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Well Worth the Wait and Money

I had my tummy tuck done on May 27,2008 and so far...

I had my tummy tuck done on May 27,2008 and so far I love the results a lot of people complain about the pain to me it wasnt that bad the drains is what hurt the most but after they came out i was fine i was standing straight up in a week and a half and stop taking pain meds 3rd day not a pill popper. I am only 23 still in college but had a child young so the money i saved in mexico helped me alot.

I had my TT done in Bolivia in Santa Cruz;; I would have had the Tummy Tuck a long time ago if I had known how much better I would feel about myself, (but I couldn't afford it in the US because of the high cost of this surgery.. so I decide to go to Bolivia).
In Houston the cost of a TT is about 9000US$.. In Bolivia I paid 2600US$ and the results are amazing!!! I can now wear clothes that actually fit. I used to have to buy clothes that were big enough to disguise my midsection and would in turn be too big everywhere else, causing me to look and feel 'dumpy'. I can actually breath in my jeans!!!! By having a tummy tuck procedure, a whole new world has opened up for me. I feel better about the way I look which has given me more confidence to shed my clothes and actually be proud of my body once again. I highly recommend this surgery.
You need to spend at least two weeks there so the doctor can monitor your progress.
hi i need the info

TUmmy Tuck 5 years later

For my like it looks to high, it should be to the line of pubic hair. Be careful if planning going overseas. Your life is worthed!
I couldn't tell in the picture where her pubic bone is. It could be a few inches below. The most important thing is that your happy. we are are worst critics and we have this illusion of what things should be and then get disappointed when is the opposite of what you were hoping. she is happy..and that is all that matter. I do agree, oversea you must be careful
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