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I'd been thinking about getting this done for...

I'd been thinking about getting this done for a while - I'd lost about 75 lbs a few years ago and work out but couldn't get the belly flab gone.

The pain has not been as bad as I thought it would be, although it is lasting longer than I thought it would, and I don't think i was fully prepared for the tightness and being stooped over. I'm 9 days post op and still have one of my drains and can't drive so I'm a little antsy from being at home, but I'm happy to have an overly cautious doctor.

Although I'm still swollen, my belly is so flat already - it's such a huge improvement i can hardly believe it. I can't wait to be a bit more healed so i can start trying on my clothes again and of course GO SHOPPING!!! I am so glad I did this!

Will there be a bikini in your shopping basket? :)


Hey Girl,

Hold on the shopping for a while....you will continue to shrink by the month.  Try and wait to at least month 4 post op if you can.  So happy for you!!
Wow really? Hopefully the clothes I have will do till then!

I just figured out how to update this - I was...

i just figured out how to update this - I was updating in one of the other threads!
I am almost 3 weeks post op now.
My stomach is much flatter but I still have to wear my size 10s to accommodate the soreness of my incision and my hips still seem really puffy. i'm hoping they will go down!

Today was my 3rd day back at work and my first full day back. I sit at a desk and try not to get up too much - I still can't stand up too straight.

I can kind of sleep on my left side if I use a lot of pillows under me (I had the drain on the left taken out first so it's more healed)

The doctor told me to use Mederma 3-4 times a day - I am, but it's kind of stinky, and i feel like it's kind of peeling off. i'll see him again at the end of the week so i'll ask him.

I think i finally hit that "blues" period a lot of people have mentioned. i hope it doesn't last too long.

I'm doing ok - I've been wearing this scar strip all the time which I like because it covers it up and nothing rubs against it - it just gets very tight by the end of the day. My husband finally got a glipse of the scar underneath the strip and said it doesn't look "that bad" which is a huge step for him and a huge relief for me! Stressed from my job and not being able to go to the gym - I know i'd feel better if I could just get on the treadmill for a little while - hopefully in a few weeks I'll get cleared for that - I'm still very tired at the end of the day and just keep pushing myself. Maybe this weekend i'll rest a little bit!

Happy Thanksgiving!

That is excellent news about the hubby!  He will be ok in the end.  They just get freaked out about the unknown and the fact that they have no control over the situation. 

If we could only lay around home for four months to recover that would be great..no such luck though.  It is hard going back when you are not totally up to par yet.  The swelling kicks in and gets so tight by mid day.  I bet you about collapse when you get home.  I would come home and kick my feet up and put an ice pack on my tummy.  That felt great!

It doesn't help at all when you can't exercise and that is frustrating.  Once I colud go back just walking on the treadmill really helped.  I also slept better with a little exercise.  You will get there so just hold on.  This is just a short and temporary bump in the road and will end. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

How are you doing this week?

It is 3.5 months post op - I don't have any...

It is 3.5 months post op - I don't have any pain, just numbness around my belly button and I still "feel it" when I pull myself up into a sitting position. I have a flat belly for the most part. I eat less because I can't stand the full tight feeling. My dr has me using a silicone scar strip to help with the healing. I used Mederma, which I didn't like, and now i alternate the strip with Palmers Scar Therapy Oil.

I feel like I'm healing very well. My dr is very responsive to my questions. i hope the pictures give people an idea of the process - I've never had a stomach like this in my life!

Update 13 months later. My belly looks...

Update 13 months later.

My belly looks fantastic.

My dr asked me if he could use my picture to show potential patients : )

Since I had the surgery I've lost about 17 pounds and gone down almost 3 sizes. I do exercise about 4 times a week and eat healthy but there is no way I am messing this up.

I would do this again in a heartbeat.
What kind of anesthesia did you do? WAs it epidural? How was that? How did they do the tightening of muscles higher up without giving you too much?
Colts Neck Plastic Surgeon

Dr T was the 3rd dr I interviewed for this procedure. First, he is a genuine, nice person who really cares about his patients and their health as well as how they look. He was very detailed in his questioning of me - he spent a long time TALKING to me before he even examined me. He MADE me quit smoking in order to have this surgery (6 + weeks now!) and everyone in his office and surgery center has been super kind and gentle with me. I would recommend him to anyone.

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