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I am a 35 year old mother of three. After my...

I am a 35 year old mother of three. After my second child I lost post baby weight and then some. After the third I again lost baby weight but the sagging skin and stretch marks will not leave. I work out 4 days a week and am in good shape but get discouraged when my shirt rides up or when my skin falls forward when doing push ups. I had breast lift and augmentation a year ago and had such great results its time to fix the tummy. Had consultation with previous dr. and she agreed tt is the right option.

had a tt on the 21st, it is well woth it, the results are amazing, and i'm still swollen, the drains are the worst part, but other than that -all was good:)
Funny thing about the drains, I had them for breast lift and had totally forgotten about it. I know with tt they will be in longer but I am hoping I will quickly forget about them when I get to enjoy the results.
just did 90 min. spin class and the whole time I had a grin on my face! I kept thinking in a few months I wont have this extra skin in my way! I will be able to wear the cute workout tops! I will miss the classes during recovery! I wish it was next week! I just want to get this over with so the recovery can begin!

Starting to get some anxiety about whether this is...

starting to get some anxiety about whether this is the right time to have the tt. Night before last five year old was in our bed. Last night three year old had wet pjs and ended in our bed. Trying to get three year old used to not being carried. My husbands great but it will be a challenge for him. Next year I will be working part time so it really should be this year. just nervous.

I am not wanting to tell everyone that I am...

I am not wanting to tell everyone that I am getting a tt. I could see my kids going to school and announcing it in share time! So does anyone have any suggestions on what to say? Hernia repair? I have to have help with my kids as all my family is out of state.
I talked to the surgeon that is doing mine and asked for some kind of generic dr note and he said to tell people I have an umbilical hernia if asked because I don't want alot of people knowing.
Yes, thats what I figured I'd say. I am such a terrible liar! I will have to practice over the next few weeks. You are going in 4 days before me! I am so excited, I want to just get it over with!!!
Yea, I am so excited..But I really want it overwith too! Anxiety, lol! I don't want to tell people if I don't have to so anyone that asks its will be hernia repair.

I just worry about my 19 month old son because he always wants me to hold him and I won't be able to... =(

I have become a little obsessed with this website....

I have become a little obsessed with this website. I feel excited to see so many women look so beautiful in thier after pictures! Giving birth is such a gift but the stretch marks and stretched muscles are so depressing. It will be great to fix this.

I will be traveling to Florida 7 weeks after my...

I will be traveling to Florida 7 weeks after my tt! Has anyone traveled after thiers so soon? Dr. said bar any compications should be good to go! The trip was scheduled for 6 weeks after but was able to push back one week! So nervous and so excited!
That is so awesome that you know that you will heal well! Wow, I would be scared with the neck muscles too! Yea, I can see why you would have wanted more info about that! The c-section scar that I have is barely visible now a year and a half later so I am hoping the scar from the TT will be the same a year down the road!
That would be awesome if the scar isn't noticable... I have a tattoo low on the front of each hip and of course they will be cut off for the most part the dr said so I will need to cover up or do something with the remaining part of the!
i have had SOOO many surgeries so I know that I heal well. MY scars from breast lift are tiny white lines. Completely flat. I also had (two) surgeries for thyroid. The second surgery the doctor basically performed a neck job on me (no I didn't ask) but he pulled the neck muscle so tight that for a long time I felt like my neck would tear when I tilted head back. I think thats what it will be like after tt. The muscle does learn to strech but feels weird at first. I am now grateful to doctor as I approach 36 but would have liked more info. at first.

I feel like I'm in the "nesting" stage of a...

I feel like I'm in the "nesting" stage of a pregnancy. You know when your getting closets cleaned out, making meals to put in freezer etc.
One question I do have, and would love others input is that I noticed in pictures a lot of scars seem straight across while others are much more V like. I am going to call today to ask my dr. which she performs. I asked about bellybuttons at appt. but not that.
sorry, its been a while since i've checked in, BUT my Dr is closer to the Reading area. i know the Jenkintown area well tho. i really havent started my "blog" just because i figured i would start it once i went for my last consult... not sure why, but that was when i thought to start it lol maybe once he outlines every detail and i make my last payment and sign my name a 1000 times, it will feel very real, idk

25 days till tt! Pretty excited but have been...

25 days till tt! Pretty excited but have been having trouble sleeping. I worry what if I gain this weight back? I know in my head that I never had this problem even at a bigger size before, that the saggy skin and stretch marks are from preg. but still worry. I would hate to go through pain and $ all for nothing.
I am glad to get to put these thoughts out there as I have not told anyone except my husband! Thanks BRAVE tummytuckers!
I also did the same I didn't tell anyone about my surgery either except family and close friends. Didn't want to be judged. I think if I am asked I will just tell people I had a scar revision which is true also. I guess I am just a private person and don't want to be talked about at work. People especially women can be so catty and judgmental. So I look to this website for non-bias help and support :)

23 days till my surgery! I still have not gotten...

23 days till my surgery! I still have not gotten guts to take pics. but I know I will want them for after.
My husband is supportive but I am afraid he doesn't quite understand the length of the recovery. When I try to talk to him about he kida shuts down as he is very squemish. However he did watch three C-sections without problem.
I almost told a close friend (no one knows) but I chickened out.

Just thought of something. I am a stay at home mom...

Just thought of something. I am a stay at home mom with active kids and am slightly worried about keeping up with them in recovery and remembered I used to take my daughter to the childcare at the gym (2 hr. free) and sit in the lounge or cafe and read or email whatever after last c-section. I think I will become a lounge lizard again! And my kids will burn off some energy! Yeay me!
Sounds like you should be good with the 6 and 9 year olds... Its the three year old that you will be taking to the gym daycare? I have a daycare at my gym too... I was thinking about doing that certain evenings where my husband wouldn't be home but how would I lift my little one to get him in the carseat? Ugh! I would definitely try to get the kids on as many playdates as you can while you are recovering!

Yea, I am super excited... Can't wait for the day to come... Actually I can't wait until Post TT like weeks after so my tummy looks good and the pain is gone! lol!
Ages 3,6,9. I have the first week covered and I am staying first night in hospital, so I am releived abou that. 6 year old goes to am kinder. so that will help. I just don't want them sitting in front of tv all day. I plan on cashing in on lots of favors for playdates!
April 8 is coming soon! You most have so many emotions right now!
How old are your kids? From what I heard definitely the first week you will need help with toddlers/little kids... You should post some before pics to remind you afterwards the difference in your nice flat tummy! That is why I posted some...but I figured everyone else was bearing their tummies so may as well join my support group and do it!

I just scheduled my pre op appt. for April 1! I...

I just scheduled my pre op appt. for April 1! I will be talking to Dr. about adding Lipo for thighs. Nurse said since its a second procedure its Half price! Funny!

17 days to go! Starting to get really excited! I...

17 days to go! Starting to get really excited! I think my husband is too. I just hope he really understands the length of recovery! Picked up my three year old today for first time in so long, I've been trying to get her out of the habitso she won't be shocked when I can't! She's really doing well with it!
Need to post before picks!
I just saw that you are doing to Florida at 7weeks? I just got back from Florida and I was 7weeks! It wss no problem at all! I often forget now that i had the surgery. We drove too... 15 hrs. Mederma makes a scar lotion with SPF 30.... It works great. I did not end up wearing a bikini because my belly button scar... It is noticeable when looking close and we were with people that didn't know I had the surgery...otherwise I would have worn one. Good luck! It's not as bad as you may think... Once u get past the first 2 weeks!
Hi i'm scheduled for my TT the day before you, and I haven't gotten to scared yet still excited. But I tell you this TT is pretty much all I think about. My pre-op is not until April 7. Well wishes. I won't say luck because it's not luck it's all God. So i'll say God Bless you.
Every night I write lists! Where the kids will be during the day, grocery list, to do list. It helps me feel organized and quit obsessing so I can sleep. I can't beleive its coming so soon! Yeah!

Two weeks from today! OMG!!! I watched another...

Two weeks from today! OMG!!! I watched another Tummy tuck on internet! So disgusting but really helpful. I ordered a bikini yesturday. I have NEVER worn one! I was a 12 always! Then after three kids a 6! Wierd huh? I always thought at this size I should be able to wear a two piece but I didn't figure on the stretch marks,weird belly button, and muscle issues.

Trying to be brave and upload photos!

Trying to be brave and upload photos!

Trying to be brave and upload photos!

Trying to be brave and upload photos!
I am sure u could spray tan..... I don't see why not? I went tanning a few times before. I used mederma SPF and covered the scar with my bikini bottom.
Funny, we are going with people that I won't tell eith so I will be packing a one piece and tankini if feeling brave! Good to know about Maderma with SPF. I was going to spray tan before we left. What do you think? If I cover incision with tape?
I think that is the hardest part about making this decision, people are so judgemental, instead of wishing you well.

I had my Pre op today. Got my prescriptions. Same...

I had my Pre op today. Got my prescriptions. Same ones I used for breast lift/aug. so I know I should'nt have any reactions to them. We discussed lipo for my inner thighs and she said she could do it same time as tt but would reccommend waiting as they are getting new equip. at thier facility for Slim (not smart) lipo. She said it is a laser type. They will be only facility in Kansas City area to have it. She said advantage is they use local so your awake, its done in their building, and its supposed to help shrink the skin so your not saggy after the lipo. The down side is I would'nt be able to do this same time as tt. It would be several weeks later, but the cost is about $1500 less!!
I am very excited as my surgery was going to be the second of the day but the other person rescheduled so I got moved up!! Less time for anxiety! 11 days to go!!!
Hey girlie! I see you got 10 days left and I know you are excited! I wish you the best!
Just had my tummy tuck in Seattle March 18. Feel and look great and I guess after 35 years of having a "big fat belly" it is well worth it. My doc also included a lift of the mons pubis (new words for me), so my incision dips a little. I lost 140 lbs via diet recently and after sev. pregnancies, know all about stretch marks and hanging skin. I'm so excited I tell everyone, including total strangers. My own mother won't say anything to me about it or the weight loss. So sympathies if family/friends don't support the decision.

So the day after I pay the doctor my husband takes...

So the day after I pay the doctor my husband takes my hand and says, honey I wonder if this surgery is a bad idea! Seriously he did! He is worried I am taking the easy way out and wonders about the cost. I feel the same way about the cost but know its not really gonna be easy at all. I have lost the weight before through Extreme dieting. I could not maintain this however. I am not unhappy about my weigh really just my saggy tummy. The loose skin and wrinkles didn't leave, just got worse.
I am worried about gaining the weight back. I work out four or five days a week and eat pretty healthy. I just always return to this size. I am having lots of doubts.
3 day post op. Doing well. Stayed overnight in hospital which I was glad to do. Dr. Said they took 2 1/2 lbs skin off. No lipo. One drain on side. Just very sore from muscle repair. Thanks for all support and good.adbice. can't wait to see results!
Meant to say volunteers make sling thing to carry pump. I also have pain pump. Peeked at bb and.its nice and small. Glad about that. UpdAte pics. When can.
Home from hospital. 2 day post op. Very sore. Hard to get out of bed. Very sleepy but doing ok. One pump. Hospital volunteers make sling.

Four days post op. Feeling better daily....

Four days post op. Feeling better daily. Medication helps with pain but make me sleepy. Saw results at Dr office. Love small Bb but lowerbelly is swollen. Seems more swollen on one side then other. Seem normal?
Feeling tired today. Think overdid it yesturday. I think meds r making me weep. Only need them at night really. Think will het drain out at next appt. Fri. Yeah.
How are you feeling? Your pics look wonderful!
just nervous bout amount of swelling at incision. Feeling really good. Went to church, grocery store, and fed kiddos, before taking nap. I have however experienced my first sneeze and caughing. Truley worst pain ever!
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