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Nervous About Tummy Tuck - Maryland

Hello I will have a full tummytuck on july 28. I...

hello I will have a full tummytuck on july 28. I am very nervous about the whole idea. I wish I was like others on this site and keep it myself that I am having a tt.I recieve some negative feedback than I have others who support me I have three beatuifil kids.

My auntie will have them for a whole week for me. I really do not know what to expct or what to get for my recovery I order a wedge pillow hpefully comes to day, cough drops and I bought sweats pants and advice will be highly appreicate. I am nery nervous of being put to sleep and I am scared of the pain that comes from the tt. but I hate my stomach so much. I have a huge tummy.

Realselfpl pray for me. I hope my results look amazine( I am scared that my tummy is to big for a great outcome but is desprated)


I'll be thinking of you!

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Hi Kitty 3 I to am having my surgery july 28.Talk about nervous my blood pressure shot up to 180/112 today when I went for my pre op I am still exited and anxious I know all will flow well.Keep me in your prayers and I will be praying fo you.I am havin a TT and Lipo.I bought maxi dresses for going out and loungwear for the house.I have a body pillow to use on the recliner.whatever I did not get my husband will get it for me.Good luck ttyl
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Don't worry about what people say! They are envious.....when I told my sister she made the comment "why don't you lose weight first!" My response to that was I sit with my gut in my lap all day, I can't see my butt! But she was right here helping me post op. I don't know what I would have done without her. She was a big help as my husband squirmed when the nurse said he would have to strip my drains...The rest of my family was very supportive, I was not going to tell my mom I was going to tell her I was having hernia surgery, but decided to tell her and she said "Good for you" But I can see that co-workers kinda give me a look every now and then, but I am so proud of my flat stomach that I could care less what anyone says. It was the best thing I could ever have spent my stash on!!
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Today is my big day. I can not sleep, it is 7 am...

today is my big day. I can not sleep, it is 7 am and I have to be there at 10:45 am. I am going to go to walmart in a hour to buy a pair a pj. the sweats pants I had bought may not be loose enough. My wedge pillow did not come yet so I will also buy a few extra pillow from walmart also. I hope when I come home my pillow will be at my door. I am so nervous at this point. My heart feel like it about to drop as if I was on a wide ride from six flags or something. ugggggggh so scared right now but I am about to get dress and go to walmart. ttyl and will update as soon as I can. thanks for all the support.


Glad to hear you are doing well! Congratulations and take care.
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I am so happy evrything went smoothly for you. I was reading your page and sounds like I am going through the same exact thing. Non supportive sisters, and I am plain SCARED to _____.
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Had my surgery yesterday stayed overnite got home this morning.Was not in a lot of pain at all so far.have not seen tummy but feels really different.Swollen in back and hips.taking darvcet at home.I will post pix soon.Erething went very smoothly no obstacles got in the way.Thank you God.Can't wait to see the results:0)
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I did it and Ilove my results already and I am...

I did it and Ilove my results already and I am swollen. I do not have to wear a binder which I am glad about because I am really soar although I do have one. when I woke up from the procedure I was in excruting pain they give me some sort of medincine in my iv every ten min untl the pain was managable.I am still very swollen. My pain med is doing it job, howerver I still feel some pain. I have not pass any gas since wednesday in today is friday. do any one have any suggestion. I will post pic soon,


I had my tt on Jul 26th, I like most of you, was super nervous & scared. I didn't tell anyone other than my hubby and my sisters. I've kept it from all my friends cuz i didnt want to with all w/the comments (good or bad.) I figured once it's all said and done and im' happy with the results, the rest is left to be unsaid cuz i wouldnt'care what people say :-) So hang in there! you'll do fine and be so happy w/your results! This site is the BEST! it'll give you all the support & comfort you need and you dont even have to tell any of your friends!
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I'm glad to hear you are doing well!!! I am scheduled for Aug 31st and have mixed feeling on it also. Happy to finally get it done. But nervous at the same time. I would love to see pics. Take care sweetie!!!
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Okay I am getting very nerous because, I am not...

Okay I am getting very nerous because, I am not completly flat yet and I am not sure if this is my finial result. I am now 9 days post opt. I still hve some thickness. I mean my tummy is still way smaller than what is was but I want it to be smaller than what it is now. I did not get lipo so that my be the case also. I am doing much better as to pain however I do have one drain in the first one was remove tuesday.If any advice on what to eat or how to loose more weight would be greatly appreaciate.


hey how is the flat tummy going...post your after pic's when you get time.I saw my PS on Mon and we talked about everything. He will fix the stuff I don't like when I am doing my girls next year after god.My tummy is going down I keep my compression garment on all the time and as it get room in it I Buy the size down so it keeps my tummy tight.I will continue to do this till all my swelling is gone, my PS cleared me for the treadmill and a light workout no sit-ups yet he said in the middle of Dec I can do that. As the saying goes slow and steady wins the race.
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Was wondering where you went.
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Hang in here, your swelling could last for weeks/months. It takes a long time to heal and to look flatter and normal. Just eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, veggies, lean protein and whole grains. Count your calories...that is a biggie for me! Oh yes and drink plenty of water and watch your sodium intake. Sodium is the worst thing in the world for my body. My ankles and hands swell when I take in larger amounts of sodium. Not easy I know but so worth it. Walking is good to get your metabolism moving. I am four months post OP and still have swelling every afternoon. I look like I have a tire around my middle by about 2:00 every day. It is very strange feeling. Keep your chin up and just take it a day at a time.
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