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I decided to go ahead with the tummy tuck I always...

I decided to go ahead with the tummy tuck I always wanted. I am 31 years old with one 9 yr. old son and after 9 years I have lost most of the weight (baby wieght) but am unable to get rid of the pouch and extra skin left. I work and workout at least five days a week. I do cardio, dancing and weights but couldn't get rid of that extra pounds. After nine years it's no longer baby weight.

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My best advise is to take the suggested time to recover if not a few more days. I didn't give myself enough time to recover which makes it healing process take more time. Listen to your doctor, even if you feel better!!!

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Sounds like you've worked hard and that you deserve this boost. Please keep us update on your healing process!

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Congratulations on your new body! Yes please do take it easy and slow. You don't want to ruin any of the work. I know it is hard to slow down when you feel good but it is best. It is very exciting to get the new body you have wanted for a long time. Do you have any before and after pictures that you can post?
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Congrats on the new body. Healing is a slwo and arduous process. How long has it been for you?
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