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I had to have my ovary removed, I have had about 6...

I had to have my ovary removed, I have had about 6 abdominal surgeries through a vertical scar I had since I was sixteen (emergency surgery). After asking my OBGYN about it I decided to check into a TT so I could get the old scar removed along with the surgery I was already having.

It worked out very well. I am six weeks post op today. I would have to say out of all of my abdominal surgeries this was the least painful...not what i expected! I figured being stapled up from c-sections, my hysterectomy and other procedures on that old scar would have been easier than this but I was wrong. The pain level to me was very low, the biggest difference however is the long restricted recovery.

I was back into physical activity much quicker with the other procedures. Although the pain is less it is uncomfortable and it is hard for me to be so restricted from things like lifting, working out and the swelling bugs me.

Would I do it agian? YES, YES, and YES. I know I have to wait to go back to the gym and I am tired of wearing a binder and felling uncomfortable but my tummy looks so good. I had what looked like a butt  on my belly for over half of my life and now I have a nice, flat tummy with no crack!

It was worth the time, money and recovery period and I am so happy I did this. I am looking forward to the long term results after I completely heal.

Thank you so much for posting your story!

Just to anyone who wants to know. I am 8 weeks post op today and am swelling a good bit. I am supposed to be out of my binder now but without it I really swell. I was hoping I would not go through it but apparently it did not bypass me! Yes I would still do it again, I knew this could happen and does for most people. I will just have to wait it out.
Mommy23, I know everyone heals different but I have to tell you compared to a section the pain level is low. Now the nuisance factor is high! It just involves a lot of inactivity in the front end. The pain isn't like aggghhh it hurts so bad I can't stand it. It is more like this burns, that pinches and why am I swelling when I am supposed to be flat!I was back at work in two weeks, doing light cardio by four weeks and am supposed to be released back into real life at 12 weeks if all goes well.Patience is key with this surgery but I just know in the end it will be so worth it because it already looks so much better. I had a pre-op visit at the third day (got one drain out), the 9th day (got the second drain out), 2 weeks post op, 6 weeks and I am supposed to go back at the 12 week mark.Price I know is a big part of it, I had a croaking IRA I just used, I will suffer the tax consequences but figure this is worth it to me. Sandra254: My Dr. number is 601-939-9778 I love him, he is really nice and patient. He was good about explaining the result I would have and I knew on the front end the incision would be slightly higher and why, he did his very best to make sure he got all of the vertical incision he could possibly get. I understand about hating that scar... I don't care if I ever wear a bikini, I just wanted the scar gone!
Hi can you please give me the phone number to the dr that peformed your procedure, it looks really great. I have the same scar due to a c-section and I absolutely hate it

*Angeella* Your photos show promising results. You go, Girl! ;) You and I have the same basic shape. Have you changed sizes in your clothes? If so, how? Did you lose weight from pre-op til now? Good luck!
Thanks! I hope you work it out, I am so glad I did. I would nt trade the scar, it saved me but I was so glad to see it gone. If you have been through that kind of surgery you can smooth handle this!Its more uncomfortable than painful. I would rather have pain on the front end and less of this swelling but overall I would not take it back once it is totaly healed it will be exactly what I wanted.
Thanks so much for telling your story, I have been researching having this done for a while, I had breast aug. last year and now want to have a tuck, I have a similar scar on my abdomen from a procedure I had to remave part of my intestine several years back, although the procedure saved my life I hate the scar it left me with!!! It was nice to see how yours is GONE ,it makes me want to get this done even more!!!

Photo Update

I was told he will do the lipo and fix the loose skin where the dogear is for free. (thank God)
Angela, I am going through the same thing, but I have to wait until August before ps will decide how to fix me. I probably won't get my sx until December. Do you have to pay anymore. I do b/c I also want lipo of the flanks and upper back.
I am not sure about how much he removed...been meaning to ask! I do have to have a revision on July 8th. He said he needs to do a little lipo on my lower ab where some fat moved down during surgery and fix a small dog ear on the left side. I am really excited about the overall result! I am so glad I did this. You are six weeks? do you have photo's up?
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

He has the reputation for being the best in this area. I checked him out because of that and he lived up to it in my opinion.I had a long vertical scar, he was honest in how he would fix it and I was just left with a very tiny portion of it below the panty line.

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