Full TT w MR January 2012

Having children has left me with sagging skin and...

Having children has left me with sagging skin and separated muscles, causing my abs to bulge out. Been wanting or a long time!

Janes..did you have lipo anywhere..besides flanks, if you even did flanks..you are so tiny I wouldn't think so. I am trying to decide on lipo of inner and outer thighs (flank lipo is part of tt package with my doc). Wanted to see what you thought about the lipo if u had any. Are you happy with your incision? Have you seen it yet? Hope all is well. :)
Hi newmom! I did have a little lipo on flanks, also an added little thing my doc does along w Tt to get the best possible result. I didn't get lipo anywhere else though. A good person to ask would be "Sassymom...", or maybe "Suromom" from the Jan board. I think they had more lipo done.
I am thrilled with my results though! I was really hoping to post some po pics today after my shower but couldn't get any good shots. I'm thinking after I get these drains pulled(hopefully Thurs), I will post asap!
so good to hear..happy and healthy healing! :)

I am now 8 days post op and feeling much better...

I am now 8 days post op and feeling much better after having drains removed today. I am still bruised and swollen but the only thing that hurts is my back from walking hunched over.
Posting a pic from today. Boobs look a little asymmetrical but they're not, it's just how I'm holding phone to take pic that is making them look like that. However they are a little "frankensteiney" still. Lol.

Far as the tummy, I couldn't be happier with my nice low scar and how thin it is.

I forgot to add exactly what I had done. I had...

I forgot to add exactly what I had done.

I had a full Tt w lipo of flanks(included), and a breast lift without implants.
Please excuse my typo filled posts. Using a phone and it's a real pain! Lol
MAUMEE you sound exactly like what I felt & experienced with my lift lol! I'm 5'9" & had one ps really pushing for the implant too-but like you I was secretly thrilled at the prospect of them possibly coming out a little smaller-started at a full c -especially working out like I do-they would just get in the way & I certainly didn't want ANY bigger-just wanted them put back where they belong lol! Found my WONDERFUL ps who also did my recent tt (Dec) had my lift WITHOUT implants 6 yrs. ago & they're still up there-best money spent! :)
Im not sure what size I want to be. I think im going to leave that up to the surgeon. Im hoping he will be able to tell me what would look right on me. A full C or D would be fine. I just want them up there. Im afraid that if I dont get implants they will start to hand again shortly after.

Posting some pics of my 2 week mark today. You can...

posting some pics of my 2 week mark today. You can see the level of swelling is still pretty bad(hoping at its peak),and some bumpiness on hips(flanks) where doc did the lipo. Really hoping all that smooths out... also, see the twins progress lol

Really hoping all that swelling and bumpiness will...

Really hoping all that swelling and bumpiness will go down and reveal a much smoother look. Feeling pretty blah about it as of today because it looks like my before pics are better than my afters :(
I think the amount of swelling you have is absolutely normal. It WILL go away. May take awhile, but I have never heard of anyone not getting through "swell hell" (not that you look you are even close to that) at some point withing several weeks at the most. You will have a perfectly flat and shapely tummy. That I know...the when part is what I am not sure about for any of us...but I am so much flatter than I was, I don't even mind the swelling at this point. But it sure does make my cg tight and uncomfortable. Giving myself a break tonight in stage 2 cg...it doesn't dig in as much and doesn't have those damn hooks and zippers up both sides!
Thx for the reassurance Tt. I know you're right iM just impatient and need to relax ;)
Hang in there! Your breasts look amazing and your tummy is just swollen. My take is this..almost everyone has these amazing after pics the day of surgery or the very next day. Then when you see their pics a couple of weeks out, they look a lot bigger (swollen). My theory is that everyone has the potential to look as awesome as that very first tiny picture because you could only be that tiny after surgery if you are that tiny..everything else is just trauma swelling and will subside.

Adding a pic of my right drain site... looks funky...

adding a pic of my right drain site... looks funky still... wondering if normal? little over 2 weeks po

Adding a pic from today po day 17... is it just me...

adding a pic from today po day 17... is it just me or do my hips(flanks) look uneven??? Hopefully its just swelling more on one side than on the other...
Janes, you look awesome!! Your vertical scar is so much shorter than mine! You should be absolutely thrilled so far :-)
Thank you Katma! I have to say I am very pleased. ;)
looks like a little swelling. I would think that it is totally normal for this early in the game. Its really not even noticable. I would not have picked up on it if you never had posted about it. I think it looks great. So I have decided that I am going to just go with the lift. A solid C or small D is all I want to be. I def don't want to increase my size, only get them up there. I posted a pic on my review. What do you think? I am going to ask for aerola reduction at the same time. Keep in mind im preggers so i look kinda thick lol.

At almost 4 weeks po(2 days shy), I feel like I've...

At almost 4 weeks po(2 days shy), I feel like I've turned a major corner today. Today is the first day I woke up and got out of bed walking straight(upright). yay for me!
Also, after drinking what seemed like a gallon of water last night, my swelling has gone down remarkably today as well(although it is morning, so we shall see what today brings)...
I added some pics from last night to show the progress. Not a huge change from last week, but in person so much better.
You look amazing! I do not think the flanks look that uneven, I would think it I'd most likely swelling. 4 weeks out is far too soon to judge, I told my hubby to stop analyzing every bump and lump until at least 6 months out lol.

Your breasts look amazing! I like mine too... My hubby was a little choked when he first saw them but now after 4 weeks he is saying they look so much better. I keep saying I told you so lol. I also measured exactly the same size as I did before 36d. I cannot wait to try on a real bra and see ow much better they look. I am already happy with them in a sports bra, no more MONO BOOB! Lol
LMFAO (I told my sister that means laughing my flat abs ow) I mean a 38d, spell check did not pick that one up hahaha.
Thank You! I'm VERY happy with the boobs too! Such a nice change. Love shopping for bras now too! Lol

6 weeks post op and starting to feel more normal...

6 weeks post op and starting to feel more normal now. Started walking and getting around much better now. Also, sleeping is better and I find myself tempted to sleep on my stomach already! lol I don't though... sticking to side and back for now. see updated pics are showing I'm still experiencing some swelling on my flanks(especially the one side), and upper abs(oddly enough???)...
Doing pretty well. I thought of you the other day, too - some way or another AZ came up and made me think of next year! Workouts are tough - stamina isn't what it used to be. But I'm fighting through it! :)
I hear ya on the stamina. It takes everything I have to get TO the gym, and then even more to get THrOUGH the workout! Lol sigh
How are you Janes??

2 year post op update

It's been 2 years and all I am really say is wow! It just gets better and better. I exercise and eat clean so I'm sure that helps a lot but my results are still amazing! Posting a pic of tummy as of today.

2 yrs post op update

It's been 2 yrs and wow my results are still amazing! I eat clean and exercise regularly as well. Here's a pic of tummy as of today.
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