2 Days Post Op -Mooresville, NC

I had 3 vertical c sections. my last 25 years ago....

i had 3 vertical c sections. my last 25 years ago. i hated my scar and if i had one more csection they were going to use a plastic surgeon. i worked out a lot, but once the tummy is split down the middle nothing can get rid of the pudge.

my 1st day post op i felt like i could have conquered the world. 2nd day, not so much. i am sensitive to pain meds so although they took the pain away, they wired my brain and i couldn't sleep. started itching and took benadryl. helped with itching and sleep.

the drain on the right side continues to leak around the tube, but not so much. repacking the gauze around the tubing helps with the draining too. i've lost about 16 ozs of blood 3rd day post op. getting up and down is difficult. i need to cough really big, but the 2 times i did i felt a stitch pop. i am also wheezing which is annoying. i do have bad allergies though and continue taking allegra d.

the binding helps tremendously, but they should have a shorter version. i am short and the binding rides up under my arm and rubs which is a bit irritating. no bath yet, no head wash yet. can't wait for both, but i can do sponge baths and dry shampoo for a few more days. the doctor said take off the binder to bathe, the nurse said don't take off the binder or bath til i go back monday for fu. today is saturday.

truthfully, the draining and the wheezing is the worst part; however, i do have a high pain tolerance so that's good. did anyone else have drainage around the tubing, experience wheezing, or hear a pop when coughing? it would be helpful to know.

i have wanted to do this since the birth of m last daughter, the timing was never right. i chose to have it done around the christmas holiday for 2 reasons. 1) i work in a hospital and the census is usually lower over a holiday 2) i was able to sneak it in without people asking too many questions (i didn't want to say i had a tt when people re starving around the world; seemed a bit selfish), but i saved and saved so i had the money to give this to myself for christmas. lol

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who is the name of your doc
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I'm having some wheezing today - post op day 1! thanks for the comments above, makes me feel better!
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Sounds like you are doing great.
I am 9 days Post Op TT and Lipo.

My 4th day I went to see my PS for follow up. When I got home I started wheezing, and had a productive cough. I had been deep breathing and coughing frequently (I'm s nurse too !), but was really concerned. I called him and he told me not to worry unless I started running a fever. I started taking some benedryl because I was itching under my binder and thought it might help my wheeze. I still get wheezy but notice it more during and after a meal. I was lucky and did not have drains, but I made sure I put a "wife-beater" on under my binder. So I have granny panties on to cover my tummy, then a "wife-beater" on , then my binder ! I was able to shower AFTER my first PS visit. I was instructed to loosen the binder every couple of hours for about 5 min. or so, making sure it was not up to high on my chest.

I can go back to work on Tuesday.
I went out to breakfast today, then walked with hubby for about 10 min. in the grocery store today. I didn't lift or push anything however, just walked. It felt good.

Good luck to you !!!
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Hi Carlymak,

Welcome to RealSelf!  You have come to a great support network and I know you will be happy chatting with the women here. 

What a nice Christmas present you have given yourself!  Us moms need to do that for ourselves from time to time. 

I did not have any big problems with the wheezing but I did have drainage at the tube site.  What mine ended up being was the fluid from the lipo seeping out.  It was a mess and went on for about the first week.  It was mainly clear but blood tinged.  I just kept packing gauze around it. 

I did feel little pops from tie to time from coughing and some movement but it never amounted to anything.  All was fine.  I think they stitch us up so tight inside that it would be pretty hard to pop anything that easily. 

If your wheezing continues I would call the doctor and see if you can get some sort of inhaler.  I use albuterol as needed for my wheezing.  I have mild asthma and you just never know what will make it act up.  After surgery your lungs are so irritated for a few days and that won't help matters. 

Will you be posting before and after pictures?  It is really exciting to watch the changes as they happen with the healing.

Hang in there and I look forward to reading your posts:)
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