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Absolutely No Regrets!!! Would Do It Again in a Second!

FYI - the $15,000 included a breast lift with...

FYI - the $15,000 included a breast lift with implants and lipo of the flanks and inner and outer thighs.  It was a lot at once but that's the way to go for sure.  I had the surgery in November 2005.

I had lost 100 pounds and had quite a bit of sagging skin, including the breasts.  My stomach would not go down any further despite the fact that I was a size 6/8.  The surgery was hard and the recovery was painful but it was worth every penny and every pain.  I think my breasts hurt worse than my stomach.

I had to wear a girdle of sorts for a long time and I continued to have swelling problems a full year after the surgery.  I still have areas of my stomach that are numb, which is a bit unpleasant.  But I don't think my stomach has ever been this flat before.  It is my favorite part of my body now.

My one piece of advice is to be sure to talk with your surgeon in detail about pain management.  Because I had so many procedures at once, I opted to stay overnight in the hospital.  I was on a pain pump that I could push a button and receive IV pain meds once every ten minutes as needed.  What I didn't realize is that if I didn't push the button, I didn't receive any pain meds.  After dozing off just once and waking up half hour later in agony, the nurse explained that to me and I spent the rest of the night laying awake to push the button every ten minutes.  Frankly, I'd have been better off at home with just the pain pills.  Discuss your pain management up front. 

Also, make sure to have someone with you for several days at least to help you get around and generally take care of you.  This is pretty major surgery and you can't straighten up or lift anything as heavy as a gallon of milk for a week or two (see how easy it is to forget the details?)

I still can't say enough, however, that this is some of the best money I have ever spent.  I only wish I could take care of the baggy upper arms and upper legs as easily.

The picture below is an after photo.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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You look great! I lost 5 stone before i had my son and my son was also 10lb so my belly isnt in the best of shape! I'm scheduled for my TT in just under 3 weeks and so excited! Nervous/scared but still excited! I've been so down about my belly since I had my son and havnt been myself, I'm already feeling better knowing it is being sorted! Ur post has been very helpful x
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Jamie, I have a consult scheduled with Dr. Lester at the end of the month and I was wondering if I could see a couple before pics to compare? Also, how does your scar look now that it's been a few years? Would you mind taking a pic? I heard great things about him from my OB/GYN for BA, but he said he hasn't had any patients see him for a TT. I know it's been a while since you posted, I hope you are still on the site.
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I appreciate your honest comments about your experience. My surgery is at the end of May (multiple procedures) and I have started the pain management discussion but so far the doc and his people kind of blow it off, as in, "oh, usually Vicodin, but we don't want you to take it after the first day because it interferes with healing'. I definitely need to have a more detailed discussion with them about it. Also, your reminder that you need someone to be there for you - and do things for you - for the first several days - my husband will be my "gofer", but I need to make sure he understands beforehand that even though I am "doing this to myself", I will be an invalid who needs help and I'll be in pain and probably complaining to him.
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You look freakin AWESOME!
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Great job!!!!! Where is this doctor located?
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Who was the doctor that did your surgery i am looking for a tummy tuck thanks
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You look great! Just a little FYI, if you do decide to have your arms and thighs done I wouldn't do traditional liposuction, been there done that, your skin quality is not the same afterward. The Dr. that did it even told me I would have to have the skin removed or a tummy tuck for the skin that just wouldn't tighten. I was told by the Dr. that did my liposuction my skin on my stomach was poor, even though I had lost over 30 lbs and regained in less than a year prior to having the surgery with very good elasticity I'm only 28 yrs old. I went to anouther Dr. and had Vaser Liposculpture, it was amazing. I posted my before and after pictures on this site, check them out.
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