Fell Through the Cracks

I value recommendations from RealSelf and...

I value recommendations from RealSelf and contacted Dr Koelliker from here.
As has been noted, he works with FaceLiftMexico aka Pat Marino, who contacted me promptly here in San Miguel where I will be all summer.
I was immediately offered a surgery date before consultation. When I explained that I was post full TT 11mo ( Dr Suarez, TJ) and possibly still have edema and also wanting my 20yr breast implants out, she scheduled consultation. Time and date were not confirmed until 3hr before appt.
I explained my case to Fabiola, patient liason, and sent before-pics for forwarding to Dr. K

The appt at the 'Club" didn't keep me waiting too long. 2 nice ladies were recovering from lifts, having tea. All were friendly. Must say that the middle class Mexican home was not what I would call a club; certainly not for $200 day.

Fabiola led me to appt room where I met first Pat's daughter then Dr K. I asked what role the daughter had in the appt (translation?) as Fabiola would stay; she acted surprised and left in a huff. I don't think I was rude; she was very nice anyway.
Dr K had not received ANY info. He examined my still-too-pouchy abdomen briefly and announced where he would do a mini TT. ??? We went round and round with what tests I may do to uphold his assertion that there is just an excess of fat and skin leftover from my TT (less liposuction than expected, more loose skin was found then). Finally agreeing to an ultrasound, we left the explant issue (after exam) until a TT decision. Fabiola agreed to arrange.

One week and an email reminder later, nada.

I am sure that Dr K is a fine surgeon and has many happy patients that are cookie-cutter-compliant. Get in/get done/go home. If anything looks less than typical.... well.

Comparison pics

At this point I would take back my old belly and undo the pain and lost time and false hope and, yes, the expense.
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He said it was just fat needing additional lipo, such as 20% of post TTs require -not mentioned prior to surgery! I insisted I wanted an MRI to confirm but a communication snafu meant I missed out. Next opportunity in Cancun didn't get arranged: after 2 email exchanges promising "I'll ask the Dr", Nada, then time ran out again. Bottom line: I don't have $700 for lipo or time to be 'down' right now. Plus, I really feel something else is going on.
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How are you, sun worshiper? Is Dr. Suarez going to do the revision surgery for you?
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Do I have this right? Dr Suarez was the one who did your abdominal surgery, you went for an appt with Dr Koelilker to see about an explant and a revision? It was Dr K's team that didn't come back to you and the Dr himself seemed uninformed about your case? If I am correct is there any chance Dr Suarez would solve the problem or wouldn't you trust him after your results? I'm very sorry for you, in the final picture (pre op) you look better than post op. I hope you can get this fixed, good luck.
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Yes, that's the picture. Will see Dr Suarez in a week on my way back to CA. Just wanted an independent opinion while here in San Miguel and *still* important to me, get test results: couldn't get Dr S to comment on what scan etc I could do ahead of appt. Maybe I will just go see a urologist before I travel north
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Welcome to the community!  Have you considered going for a consult with another surgeon?  

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I will head back to Dr S in TJ first. I really want answers -not opinions- before I go ahead with any procedure.
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Sounds like a good plan.

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