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Ok I got all kinds of things done... I got a...

Ok I got all kinds of things done... I got a breast lift with implants, tummy tuck, lipo in my back, arms, thighs in and out, banana roll (butt)... I am 25 years old and honestly guys from 1 to 10 my pain is 6 and today is day 2... I LOVE my doctor and if you need a doc I recomend him 100% he is great this is his site oh! and one more thing you know the breast lift scar?? the lolly pop?? he doesnt do that he puts it under your breast Ill post pics once I get all the stuff they out on you out... that will be on day 4... I shall say if you are doing these be prepared and dont be a wimp... try to walk and take your meds :)

Hi missyxeon! do you mind sending me some pictures of your tummy tuck, that's what I am wanting for myself. I am 27 yrs. old and I have 3 kids, I work out like crazy every day but i can't get rid of my pouch, its driving me crazy, i know i will feel so much better about myself if I did this. I want to convince my husband how good i could look. Let me know where I can send you my email.
hi send me a PM with your email
Saline implants... as for the pics... if you want them give me an email and Ill send them to you :)
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