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I'm a mother of 4 boys and have been wanting a...

I'm a mother of 4 boys and have been wanting a TT since my first son was born 14 years ago! I struggled with my weight since then and even though I recently lost some weight but I still have a ways to go. I currently weigh 185 and so I am also conserned about my results. My PS said I was a good candidate (other than being overweight, I'm in good health and don't drink or smoke). My TT is scheduled for Dec. 13 (two days from today!!) and I'm starting to get really nervous :/ I've expressed to my PS how important having a symmetrical scar and hidden belly button scar is to me, hopefully this is possible in my case. I requested the pain pump on a friend's reccomendation so I'm hoping it will help. This website and all of the girls on it have been so helpful so I decided to add my own story to the mix. Please pray for me and wish me luck on Monday, I'll be posting as soon as I can.

Okay so its post op day 3 and the worst thing for...

Okay so its post op day 3 and the worst thing for me has been the constipation. I took Jenbob's advice and started stool softeners like three days before the surgery and unfortunately I don't think it helped :/ I'm going to really have to force myself to drink more and eat more. Still uncomfortable and my back hurts because I'm still hunched over (I think its getting a little better everyday). I'm not really able to sleep I've just been taking cat naps pretty often and for about maybe 2 hours at a time. I also noticed that my drains seem to be leaking, is this normal? I'll call my PS office in the a.m.
Thanks again for the support ladies :)

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where are the before and after photos??????????????
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So I am scheduled for a TT with DR. D at the end of Jan. Super nervous and expecting the worst. How was Dr. D? Did he do a good job, has your experience been great, hopefully so. I felt he spent ample time explaining things with me, but I am just very nervous about the whole thing. He told me that he usually doesn't place drains but I noticed he did for you. Did you ask for them? Does anyone have any guidance on the drains. Every other doc I talked to used them so I'm confused. Anywho, hope your recovery is going well! Thanks for any advice any one can offer.
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I had my surgery the same day and also live in San Antonio. I am also having a good recovery, thanks to all the great help I have. Congrats on surgery and hope you have a great week!
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Glad to hear your recovery is going well. Who is ps?
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I just read your review, that's awesome that you already got your drains out :) I don't have my follow up until Tues. hopefully the drains and pain pump will come out then...
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Are you feeling any better today?
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Hey Kimmers,
Yeah I think every day gets just a tiny bit better. Today my hubby went back to work for the first time and I missed him so much. When he got home we were talking and then he made me laugh and I was laughing so much I started to cry :'( I couldn't help it, I don't even remember how we started laughing but that was an experience! Thanks for checking on me :)
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That was a panic day for me also.  My hubby was home with me for a week and I missed him terribly when he went back to work.  It made me weepy for a couple of days.  It gets better each day :)

Oh the waves of laughter and then tears..remember it well.  You can't even explain why or what sets that off.  Just roll with it. 

Before you know it you will be back out in public for short trips.  Are you ready for the holidays?
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okay so about 36 hours post op and my back is hurting and throwing up 4 times after surgery was not fun, (ouch!) Now I'm debating the post op shower... So IDK I'm hoping the worst is behind me, I guess we shall see. When I get up I have burning sensations on my right side. Thanks ladies for all the support, you guys are great :)
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I am sorry you started out so rough.  It will get better but the first week is the worst. 

I also had that side burning and it is annoying.   If that keeps up and the pain meds don't help give the doctor a call.  You need to be comfortable. 

Do take the shower because it will make you feel so good.  Take the pain meds 30-60 minutes before the shower and that will help.  Also make sure you have someone there with you to help.  Are you able to sit in the shower?  That also helps and keep the water warm and not hot. 
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Yes, thank goodness my mother brought over a chair that used to be my grandma's that is for showering. If I didn't have I don't know how I'd be able to shower? Its a little frustrating though fiuguring out where everything should go (drains and pain pump) I should have purchased the exercise bands :/
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You could also put a towel or belt around your neck for the drains.  The bands work so well though. 

Trust me you will enjoy the shower.  Until this little incident I never knew how good a shower felt.   Soon those darn things will come out and it will be much easier. 
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Okay so one more thing, Stool softeners vs. laxitives vs. MOM?? Which worked best for you?
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MOM worked great for me.  Just make sure to take it every day for about a week after surgery.
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We'll be sending you positive thoughts on the 13th. Happy Holidays to you, huh?! What a great gift to give yourself.

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Thank you girls! You guys are awesome!! Only a few more hours to go!
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Hi Girl,

Yes we will be thinking about you and saying the prayers for you on Monday!  You will do great and have a new body in the end.  Best thing I ever did for myself.

Are you going to post some before and after pics?  It is fun to see the changes as you heal up. 

Do you have help for after the surgery? 
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Kimmers, I will be posting some pics soon (despite my better judgment) lol. And yes I do have help for after the surgery. My hubby is taking off 4 days to care for me round the clock, and my awesome mom is staying with me for two weeks to watch my children and help cook and clean (I don't know what I'd do without her) :)
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That is wonderful!  Nothing better than having your mom to help you :)  You will be really glad to have all of the help after surgery. 

Don't sweat the picture is all good.  All of us women here on RealSelf love to cheer each other on and celebrate together!
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You will do great. Don't worry too much!! I just had my TT on Dec 9th. I'm 3 days post op and doing pretty good. I can finally get in and out of bed by myself and am down to 1 pain pill every 6 hours instead of 2 pills every 4 hours. I can already feel a difference in my tummy!!! It will be worth it in the end!! I'll post pics as soon as my drains are out. GOOD LUCK!!
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Thanks Nancy, that really puts me at ease to hear that you feel so good so soon after your TT. I hope and pray the same will be true for me.
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