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I Think About It Everyday - Ontario, Canada

I'm a mother of 2 girls, both via C section. I...

I'm a mother of 2 girls, both via C section. I was classically trained as a dancer prior and considered myself as a strong & healthy person. After having my children I just couldn't get rid of the flap of skin that hung over right to my pubic area and felt very disconnected with the body I had before. Don't get me wrong I don't need to be skinny mini again but I just want the flap of skin removed. (I feel so as though it's not a part of me now already) I've also decided to try to qualify from a breast reduction (in Ontario you are covered for reduction if for health issues)as I spill out of a 34 DD. I have my consultation on the 16th of September and hoping for the go ahead for both surgeries at once. I feel anxiety & excited at the same time!


bad day today :( tomorrow good :)
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That is right...tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start:)
well it's 2 more days till I see my PS and I'm just so excited. That day is also a very busy one, my daughter starts up her ballet classes again, not to mention the regular stuff like working, pick up the kids from school & daycare and I yet to pick up gear for ballet. YIKES! This is when I'm at my best to be honest, when my plate is full - I follow thru, it's when things are at a stand still that I get forgetful, bored, not motivated. In regards to my goal I started last week, I've been good. I allow for no restrictions from friday night to sunday afternon but starting sunday night it's back to being strict. I've been speed walking about 4 times a week and cut my portions (especially dinner). I feel good, feel I'm on the right path.
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Surgery is in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

surgery is in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I have 6 days left. Yesterday I went for another appointment to discuss what to do & expect surgery day. I found out that a nurse comes everyday to my home for about a week to check on my drains and such. I thought that was a nice perk, not sure if that's protocol or not. Anyways I'm heading up to the cottage this friday for the weekend and I really want to relax and enjoy.
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Nice service!! Enjoy that...The count down is on...Can't waitto see your results.
8 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! nerves nerves yet centered and focused.
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Before pics

before pics


Glad your doing so good. Don't worry about the swelling to much its a trade off for the great body you will now have. Atleast that is the way I see it. Rest when your body tells you to. Dont over do it I did a few time and boy did my body let me know!! So take it easy and relax before you head back to work. You are going to look great.
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thanks for all your great comments. I actually don't have a lot of swelling. I've been taking Arnica which I highly recommend. I've been doing quite well and only experience pain when coughing which I still have argh! I have a follow appointment with my PS tomorrow morning and plan on meeting a friend for lunch afterward. after my visit tomorrow I'm hoping to get some pictures of my progress so far. I'll keep ya'll posted! thanks again ;)
Glad to see you posted! I found that putting my feet up and just resting in mid-afternoon helped with the swelling and the tiredness. :)
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After photos posted !!!

after photos posted !!!

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After photos up!

after photos up!


so I've attempted 3 times to post my 4 weeks post op pictures but once again not able to :(
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I am glad you were checked out...at least you can get that off your mind now.

The breast shape takes place gradually.  Once they relax they will settle to a nice tear drop shape and look fantastic.  Mine took about 5-6 months to drop a bit and look good.  I sure love them now...perky, firm, and the bonus is the nipples now face forward instead of one down and the other off to the side..LOL

The diva night sounds like so much fun!  The first massage I had after the TT was a chair massage.  You know the funny chair where you are kind of kneeling and your face is in the face rest.  It felt wonderful.    But the facial and foot rub sounds amazing too.  Have fun and relax.  Can't wait to hear how that goes.
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k so wed will be 3 weeks post op and here was I'm noticing. That odd numb sensation around the middle of my tummy is definitely lessened however my scar has more fluid around it (when I touch it quickly it jiggles) and below the scar is getting darker. I'm massaging about 3 times a day and still wearing my binder religiously.
I also notice that my breast are swollen in the inside (the cleavage part) and not on the arm sides so they look lopsided. still feel great but would like some input to put my mind at rest
thanks ;)
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4 weeks post op pictures up! Loving my new tummy!

4 weeks post op pictures up! Loving my new tummy!


feeling fab, like a million bucks. starting to feel I need my binder less & less, and it's starting to wear out anyways. The breast are starting to take shape, I LOVE them. tomorrow is 5 weeks post op already, I can't believe it. I'm good about keeping the scars treated with vit e & bio oil.
tell me what you think about my new pictures!
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Oh my goodness you look wonderful!  Just look at that nice flat and tight tummy!  You go girl!  I am so happy to hear you are doing so well at five weeks.  It is all up hill from here so enjoy the ride.  Just think of how good you will feel by bikini weather. 

You look awesome and I can't wait to see more pictures as you heal.  Keep up on the oil's and that scar will fade quickly.  It already looks pretty smooth and flat. 

Today marks 6 weeks post op and tomorrow is a...

today marks 6 weeks post op and tomorrow is a follow up appointment.I feel fabulous. I have 2 concerns that I will be bringing up tomorrow. They're concerns I could live with and hope that they're considered "normal". I've started wearing regular panties and with the odd time wearing support panties when I feel the need or feel swollen.

I STILL think about it everyday!


it's gone done quite a bit, as the PS said it would. He said he won't touch it for about a year, if it sill bothers me will retouch with a 15 min in office procedure. It doesn't bother me as much anymore because it has gone down so significantly.
hopes this helps and good luck on your scar therapy.
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byebyeflap, how are you doing i had my surgery on oct 19 and our scars look alot alike i have a place like yours on my lt side i suppose it's a dog ear dr. says it's uneven lipo he told me to massage it too haven't seen much change,how about you mine offered to fix me but not sure i want to experience any more pain, are you having your's fixed? i'm on the mommy makeover post if you want to see my pics i have to update but the ps is doing a vbeam treatment on my scar so you can't see it now but i will post some afterwards hope things are much better:-)
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so went for my follow up yesterday, and it seems I have a dog ear developing (you can see it slighting on the left) PS said it will go down significantly if I keep massaging it with good amount of pressure. We will re evaluate in about 8 mons-a years time as in that amount of time it will go down, if I;m still not happy with progress than he'll fix it.
Any advice on dog ears?
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my PS has been very friendly and caring. He knows exactly what I want

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