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I had abdominoplasty, breast lift, and breast...

I had abdominoplasty, breast lift, and breast augmentation surgery about two months ago, and although I'm basically happy with the lift/augmentation, I am getting more nervous and upset as each day passes when it comes to the tummy tuck. First of all, my surgeon completely downplayed the recovery - you will be basically unable to move for 3 or 4 days afterwards because your abs will be in such pain. Getting up from bed and getting into bed are excrutiating! Next, the drains are icky (for lack of a better word), uncomfortable, and very difficult to dress around. I had to go and buy a whole elastic-waist skirt wardrobe because the tubes didn't fit into any of my clothing without tugging on their entry points. Lastly, I was told I could shower right away, and I'm convinced that this is why my incision became infected at about the 4-week point. The center of my incision, where the infection was, is now a large circle of scar tissue about the size of a quarter. Okay, so all of that is a nuisance, but my real terror is that I'm going to need a revision. The doctor didn't have to construct a new belly button for me because my belly button was, apparently, 'high' to begin with. Now everything below my bellybutton is taut, and the area above my belly button is even looser and crepier than it was pre-op. I can no longer wear a bikini because it's so obvious. When I spoke to the doctor's staff, they told me it was too soon to tell and that it was probably just swelling, to which I replied that I would think that swelling would tighten the skin, not make it looser. Now the doctor says he is going to do laser tightening on the loose area, but not for at least 2 more months. I'm not convinced that this will remedy the problem. I've basically had to force myself to stop thinking about it, because it only makes me more and more upset. Another question I have is, who pays for any revision needed? I will be incredibly pi**ed off if I have to outlay any more cash, since I've already paid over $15,000 for my breasts and my tummy. Does anyone know the answer to this? Thanks for listening to my story, I know it's a little long!

(It pains me to do it because I so hate how I...

(It pains me to do it because I so hate how I look, but I am posting my 'after' picture here so that anyone who is interested can see exactly what I'm talking about!)

Okay - I am now 6 months out from my tummy tuck surgery, and because the sagging and crepiness on my upper abdomen has not resolved (surprise, surprise), my plastic surgeon is performing laser tightening on that area.  I had my first laser treatment last week and have not noticed any difference as of yet.  Apparently I will have at least 3 treatments, spaced a month apart.  I am quite unhappy with my results, and as I said in my original review, I feel that the doctor unilaterally decided at the last minute to give me a 'mini' tummy tuck so that a new belly button would not have to be constructed.  He avers that he did, in fact, stitch my abdominals, thereby making it a 'full' tummy tuck, but I'm not sure I even believe him at this point!  I don't know what to believe.  All I know is that I am not overweight, I work out regularly, and I have done abdominal exercises nearly my entire adult life, and after undergoing this tummy tuck, my stomach is still slightly distended and my skin is loose and saggy.  At what point do I take off my gloves and let the surgeon know that I'm not just marginally unhappy with the results, I'm EXTREMELY unhappy with the results? 

Also, my incision had a 'dog ear' on one side that the doctor removed in his office.  Is the dog ear to be expected, or is that, too, the sign of a poor job? 

Any comments would be much appreciated!

It looks like you had a mini tuck, not a full tuck; thus the reason why the skin above the belly button is loose.
Hi i am faeeza from sandton beauty clinic in south need to look at solutions at this any op to the tummy you will have muscles that are cut and need more passive excercise to repair the work done and its possible side effects. You need to invest in a slimline faradic machine with heat blankets and begin doing this for 45min thrice a week.pls dont do any more surgery
Looks like you had a mini tummy tuck and not the full one. This is usually the result of mini tucks because the mini gets you mini results - it only addresses the skin below the belly button. I hope he did not float your bb and you can get a revision for a full tummy tuck. I honestly don't think that the laser will do anything for the skin above your bb.
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