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Hi everyone Im 39 a mother or two small children1...

hi everyone Im 39 a mother or two small children1 and 4 yrs old. I always was a nice size 6 until I had my son. I only gained 25 pounds but never lost an oz of weight after his birth. I went on a crazy 500 cal a day diet looked great for about three months then gained it all back, two years later I'm yo-yoing back and fourth those 25 pounds. Then I get pregnant, have my daughter yup I was at my highest weight again gain only 25 pounds. Poor little angel was born with some issues so in and out of the hospital. So I could care less about me. Needless to say a year later my baby is better and I need to worry about me!

Gym... Ugh I go I hate it! I have this big belly I get asked all the time " when are you due?" hate it! My husband is supportive about the TT but not happy with my figure. He is actually mean about my weight. I. Struggling motherhood and wife-hood and self esteem. Living in Scottsdale it is so hard to be fat! Everyone here is stick thin with fake boobies and blonde hair. I'm tired of it and need to feel good about myself!

I'm frightened beyond belief... I can't die my kids need me and I need them! I'm scheduled for Aug30 th lipo of flanks and thighs and a TT. I also suffer from panic disorder my entire life, so anxiety here we come!

Ladies let's help each other through this journey! :-)

Getting closer to the TT and lipo im terrified and...

getting closer to the TT and lipo im terrified and trying to get all my eggs in order. i have to say if i dont stay busy i will go nuts! praying that i recover i want my children my dear babies to have their mama back fast ...

Today is one week, can't believe I made it...

Today is one week, can't believe I made it through! Woohoo! Anyhow I see the emotional roller coaster this is. I they to be strong as my lil 1 yr old runs after me to pick her up and it's so sad for me not to be able to. Drains come out next Monday. Went I went in for my three day check up took a pic and thought everything looked great... Fast forward four days and now I see no waistline and my tummy looks very square. What the heck happened? I'm not happy with this, I hope it's only a stage any suggestions?

So yesterday i was supose to go for my 7 week...

so yesterday i was supose to go for my 7 week check up and i was ready to be disappointed with all my questions. well my ps canceled on me. I do like him and the ofice but im not thrilled with my TT i have a buldgy belly and a muffin top when i sit. i would have never paid this type of money to have what i have.... lets see what they say no on fri.
dr marc malek

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Can you post new pics so we can see how you are doing. I read your post on another person's thread. I am so sorry that you feel your tummy has come back. Please post pics so we can see if we agree with you. Sometimes we think our own bodies are worse than they are. Best wishes to you. I have my surgery on Feb 6 and I am so scared of my bulge coming back b/c I have severe diastasis.
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Can you give us another update? How are you? Are you happier with the results now? Hope all is well. :)
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So I went to my ps and was so upset with my results. He tells me I'm extremely distended to go to my general dr and there must be a GI issue. Would have been nice to know this before I spent $12,000 on a TT to just have a belly again. Not sure if this is correct as when I sit I have muffin top again and that can not be blamed on my Intestines! Today I'm 4 weeks post op and I'm changing my happiness thumbs up with my TT.I'm so upset... :-(
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Room2improve, you are so right! It will take months to get to your new normal. I realize that we all want to see results NOW, but it's just not that easy. I think some lucky folks may not swell as much, but for the most part, most of us do swell and it's months before we can see the new bod! I love your attitude!
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Try not to worry. I'm SURE it is swelling. I'm 2 inches wider in my waist than before tummy tuck, but I'm totally confident that all will end well. Your body had major trauma, and it takes a long time to get those final results. Months, not weeks. I'm a fat hunchback now a week out, but I'm not worried. It's fluid, not fat or skin. Will get better.
  • Reply are not a fat hunchback.  You are funny is what you are:)

Give this time and you will have the body back.  Darn swelling hangs on for a while.  Some longer than others so  keep the patience.  

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as time goes on post op im getting bigger not smaller, im very square and dr said four weeks ago that im not swollen. :-(
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Just checking in on ya.. wondering how your doing!
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Hey there mominaz...How about a picture of the new tummy??? How ya doing? I hope this day finds you healing and pain free...
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Just FYI - You guys are the best....thank you
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Hey MominAZ, if you have any xerofoam, clean around the drain site and then wrap a pience of the xeroform around and tuck it where the leak is, make sure you wash your hands and then use hand sanitizer before you do this. You might have move the drain in your sleep or when moving around. If the meds are making you dizzy try taking half and also make sure you move very SLOWLY, meds could be having an effect on your blood pressure, so your b/p might drop slightly when you go from sit to stand or lying to to sit to stand.
Also are you drinking enough fluids? It's hot and we can become dry really easliy even of we are in doors. I am drinking coconut milk, ZICO brand, to me hydrated.

Yes, the spanx like compression garment is crazy for our heat, but, it really does help with swelling and does feel good in regards to support. my ps had me use this spanx thing that had snaps and zippers!! it was aweful plus I had the white belly binder.
I now have to wear the spanx look alike for 8 hours with the white binder. Then I wear the white binder the rest of the time. It's really not that bad once I figured out what I was doing and the best way forme to get into out of all the compression gear.

Ok, rest well my friend, I did send you a private email as well. wishing a restful day and hope that your drain issue will get resolved...
  • Reply glad you made it~ I think that's a song title?! Won't be long and you will be moving around and admiring your new bod~
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Lisa, I had the 3 wrap compression garment and while it was a pain at times, I really liked how easy (once I figured it out!) it was to take on and off and I found it to be a great support. For me, the spanx type shapewear was more uncomfortable b/c of the pulling and tugging you have to do to get it on! I can't imagine trying to do that with a drain.
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I had both the wrap around compression garments. I bought a body shape wear item ...has a crotch flap that closes like a bra but I didn't dare try that thing on until I was give go ahead not to wear the compression garment... it sucks pulling it up especially over those areas that are still numb *shudder*

Today I am going through old to big clothing and those pants that don't fall under the belly button... my ps wants me wearing low rise pants or pants that are loose around the waist if wearing pants high.
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Thanks desert lady! Ps told me to put the spanx on, is he freaking kidding it's 112 degrees outside! Not that I'm going anywhere but just the thought! Yikes! Looks like you are doing better? I'm just in a little pain and dizzy from meds. Just now went to the bathroom and one of my drains is leaking from the site, gotta call
On that can't be good. Ok hot ladies I'm gonna try to rest and get this day 4 behind me!! Hugs!
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Spanx? wow... my body shaper is tough to get on 4 wks out without dealing with first week pain. Do you have a wrap around compression garment?? If not, I'd get someone to go to the medical supply store and get you one. I have both a 3 and 5 panel one... they help a lot!
I would definitely call your PS but I think it is normal for some leakage from the drain site.
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I am so happy to know you are alive and YOU did it wooowhooo.... Just rest as much as you can. The first week is a dozy after that you will see yourself turn around...
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I. Here lovies I'm alive!
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i talked to mominaz earlier today and she was ok just waiting to hear back from her
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Mominaz are you hanging in there?! Just answer with a "yes" and that way we'll all stop worrying. Hope you're ok and you're getting the support that you need :)
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Wow DR2babies...You have been through quite an ordeal. I hope you will be able to find support here, for me it's been great. You will need lots of help the first few weeks, esp. the first week. I am sure many ladies will offer advice and support. Good luck!
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OMG can I join this discussion group? I posted my long story, I still look 6 mos pregnant after having 2 babies, and my 2nd pre-op visit next week, I have split abs vertically, diastasis recti which is badly affecting my back, and am in constant pain for years, and have to do this to repair core but I am scared sh*tless. this is the only place ive found help! I have 2 toddlers and am so scared, trying to find help on websites because i have never not cared for them and how am i even going to move??? DID YOU HAVE THE SURGERY? If anyone can write me back via forum or message, I am nervous wreck.
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Of course you can join us:)   

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Hi DiastasisRecti2babiesHelpPls.... wow long nickname!!
I had a tummy tuck/muscle repair/hysterectomy w/tumor removal 4 wks ago.
The first week is the most difficult. You will need help... full time since you have 2 small toddlers... could your mom or a sister/inlaw best friend come stay with you? Can your husband take 2 weeks off?? Or he could do evenings while someone comes and is there for day.
You might want to read other's accounts under reviews.
Good luck!
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Hope you are doing alright... can't wait to hear how it all went!!
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