3 Years After Tummy Tuck my Stomach Looks Bigger Than Before

I just wanted to get rid of my stomach. My weight...

I just wanted to get rid of my stomach. My weight was 120, I gained 4 pounds in 3 years but I look like I never had a tummy tuck done. It looks even bigger then before.

I had a tummy tuck 3 years ago. My weight was 120 now my weight is 124, but its all back in my stomach. I look 9 months pregnant. Should I have another tummy tuck or what? please help
Worried one. I had a tummy tuck 6 years ago and after i eat, have a period, almost anything that goes on in life.. I look pregnant. I weight about 122, im 5ft. I'm a small frame. Since I've had my TT, I'm still subconscious. I never wear a to piece and my stomach hurts a lot of the time. Not extreem pain, uncomfortable i would say. Help!!
I had lipo and a tummy tuck in November 2011. When. Came home my belly was flat. After two months I see some bulging in my upper stomach. It doesn't feel swollen. I'm afraid that after 1 year I will still look 4 months pregnant?
Hi... Just as an update... I had the Tummy Tuck surgery done twice two years in a row. It has been two years since my last TT. It turns out that the 1st surgery seemed fine & in the 2nd he just went crazy doing major layers of stiching. In the end.. I look much better then before the 1st surgery however if I loose 5-8 pounds my stomach is completely flat. But being the weight I am 128 (5' 2) I have a stomach but I can suck it in. But, I look so much better and don't have to suck it in at all at 118. In your case, give in more time. At 6 months talk to your doctor. They wont due anything until you are a year from your surgery date anyway. Swelling can take forever to go down..... Our bodies hold onto all kinds of crap from the surgery, its weird....
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