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Tummy Tuck with Umbilical Hernia - Wisconsin

Hi! I have a tummy tuck scheduled and am very...

Hi! I have a tummy tuck scheduled and am very nervous about the whole thing. I have three children and after my third child my abdominal walls separated and I also have an umbilical hernia. I am 5'3 and 122 pounds and have a belly that pooches out. I haven't told any family or friends and am so happy to of found this website as it will be my only support system. I am most nervous about the recovery (like most other people) and the depression so many women experience shortly after the surgery and I am trying to mentally prepare myself. My rationale at this point is that a few months of recovery outweigh the number of years I'll enjoy my new stomach. The power of positive thinking!

I have read countless reviews and comments on this site and can't express how important they have been in making this decision. Your candid posts have really helped me understand the process so much better - thank you! Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated.


Hi Flower and welcome to RealSelf :)

You are another tiny person.  I am also short and small and let me tell you...getting rid of the double muffin top was the best thing I ever did for myself.  You are making the right decision and the results will far out weigh the temporary pain. 

I am so glad you did find RealSelf because this is a wonderful support group our here.  Th women will all help carry you through and put you at ease.  We have all been there, done that and will certainly help you through. 

The nerves are normal so just roll with it and know it will be fine.  Keep up the positive thinking and I know that will help you.  Just keep telling yourself that any pain, swelling or minor depression you may go through is all part of it and temporary.  It will come to an end and you will heal.  Just try to focus on the end result.  I like what you said about the "Few Months" of recovery.  That is exactly right!  I went in thinking I would be fine in 2-4 weeks and was really let down and emotional for a while. 

I look forward to reading your posts and please let us know if you have any questions....any at all.  We don't hold back on the questions and no question is a dumb one. 

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My surgery is now postponed for one week. A little...

My surgery is now postponed for one week. A little disappointing because the nerves are killing me, but everything happens for a reason. Any one have suggestions on what to do before surgery and what they brought with them to the hospital, or wish they would of brought with them? I imagine some comfy clothes to go home in :) Thanks ladies!!!!


Thanks for the comment! Your positive words and personal story are very helpful and inspiring. I hope I recover as well as you have. At first I was extremely nervous, but now those feelings are turning into anticipation - I just want to get it over with and begin to experience everything I've been thinking and talking about. I hope that makes sense! I will continue to post througout my recovery. Thanks!
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You will do great! Seriously just went through it (7 weeks post op) tt with lipo and repair of inguinal hernia. THe pain wasn't as bad as I thought. It was controlled VERY well through medications..Most of my pain was soreness in muscles in upper stomach and then they were tender when I moved, coughed,,or stretched in a certain way. It was not excrutiationg if you take your pain meds as needed and don't wait until the wear off to replenish. Believe it or not, I went to my families Thanksgiving party just 4 days after my surgery, drains and all...I was Christmas shopping with 2 weeks for quite a few hours actually. It is so worth it you will feel like a new person, even from the begginning with your new flat belly and curvy body. Best think I ever did, and though I'm not fully recovered (minor pains not enough to take any meds for past 4 weeks)I would still do it again i na heartbeat. You are going to be THRILLED with the results and so happy you did it...Good luck to you and keep us posted!!
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Thank you Kimmers! Because I have not told anyone about this surgery (other than my husband) I feel like I'm on a deserted island...until of course I found this site! Wow...so many people walking in my shoes RIGHT NOW! That's pretty powerful stuff and I feel comforted just knowing that complete strangers will support me and answer any questions.

My PS is on vacation until next week so I'll see him one week prior to surgery. I feel like that's so close to the surgery date and I don't feel prepared for what I'll need prior to the surgery, at the hospital and when I get home. Any suggestions? I have read the lists and articles here and it's been helpful.

Well it's the day before my surgery and...

Well it's the day before my surgery and I'm feeling anxious, excited, nervous, scared...the emotions alone are exhausting me! I thought I would post some of my feelings, as I'm sure some of you can relate.

My house is clean, all the sheets are washed, groceries are bought and laundry is done. I've made arrangements for my children and packed their bags (my friend is taking them while I'm in the hospital). I'm trying to make this as easy as possible for my husband so he doesn't have a lot of household things to do this weekend. Guess that's the mother in me! I think no matter how much I try and prepare myself it's the fear of the unknown that is scariest. I just keep reminding myself that I'm a strong woman who has the ability to get through this and that it's only a temporary discomfort. I think emotional heartache and pain can be as painful as physical pain. At least my mind is strong and my attitude is positive.

I do have before pics and I will try and get those posted tonight. Thanks for reading!


Flower, hope all went well yesterday. I have some pain, but it's manageable. I have my pain pump through Sunday and then it runs out of medicine, but hopefully I will not need it by then. I'm thinking about you doing your recovery, good luck!!
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Hello Flower18!

I am sooo excited for you since you are having your surgery tomorrow! I remember the night before my surgery. I flew to Southern CA the night before, I knew I was in great hands, so I wasnt nervous, just very excited. Keep us in touch so that we know how you are doing. Believe me, it is not that bad. I hardly had any pain at all. I was just very sore as if I had done hundreds of sit ups. Keep your positive attitude, thats key!!

I did it! Today is the start of day 3 and I...

I did it! Today is the start of day 3 and I can't believe it's over and I'm home recovering. Oh where to beging?!

I checked into the hospital on Friday at 11:30 am. I was brought to an outpatient room where I changed into a gown, peed in a cup, had an IV inserted and my vitals taken. The nurse anesthist came in to discuss what would happen and then my PS came in to do some measuring and drawing. After that I laid in bed and they wheeled me to the OR. I was very scared at this point. It was a long ride there and when I arrived there was a lot going on. Music was playing, it was cold, people walking around in their blue garments with only their eyes showing and lots and lots of surgical tools and other scary instruments! I wasn't wearing my glasses so things were so fuzzy which I think made it more nerve-racking than it actually was. I scooted onto the operating table and within two minutes I was fast asleep. I woke up in recovery and remember talking to my PS and the nurse. I was very comfortable and wasn't feeling any pain and shortly thereafter they wheeled me to my room. I was given Morphine thru my IV but started itching so they gave me Percocet instead. I was also very nauscious so I got something for that, too. I had a catheter so I didn't have to get up and use the bathroom until I was awake for awhile and my pain was controlled. My PS came to check on me at 7:00 pm and said that he would also return in the morning.

My surgery took about 2.5 hours and I was back in my room around 4:00 pm. The catheter was removed around midnight. The first night didn't go very well. I wasn't able to sleep so they gave me some Valium thru my IV and that helped. It's hard to sleep on your back in one position for any length of time! My husband had gone home at 9:30 pm so I was also alone and feeling a little lonely. I was feeling better when I woke up on Saturday but the nausea continued so I was given some more meds for that. My PS came in at 9:30 am and removed the tape that was covering my incision. It looks amazing! It is symmetrical and low. He said, "It looks awesome and your going to be very happy with it." I was discharged on Saturday at 4:30 pm. On our way home my husband and I stopped at Walgreens to get my meds and some other things. I grabbed some Benedryl and some Tylenol as well. I went into the store with him and was able to slowly walk with him. It felt good to walk but exhausting all at the same time.

We got home and I got myself settled in the recliner in the living room. I have a table next to me with all my drugs, water, crackers, remote, phone, laptop, etc. I am writing down when I take my meds because time is difficult to track. Each hour runs into the next and when your awake all night things get a little foggy!

I have three drains in place and they are labeled 1,2, and 3. I empty them and record the amount of fluid. Drain 1 has nearly no fluid, and drain 3 has the most. My incision is not covered with anything but I do have some gauze and tape around the drain sites. The drain sites are the biggest source of pain and discomfort and I knew that would be the case based on reading posts on this site. Because I did not have any lipo I do not have any compression garments on. I don't have anything covering my incision other than some neosporin for now. My pain in nicely controlled through Percocet and I do not feel loopy or out of it when I take them, which is nice. They make me a little tired but I can live with that. I do have pics to post...just have to find my camera. I am drinking a tremendous amount of water and that really seems to be helping. I have little swelling thus far, but I know its coming. This site has prepared me for everything that has happened and I'm so grateful that all of you have shared your stories. It has made this journey so much easier and predictable. If any of you are thinking twice about this please don't. It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, you will be uncomfortable, but you shouldn't be in pain. I can already tell that my profile looks great and I will be very happy with my results. Because it is the weekend (today is Sunday) my PS gave me his cell phone number and asked that I call him this morning so he can check on me. I have a tremendous amount of trust in my PS and feel like he genuinely cares about each patient. I hope that anyone considering this procedure finds a PS they can feel this confident about, too. Well, enough rambling for now. If you have any questions about my recovery thus far please ask. I'll continue to post and get my pics up. Thanks for your support!!!


Yea for you!! I"m getting super excited about this journey. Please post your pictures. I like to compare myself to other "small" people who being overweight was never really the issue.
Keep us posted on how you're handling your pain and how you're healing.
I think my biggest challenge will be caring for my 3 youngest children!! :)
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Yea for you!! I"m getting super excited about this journey. Please post your pictures. I like to compare myself to other "small" people who being overweight was never really the issue.
Keep us posted on how you're handling your pain and how you're healing.
I think my biggest challenge will be caring for my 3 youngest children!! :)
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TT - Post-op Day 5 Well I made it to Day 5....

TT - Post-op Day 5

Well I made it to Day 5. Whew...today wasn't such a great day, though. I had been experiencing some nausea, lightheadedness, shortness of breath and just felt cold and clamy. My PS requested I come in right away so he could see me. To make a long story short, he said my body was in shock from the surgery and that some of my organs were not functioning properly. After some x-rays and blood work they hooked me up to an IV and pumped me full of fluids. My digestive system was not working despite drinking like a fish and taking MOM. I was getting dehydrated and my body was not absorbing the water and nutrients I've been drinking, thus causing extreme constipation. He told me to use a suppository to get things moving. I've never used a suppository and never want to again. Ugh...within SIX minutes I was in the bathroom and it was not a pleasant experience. It hurt like hell. BUT...I feel SO much better!

With regards to pain, I would say I'm at a 1 or 2 only because I am experiencing some occassional discomfort. I am taking only one Percocet every 5-ish hours and am hopeful that within a few days I will be off the pills all together. I am walking and standing fine and don't feel any pain as my meds wear off. I took a sponge bath yesterday and washed my hair in the sink and felt fine. I'm trying a shower tomorrow, even though I'm a little nervous. I still have all three drains in and probably won't get any out until Thursday or Friday. Where the drain enters my body I used to have a lot of discomfort but now it feels okay - they are just annoying. I am scared to have them pulled out. What have your experiences been with this??? I also finally posted some pics. I've never had any stretch marks so the marks you see on the pics are from clothing and drain tubes.

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TT - Post-op Day 6 Today was my first day...

TT - Post-op Day 6

Today was my first day home alone and it went quite well. Everyone was out of the house by 8:00 am and the kids were back by 3:oo pm. The seven hours flew by and I almost wish I had an extra hour or two! I felt good today but also felt a little tighter than previous days. Not sure why. I'm still continuing to take one Percocet every five hours. This seems to work for me so I'm going to continue with this for a bit. I also slept in my bed last night for the first time and I was actually more comfortable than on the couch. I felt like it provided more support and getting back into my regular routine (of sleeping in my bed vs. the couch) felt great.

I still have all three drains in yet. I'm hopeful I'll get at least one out this week yet. No change with my incision so I did not post a pic. Maybe in another day or so I will post another pic. I'm feeling a little constipated again today...sigh. Good thing I didn't chuck the box of remaining suppositories!

My diet before surgery was healthy but I would of course, indulge in some cravings occassionally. The biggest change since the surgery has been giving up soda. Oh how I love to drink a Coke in the morning! It's like my coffee. Since surgery, my diet has consisted of pretty much the same thing the past few days: yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh pineapple - lots and lots (almost an entire jar of fresh pineapple a day!!), protein shakes, wheat toast w/ pb, oatmeal, water and all natural Sobe water, and occassionally some Ritz crackers. I'm curious as to what others have been eating during their recovery? I'm closely watching my sodium intake and my protein and fiber. However, what I wouldn't give for a frosted donut with lots of sprinkles! Maybe in a few days when my "system" is a bit more regular ;)


Momby4, I don't think anything is banned, it just helps your body if you eat good stuff. I assumed caffeine was bad because it could dehydrate you. I drink 3-4 cups a day too and LOVE my Keurig :) I have made a cup each morning and only drank about 1/2 because I had some heartburn and didn't really enjoy the coffee and I didn't think I should be drinking it, but at first post-op, last Tues my Dr. said a little coke/coffee is fine because it jump starts the need to go to the bathroom, which is good. So check with your Dr., but I bet you can have at least a cup!
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Lookin good girl!!!  Nice tummy:)
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wait. So is there a problem with drinking coffee?!?!
I drink AT LEAST 2-3 cups of coffee per day. That's the FIRST thing i do in the morning when I get up. My MIL bought me a Keurig for Christmas, so now I'm drinking coffee at night. Caffeine has no effect on me. Doesn't wake me up or keep me away. Just had a cup of extra bold coffee a few minutes ago (it's 10:30pm) and i"m fixing to head to bed.
Now, if coffee is banned, then THAT might be a deal breaker!! ;)
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TT - Post-op Day 10 Each day gets a little...

TT - Post-op Day 10

Each day gets a little better! Day 8 was not a good day. I had been looking forward to getting my drains out but it didn't happen. I felt a little down and was getting so sick of sitting around. The next day things turned around and I have been feeling great ever since. Taking a shower everyday and putting on makeup makes a world of difference, and if nothing else, it gives me something to do. I tried to stop taking the Percocet but felt like I was having withdrawal symptoms so I ended up cutting a pill in half and taking one. I'm hoping to do this once or twice yet to avoid the w/d symptoms. I don't think I need any pain meds and if it weren't for the w/d feelings I wouldn't be taking anything. I see my PS tomorrow so I will talk to him about this. I'm sleeping pretty well at night considering I still have my drains. I was setting my alarm to take pain meds during the night, and if I didn't do that I would be able to pretty much sleep through the night. I added a new post-op pic, although there doesn't seem to be much difference from my previous post-op pics. I don't have much swelling, but definitely see an increase in the evening. Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but in the evening my stomach seems more sensitive to touch and I get very irritated with the elastic band on my pants. I'm not wearing a binder/garment and I do wear a tank top that goes underneath the elastic waist band. Has anyone else experienced this?? All in all I'm doing well!!!!


Yes you will notice the swelling worse in the evening.  As you are up in the day things seem to get irritated and swollen.  All part of the first weeks :) 

I am sure the drains will be out soon.  They are so annoying after so many days but they are necessary.  You do not want to get any fluid build up in the body. 

Hang on you are getting there.
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You I just noticed you have 3 drains? Why is that?
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Not sure why I had the pleasure of having three drains. lol I will ask my PS tomorrow why he put three in. Most people seem to only have two. Now you've got me thinking...

TT - Post-op Day 11 Well lucky for me I had...

TT - Post-op Day 11

Well lucky for me I had two drains removed today. Unlucky for me I still have one! My PS assured me that if my numbers are low tomorrow or the next day he will gladly pull it. He said he never pulls all three at once. I had been anticipating the drain removal for days. When he pulled out the first one it didn't hurt at all. The second one was a whole 'nother story! It hurt quite a bit where the drain comes out but the pain was very short-lived. All in all, it wasn't too bad. I felt great today - the best I've felt yet. I think I over-did it a bit because I feel exhausted and a little swollen. Live and learn. My PS recommended that I get one of those body shapers to wear after my final drain is removed to help push out any remaining fluid. I was never put in a binder or garment. I'm really not very swollen, but am going to follow his recommendation. I'm so glad I decided to go through this journey...it has been well worth it.


did you get that last drain out yesterday? Feels good to be "free" from the tubing. I'm doing really well and I've slept good 2 nights in a row. You are right that each day gets a little better. Glad your back feels better, mine is feeling better too. I'm only taking Motrin now. Haven't had a pain pill since Tuesday. I think we turned the corner and the next few weeks should be easy.
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46ky, YEAH! I got my final drain removed today. What a wonderful feeling it is to sit down and pee without a tube connecting me to my pants! lol So glad to hear you are feeling well and sleeping well. The last two nights were not good for me, but outside of those two nights I've been sleeping great. Maybe now that the drains are gone it will be better. This morning I started to notice some "wrinkling" of the skin. I am very concerned about this, as I did have some of this pre-surgery. My PS said he'll look again in a month and that I'm being inpatient...gee, tell me something I don't already know! Kidding aside, I'm hoping that this is not the beginning of something bad. I was very disappointed this morning when I sat down on my bed and saw wrinkles around my belly button.

I know I'm not the expert, but I spent a lot of money to look a certain way and I expect it to look that way. I had no revisions on my belly button and I'm wondering if enough skin was pulled and am hoping that once the swelling goes down, the wrinkles don't increase. Have you noticed any wrinkles? I hope I'm not being paranoid. Thanks for listening!!!
Flower, how are you doing? I'm feeling good, but tired of not being able to do much. By the way, did anyone give you a timeframe for when the pubic area would look normal? I'm starting to feel like a male Abercrombie model with great abs and too much definition below the belly button. I knew it would swell, but it looks wierd...
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TT - Post-op Day 15 All my drains are gone -...

TT - Post-op Day 15

All my drains are gone - FINALLY! Hooray! The third drain caused me no pain upon exiting my body and boy was I happy to see that thing put in the garbage. Yesterday was the worst post-op day thus far. Up until then I had been feeling great (physically and mentally) but yesterday I cried for the first time since surgery and gosh golly it was quite the crying jag. Geesh...what's wrong with me?! The morning started out great. I showered, wore jeans for the first time post-op, curled my hair and looked great...on the outside.

I went to see my PS and told him a concern I had and it went south from there. I began to see some wrinkly skin (I call it "old man skin" aka OMS) around my belly button and above. I had this OMS pre-surgery so I'm all too familiar with it. My PS told me I'm being inpatient and I should come back in one month. Fear of a beautiful tummy went right out the window (along with the thousands of dollars I spent!) and so it began...the long pity-party of tears. Did he get rid of enough excess skin...should my belly button of been re-done to ensure all the OMS was gone...am I being paranoid??? On and on it went. I am trying to remain calm and not worry about it right now.

I ended the evening by going to a movie with my husband and some dear friends of ours. Today I am feeling better and am putting my trust and faith in my PS that he is right.

One thing worth mentioning for any TT newbies out there. The nurse asked me yesterday what the most difficult part has been. Interestingly enough, without thinking, I said the emotional/mental aspect of it. Never have I felt like the pain/discomfort was bothersome or worse than expected. Quite the opposite actually. While I am pleased with my results, preparing yourself and remaining calm throughout the process was my key to a healthy recovery.

Wore jeans today and have been soda-free for 16 days and counting.


You look great! Thanks for all the information. I am going in for my first consultation on Thursday. Your review has been very helpful. I am sure I will have a zillion questions for yall after my consultation.
Thanks so much for keeping us updated on your journey. It is so helpful!
Keep up the good work! :)
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I'm feeling good other than the "swell hell." Ugh...it is RELENTLESS, but manageable. I haven't had much change so I did not post more pics, but if you would like a specific pic (scar, swelling...) I'd be happy to post.

How are you doing? I'll continue to follow your progress. I read one of your comments about having difficult BM's. I, too, had this problem. Dulcolax (suppository) finally did the trick for me...and within five mins. It didn't hurt nor did I have any cramping like some laxatives or stool softeners will do. Something to think about if it continues. Got any questions just ask away!! Rest, relax and happy healing to you. :)

TT - Post-op Day 18 Just a quick update....

TT - Post-op Day 18

Just a quick update. Worked a few hours yesterday and a few hours today and now I definitely understand what the Veteran TT Peeps mean by increased swelling from working...yikes! It's manageable but slightly uncomfortable. I'm a bit more tired at the end of the day but not to the point where I'm falling asleep early or in need of a nap. My drain sites aren't healing as quickly as I'd like. I still have a scab where they entered my skin and it's tender to the touch, as well as when clothing rubs against it. This too shall pass....right?!?!

All in all I'm doing well. Still soda free and I'm continuing to maintain a very, very low sodium diet and healthy eating habits.


Julie, you are very welcome and thanks for the kind words. Good luck at your first consult - hopefully all your questions will be answered and any fears you have will be put at ease. It's honestly not that bad. The swelling is one of the most difficult things to deal with, but definitely manageable. Let us know what you decide, if anything, on Thursday!!

TT - Post-op Day 30 Things are going pretty...

TT - Post-op Day 30

Things are going pretty well. I have posted new pics. I gained two pounds in the last few weeks...ugh. I live in Wisconsin and it's chilly...but I guess this means I'll be bundling up and getting my butt outside! I noticed a white stitch popped through on my incision - anyone else have this happen and if so, what did you do about it?

I'm back to work but get pretty tired by days end. It may be attributed to not sleeping as well as I used to for the past month.

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Kimmers, thanks I've read different things about this. Some say its no big deal and some say it could be a huge problem. I was going to call my PS this a.m. but I'm afraid they will want me to come in and I have a hair appt that is long overdue! Your post put me at ease, so I think I'll call later after my hair is done :)
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I did not know an infection could be possible with the pop-thru stitch, I don't have any redness or anything. I think I will call me PS office and ask abou that. The worst thing about sleeping long hours is I want to stretch even more and my abs still get quivery, but I feel rested most of the day. I had an appt last Tues (at 3 weeks/4 days) and PS said to start massaging bb and scar. I don't do the incision much because there is still one spot that has a small scab. I was told to massage in a circular motion with enough pressure I could see the red scar turn skin color. I only do it about 1 min a day. I will do it longer as it gets more comfortable. I don't think you're losing any opportunity, the scar will be healing for weeks. PS will probably have you start massage at your next appt. Yes, I'm still wearing garment. I was told to wear it as long as I could and it wasn't loose, then I can go to stage 2. I think I'm real close to going to the 2. I'm tired of the hooks and lumpiness on the sides. I'm expected to wear the stage 2 for at least 6 weeks! How about you, are you still wearing one? I see so many people who don't have one and I'm tempted to quit wearing it, but I'm so afraid of messing something up. Feels good at night when I leave it off for 1-2 hours! I feel like I'm falling behind in the exercise, I may get on the treadmill and go slow, that doesn't sound too strenuous and my butt needs the exercise!
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46ky, When I called my PS this morning the nurse said not to rub anything (like oil or lotion)on the incision until my PS can see it because of the stitch sticking out. She said I could get an infection if something gets in there. It's not red or sore or anything where it's sticking out but I guess better to be safe than sorry. I had glue over my incision and picked some of it off and that was uncomfortable so I'm not sure I'm ready to be massaging it yet! I was never placed in any type of garment. At thw weeks I was told to purchase a body shaper/spanx/spandex thingy and to wear it as many hours in a day as I could handle. I went to a local department store and bought two and wear them anywhere from 16-24 hours/day. My PS said not to sweat it if occassionally I don't feel like wearing it. Sometimes I sleep with it on and sometimes not. It is very comfortable and I don't mind it too much. I don't recall what part of the country you live in, but it's cold and snowy here and I am finding it extremely difficult to get motivated to do any physical activity. I just need to do it - plain and simple. Glad to hear that overall things are going good for you. I think we both had relatively good recoveries and I'm so thankful I had no major complications.

TT - Post-op 6.5 weeks I posted two new pics....

TT - Post-op 6.5 weeks

I posted two new pics. I've noticed just in the past few days that my swelling is going down considerably and it's not nearly as bad. I am still more swollen at night but it is not a big deal (or I'm just so used to it by now). I resumed running and yoga, although some of the yoga moves I am not able to do yet. I'm feeling great overall!

My scar continues to change and is beginning to fade more and more. It is smooth and not raised in any area but is red/purple in color. My PS will be doing a slight revision where one of my drains were. Even though it is hidden below the bikini line, he agreed to fix it and in fact, was adamant about making everything just right. The skin has a little pucker - not really a big deal.


Nice and neat doctor made the perfect cut!!! Looking Gr8t
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you have a very sexy tummy! congrats. My scar is still bumpy, I don't think I'm massaging well enough. Do you have any tips for flattening it out? Glad you are doing so well. I played tennis today... wasn't pretty, but I almost feel back to normal. Glad you are running and doing yoga, sounds like all is good!
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You're looking great! Love the pics.

Hey, you said your scar was smooth, but still red. Can you tell me more about your scar treatment; what all you've been doing? Was it bumpy earlier? If so, when did it start flattening out?

I'm using Mederma 3 times a day vigorously. And occasionally using E oil. Just started last week. I'm exactly 4 weeks today.
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Photo Update

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THank You! I posted almost the exact same post (with a few more details) under a new discussion because I was not sure I had done this one correctly :) I'm reading lost of posts and trying to come up with a plan. Thanks!
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Hello everyone. I have been reading your posts and I just wanted to say it has helped ease my anxiety. I am 33 years old, 5'2 and about 130 pounds at the moment (usually 124 but I am up a bit, trying to get back down before TT). I have 2 boys who were both 9 pounds at birth, C sections, and my short, small body did not do well with it. I have a large seperation in my abdominal muscles, an umbilical hernia and a pudgy belly that just wont go away. My TT is scheduled for May 5th and I am getting nervous. I am going to my Mom's home post op and staying there for about 9 days. She is a nurse and will also be caring for my 2 and 6 year olds. I don't think I will be alone caring for the kids until around day 11. I am nervous that I won't be ready or that it is going to be much worse than I think. I have read stories about people not being able to be active for months. At the very least I will need to be able to prepare food for my kids and change some diapers. Any feedback or advice you can give would be wonderful. I'm already thinking of all the things I need to complete around the house before I am down and out after surgery. I'm not sure I can get it all done in 5 weeks. But, I also feel like at my age, if I can just make it through recovery, this will be so worth it. I'm tired of people thinking I am pregnant again. I also have scholiosis and I'm worried that my weak abdominal muscles are making my back hurt worse. I really do want to get it all fixed but I'm stressing about the recovery time. Thanks so much for your input. :)
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You will do great! The hardest part is the first 4 days. After that, it gets better quickly. Just read as many Realself posts as you can. They really help walk you through it.

It has been a loooong time since I posted an...

It has been a loooong time since I posted an update. Mainly because life resumes as usual and the TT recovery just becomes a part of your everyday life and you don't obsess about it (as much). LOL

I posted a pic...six months PO. My scar hasn't changed in the last few months and I'm frustrated by that. It hasn't begun the transformation of turning white. Will it ever NOT be purple?! The swelling comes and goes and if I don't wear my spandex-thingy I can definitely tell there is some swelling. Before I had the surgery I would read about how other women couldn't not wear theirs and I swore that wouldn't happen to me. Boy was I wrong...my spandex tank is like my kid's binky. Geesh...

I have been working out pretty consistently and doing the Ab Workout from P90X at least three times per week. I go in for my six month PO appt. the first week in August and will discuss the scar healing. Overall I think it's okay but I'm concerned this is as good as it's going to get.

Overall I'm happy with my results but it has taken a lot of work on my part. I hope my fellow TT'ers that had surgery around the same time I did are doing well. Drop me a message and let me know how things are...would love to hear how your recovery is at six months.


dont know if you still come on here or not but i was wondering who was your doctor and how much of it was covered by your insurance? i have severe diastasis recti with a ventral hernia and i am soo nervous and just starting to see docs for it.. i have very good insurance but im not sure if i can expect them to pay for.. cuz i know i cant afford $8000
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Wow Flower.....you look amazing! I even saved a picture of your scar at 5.5 months to show to my PS the morning of my surgery (Jan 15, 2012)....I hope it turns out exactly like yours.....beautiful! Thank you for your story.....Helped me so much!
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