really great. Read, ask and share stories ! It will definitely help ya through it :-) I know that it makes me feel like I'm not the only one in the planet who needs a tummy tuck hehe!
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