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I am a 31 year old mother of 2 beautiful children...

I am a 31 year old mother of 2 beautiful children 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. I have been thinking about getting a tummy tuck since i had my first baby but new i wanted more kids so i waited until i had my second child. like most women i gained so much weight during both of my pregnancies between 50 and 55 pounds on each lost most of the weight and know I am currently 5'2 and weight 129 pounds. So know i am totally ready to get my pre pregnancy body back and have decided to get a tummy tuck. WOHOOO!!!!!!!

So I went went to my first consultation and this...

So I went went to my first consultation and this 1st doctor quated me $8400 for TT/MR/ Lipo Flanks and hernia repair. His staff was really nice but i have to say that he seemed very rushed and i did not get to ask all the questions that i had so that was a bummer. But then couple of days later i whent to my second consultation with another doctor and i have say i immediatley felt confortable with him he ansewered all of my questions which was great and explained everything in detail, he quated me $12900 for the same as the other i know big difference but i have decided that he is the right doctor for me YAY!! Also he said that i would qualify for FMLA becasue of the hernia and to bring him the papperwork for that on my next visit so i will be going to my HR department and see if i can i will update on that very soo. And by the way did any one here get FMLA for your TT and hernia and did it get approved please let me know how that worked thanks ?

Ok so i went to my HR department to find out about...

Ok so i went to my HR department to find out about FMLA and they asked what i needed it for so i said i was having surgury they did ask me if i was having elective surgery i just told them that i was having a hernia repaired and did not mention anything else they gave me all my papper work and said i needed to bring back in a couple of days. So i was wondering if they will deny my FMLA because im also having a tummy tuck at same time? Does anyone been throught this before any suggestions? What did you guys do any help i would appreciate thanks.

thanks! ya i am super nervous, but when i look at everyones before and afters i know itll be totally worth it!
The doctor that did my rhinoplasty was also a facial reconstuctive surgeon so that worked in my favor BUT, HR can't deny you FMLA because of the physician's specialty. Plastic surgeons can repair hernias as well as OB/GYN, general surgeon, etc., so they shouldnt question you about his specialty when its written by the physician hernia repair. If there is any questions they will contact the doctor's office. I hope your HR isn't that strict. My doctor will be Dr. Brian Parker.
Hey there!!! To answer your question, DO NOT tell HR that you are having elective surgery. Ride with the hernia repair and you will get FMLA. Make sure also that your doctor writes ONLY hernia repair on the form. If you have disability insurance e.g AFLAC, also subit a form to them that states ONLY hernia repair. They don't cover elective surgery/plastic surgery. I had a rhinoplasty a few years back and had my surgeon write I was getting my "sinuses drained" and was approved for FMLA and disability coverage. Best of luck to you. I'm scheduled April 23 for a tummy tuck also in Las Vegas but not with your doctor.

Hi ladies hope every one is healing well. So...

Hi ladies hope every one is healing well. So today i went to my plastic surgeons office to pay my deposit for surgery, drop off FMLA paperwork so i guess it is really happening right i cant back down now IM SO EXITED!!!!!!! Anyhow i picked up a packet that was given to me about surgery that i have to read so can prepare for my PRE OP appointment and i was told that a urine catheter will be left in place for the 1st night after surgery and it will be removed the next morning and i am freaking out about this has anyone else been told this or have they gone through this let me know how bad it is please.
April 5th and it isn't coming fast enough! Good luck:)
Congrats! It's very exciting to know you are going to get it done!
Yes im very exited cant wait. When is your surgery date?

Hello everyone long time no see but i have been...

Hello everyone long time no see but i have been very busy getting ready for my surgery which is in 2 weeks and i am very exited.I had my Pre Op appointment today went very well and it made me feel very confident that i made the right decision in choosing my doctor, he is amazing and answered every single question that i had. Made me feel better about having a catheter after surgery for 24 hours but we will see how that goes. I have been cleaning like crazy trying to have everything ready before, later this week will go shopping for all the stuff that i need for after surgery any ideas so far i came up with this:
pillows, antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, gauze, paper tape, absorbent pads to prtect my bed, disposable tooth bushes, antibiotic ointment, large underwear, cough drops, wipes. Let me know if i am missing something to add to my list. Well happy healling to everyone i will keep you updated pretty soon.
Hi Martuck :). Just wanted to wish luck on your surgery. Hope you have a speedy recovery. You have a really nice shape already so you are going to look incredible.
Thank you so much ANA i see you had your surgery already and you look amazing cant wait to have my flat tummy!!
I feel the same way i want to leave everything organized and clean it will probably not last because i have 2 kids that are like tornados so we will see how it goes. On the toilet seat i did not get one but i did get a walker i figure that will help me get up from toilet. Im feeling very anxious i just want the to be on the recovery side but only a couple of more days to go YAY!!!

The big day is almost here only 2 more nights to...

The big day is almost here only 2 more nights to go im exited and worried at the same time and have not been sleeping very well but i guess its just my nerves. I think im ready only some last minute details left but im leaving that for tomorrow hopefully i end up really tired and i can get a good night sleep on monday happy healing to everyone.
2 more days for us, how you feeling? lm not nervous at all just anxious to get it over with.

Hello ladys cant believe that tomorrow is the big...

Hello ladys cant believe that tomorrow is the big day im so exited that by this time tomorrow i will have a flat tummy YAY!!!
Im feeling very anxious but i guess that is normal, things are all set for tomorrow planing on waking up early around 5 am to get some food in my system before surgery they said i could have breakfast 8 hours prior to surgery, then take a shower and relax and head over to surgical center my surgery will be at 1pm my niece will be dropping me off and then after surgery the nurse will be driving me home to spend the night assisting me we will see how that goes, ok ladys hope everyone is doing well i will update tomorrow and good luck to everyone that is going in tomorrow.
I feel the exact same way anxious, and I am officially all set i believe house clean, grosery shopping done can wait one more night Christina tomorrow is our big day YAY..

TUMMY TUCK IS DONE!!!!!! im at home now took pain...

TUMMY TUCK IS DONE!!!!!! im at home now took pain killers and got some food in me, feeling good so far i will keep you posted getting sleepy its only been 3 hours since i got out
Good luck!!!! Hoping everything goes well today....and a speedy recovery!! :D
Thank you ladys I'm leaving in 15 min I pray everything goes well and I will keep u posted later happy healing to everyone and good luck to all the lady's going in today
Thinking of you today! Good luck!

Ok so this is how it started go to surgical center...

Ok so this is how it started go to surgical center around 11:30 checked in an waited until 12pm to take valioum and nausea medication the nurse came to get me to get changed into hospital gown and put my IV in they did and that sucker hurt then after about 20 min later i felt my wrist starting to get kinda numb and some pain i looked and there was a swollen spot size of a smaller golf ball, called nurse apparently ivy slept off vain they put some ice and tried again. Then anestisiologist came in asked some questions super nice as well as the nurses, then doctor higguins came in and marked me an after that dont remember anything until waking up felt some pain nurse gave me pain medication dressed me up hubby and niece were already there waiting for me they put me in a wheel chair to get me in a car got home around 630pm FYI pain was about 7 in scale 1 to 10. Got home and went up stairs settle in my bed nurse tried to get some food and liquids in me to give medication was able to eat some apple sauce and half a cracker with some water they gave me medication pain medication about 8pm and pain eased up about level 3 then around 850pm got up for my first walk used walker getting up was harder then walking but walking made me dizzy and nauseous so at 9pm took my nausea meds and valioum went back to bed and tried to get some sleep but was waking up every 15 to 20 mins meds did not make me sleepy. So around 1am my legs and arms started to get numb and i started to get some pain in upper abdomen about a level 4, she gave me percocet and helped me up to walk to get rid off numbness and drain my urine catheter, walking helped with numbness but it made me dizzy and very nauseous and sweaty i tried to control it but ended having my first puke and that hurt so bad, after that was a little sore but meds kicked in and did not feel pain anymore for the rest of the night was again taking naps of 15 min not really sleepy and here i am at 5am still no pain updating you guys so so far it is going well i will update later happy healing to everyone.FYI its been 12 hours since surgery. and i do have a pain pump which id working amazing seriously every one should get one and the walker is very helpfull as well.

Ok so today is the end of POST OP DAY 2 (day after...

Ok so today is the end of POST OP DAY 2 (day after surgery) So my morning started with me puking then managed to get down stairs
to go to my first post op appointment at 8 am urine catheter was removed not as bad as i though only a little sting for like 2 seconds then it was gone. Doctor checked my incision changed my dressings and said everything looked great, i didn't get to see much from my incision but i did get to see that it was flat so hopefully it gets better day by day. Today pain was about level 3 my incision doesn't hurt at all the drain sites just sting a little not to bad the worst part is my upper abdomen were they did the muscle repair and the lipo areas are the worst those are painfull to the touch took 1 percocet at 10am then at 4pm and i will be taking another at 9pm before going to bed i have also been taking the muscle spasm every 8 hours that helps to in addition to that the antibiotic/ stool softner and arnica. My vitamins including bromelain i will start tomorrow morning today was just to nauseous.
Been peeing like crazy i try to walk about every 2 to 3 hours my legs start to feel numb if i don't is this normal just wondering, also my stomach has been growling a lot and i have been passing gas to but no BM yet. Well all in all this has been my day not to bad hopefully tomorrow will be better happy healing to everyone i will keep you posted tomorrow.
Hi. Mono fall I'm not going to lie it did hurt but to tell u the truth I was expecting a lot worse so if it happens to u jut put pillow in tummy that helps.
Hope you feel better soon!! I'm so scared of puking! You're lucky to have a nurse!
hello, how did your first night go? l slept good. only down side was whenever l would get up l would throw it. that was not fun at all. very painful.

END OF POST OP DAY 3 today was alright better...

END OF POST OP DAY 3 today was alright better than yesterday i would say, im walking around much straighter still taking pain meds maybe tomorrow i can start tylenol but im not sure about that, food i have been eating small meals i get full very fast foods i have been eating apple sauce , strawberries, slice of bread protein bar, some spaguetti, cereal water, pinaple juice. Still no BM yet i hope it comes soon need some relief. My whole body gets itchy even face is this normal? Lipo areas are the most sore still dont feel anything in incision area yet. Waliking around is much easier today. Still draining seems like a lot morning was 60 ml on right and 75 ml on left about the same at the end of day i drain them once in the morning and one at night. Well not to bad tomorrow hopefully will be better happy healing to everyone.
i stopped throwing up that night, starting with gas now so hopefully l can have a bm soon.
Yeah I hope the BM comes soon maybe I can get some relief from that.

POST OP DAY 4 today i went to see my doctor to get...

POST OP DAY 4 today i went to see my doctor to get the pain pump removed that was no too bad felt like a pulling sensation no pain only lasted like 2 seconds. Doctor said i was swollen and the the compression garmet was a little to big on me so the gave me another one to put on top of the one i already have feels more comfortable like that, he also said i could take a shower today i will be trying that in a little while will update how that went after. Pain wise has been good so far i a have been taking i pain pill every 5 hours i dont think i can switch to tylenol just yet maybe tomorrow. Doctor said i needed to eat more but im not able to get much down get full very fast. Still no BM yet was told to start milk of magnesia will start tonight.

Can i just say SHOWER WAS AMAZING!!!! did not hurt...

Can i just say SHOWER WAS AMAZING!!!! did not hurt at all i didn't even get dizzy felt so good hubby was so helpful showered my hair and he did rest of body, i used a high stool to sit and a plastic bag to hold drains will do it again tomorrow whole process took about 1 hour, while i was showering hubby put my garmet in washer then got out of shower towel dried took some pics and let my incision vent for a little until garmet was ready, got to see for the 1st time my incision not pretty at all and stomach does not look flat but doctor said it was swelling i sure hope so cant wait to see the final results all in all this was the best day so far i will keep you guys updated tomorrow happy healing to everyone.
Shower, yay!! Hubby sounds like a keeper :)! Rest up
No made my pmnt today - moving pretty quick sched for sugery on 6/29!! :-)
Hi Martuck,

I came across your blog saw that you are a Vegas gal too! How are you feeling today?

Good morning fellow tummy tuckers well let me just...

Good morning fellow tummy tuckers well let me just tell you that milk of magnesia sure is strong took it before i went to bed last night woke up around 12 midnight to take 1 tylenol and then woke up again at 430am and was i in pain so decided to take again 1 more pain killer maybe i will alternate between tylenol and pain killer today see if i can get off painkillers by tomorrow i know im a chicken but i hate pain. OH back to BM WO WOKE UP AT 430am and o boy almost did not make it to restroom but i did thank god and i felt so much better and relief (sorry to be so graffic). Any how i have not been draining so much since last nigh i checked them this morning each one is at less than 25 ml i think thats what its supposed to be to get them removed but i wont see my doctor until tuesday so will be stuck with these sukers for another 3 days. Lady i will update later in the afternoon happy healling.

End of POST OP DAY 5. Today was good pain was way...

End of POST OP DAY 5. Today was good pain was way less today was able to take Tylenol at 430pm and that seemed to be enough maybe I will take a pain killer before bed the last one was at 9 am. Apetite was better today to, drain site is starting to irritate more now I just want them out, and my period started today bummer this is going to suck anyhow happy healing to everyone will update tomorrow.
Congrats on the BM :). Amazing how much better that release makes you feel. This is not the time to be brave about pain. You are not a baby. Drugs are your friends. Take them if you need to. Hope you feel better. ((hugs))
Well good luck you will look amazing very soon.

POST OP DAY 6 so far it has been a good day still...

POST OP DAY 6 so far it has been a good day still on tylenol and doing well, had a second shower today felt good took some pics but i will post later going to take nap now so tired.
Your swelling doesn't look too different from mine, although mine is below the incision. My PS said that since the incision severs some areas where lymph fluids drain, you get the swelling above and below until they start to regenerate. My incision is starting to get that healing itch!! Yay and OMG, itchy at the same time. Your TT looks great!

POST OP DAY 7 still cant walk straight, having...

POST OP DAY 7 still cant walk straight, having these weird pains when i pass gas i say weird because i did not feel that before maybe because of the pain medication who knows, also feel burning sensation in the lipo areas back is starting to hurt, i have only been draining once at night today i got 15ml on left and 25 ml on right this was from yesterday at 9 pm to today to 9pm i see my doctor tomorrow hopefully they will remove drains tomorrow. Happy healing to everyone will update tomorrow.
glad to hear u r doing good.
thank you bombkitty im starting to feel itchy to and also i get these burning sensations were the lipo was done did u get that to?
Yes, if I sit still too long, when I get up it feels awful. All in all, I think the lipo sites hurt worse than the TT. Getting little muscle twitches, too.

POST OP DAY 8 YAY!!! made it to one week post ...

POST OP DAY 8 YAY!!! made it to one week post op feeling much better went to see my doctor today and he took my drains out and stiches on OMG those drains hurt it feels like a pulling burning sensation it only last about 30 seconds but it did hurt, now the stiches were not bad at all some hurt some didn't but not as bad as drains. He said that everything looked good and he also told me to purchase NEWEGEL silicone sheets and to start them in a couple of days because i dont have any scabs so im good to go. Has anyone tried these Newgel or the Oleeva silicone sheets let me know what you think. Feeling much better without drains still moving carefully but much better well all in all great day happy healing to everyone talk to you soon.

12 days post op im feeling at little depressed...

12 days post op im feeling at little depressed about my results because my belly does not look flat i compare my before pictures and front view looks great its just my side view and i know its still very early to see results and that im still swollen but i cant help feeling this way just second guessing myself if it was the right desicion. I also wanted to thank everyone for the support this is an amazing site. I will keep you posted happy healing to everyone.

Just saw your new pics - you look wonderful! I can def see the transformation from day 6 to day 12. Keep up the positive outlook and soon you'll see a flat side profile :)
Hi just saw your pics and You already look great. Do not worry about your stomach not being flat yet. It will be. The swelling is terrible as you know. Mine lasted for 5 months. It will be all worth it in the end. Just take one day at a time.
Thank u so much for the support I really appreciate I can't believe yours lasted that long u look great by the way. One day at a time sounds good. :0)

Hello ladies it has been a while since I have...

Hello ladies it has been a while since I have updated it is now 3 weeks and 4 days post op I'm feeling pretty good still swelling but I can see it going down every day. I finally decided to weight my self and I started 129 lbs before surgery and I am happy to say that I am now at 118 lbs the only thing is that my pre op clothing are still to tight to wear even thought before surgery my pants were very loose which is annoying but hopefully soon I will be abble to how long did it take u ladies to fit in your pre op clothes?
Also I went to my 3 week post op doctor said everything looks good but he said I was entwining to much fluid so he gave me so pills to take for the next few days to get the fluids out so I was happy that it was not a seroma. So a couple of days after my appointment I started getting very itchy in my back and I felt these scabs total of 6 it was the lipo areas and I started scratching them and felt these thin threads coming out I guess they were the stitches so I called the doctors office to see if I should still have these and they said they needed to come out so I guess they forgot to do that in my last visit so I have to in on Friday to take them out which sucks. Pain wise I'm feeling a lot better still hurts when I sneeze or cough, doctor said I am only cleared for walking no heavy lifting yet so I'm still taking it easy. I started using the oleeva silicone sheets 5 days ago during the day for about 15 hours and at night I take them off and wash them and let them dry, at night I'm applying Maderma scar treatment and I massage my scar as well. I will let you know if there is any improvements. Oh also I started using spanks anyhow I will post pictures later today and keep you guys updated happy healing to everyone.
You look awesome!
Look at that tummy!! Wow!! The swelling is really going down. I tried the silicone sheets and no go for me. My skin is so darn sensitive. You are looking great :).
Hey you how are you doing, what happen with the silicone sheets did you get some type of rash? I feel much better now since i know what to look forward to the swelling is still there, hey when were you able to fit in your pre op clothes and did you go down any sizes?

Hello everyone tomorrow will be my 6 weeks post op...

Hello everyone tomorrow will be my 6 weeks post op Im feeling better everyday and im able to do pretty much everything also i will be going back to work on friday 07/20. In regards swelling i think its still there mostly around belly button area and pubic area hope that goes away soon, also i have noticed that i have a small dent or lump on my right hip i think its because of the lipo, and at the end of my incision on the right side i have a small dog ear i think i will need a revision for that, and las thing is that when i sit down a little bit of skin sags in the inscicion area i feel like my skin needed to be more tight i only have this problem when i sit dow not when i stand up did any of you have this issue please let me know if you needed revision or if you think i need it. Well all in all i feel great and even with these issues i do not regret getting this done. I will post pictures so you guys can see my progress and please give me your input on the pic where i am sitting down. Thanks to everyone and happy healing.
I think you look fantastic. I am PO day #11 from TT/MR and minor flank lipo. I'm just wondering how many weeks it took before your swelling went down and your body started taking shape? If you look at my profile, I look thicker in my side pictures after the tummy tuck than before the surgery. My waist before TT was 29.5 inches. Now after TT, it is 30.5 inches!!! Just wondering how much longer until I start to see the difference. Thanks.
You are looking better and better:-)
You look fantastic!! :)

Hi Ladies it has been a while since i updated, I...

Hi Ladies it has been a while since i updated, I am now 8 month post op from my tummy tuck health wise feeling good and my weight has been fluctuating from 116lb to 119lb. I still have numness in my belly area wonder if that is normal i keep forgetting to ask my doctor will do next time. Well since my last update i had several concerns about my the shape of my belly extra skin, dog ears bulge above belly button and extra skin above belly button. So i went to my doctor and express my concerns to him and he checked me he said he would do a scar revision to fix dog ears/ lower scar and remove some more skin and in regards the bulge above belly button he said that the muscle repair is intact and that he could do lipo in that area. So my revision is scheduled for next saturday 02/23/2013 revision will be done under local anesthesia im supposed to take 2 xanex 1 hour prior to procedure i really hope it nocks me out because from what i have been told i will not feel pain but i will feel that he is doing something to me which is freaking me out but i we will see. He will be charging me only 300 for this revision. Procedure will be about 2 hours there might be one drain but recovery he said is way less than original surgery so i am taking 6 days off from work even though he said i would be fine to go back to work after 3 days. I will be posting pictures before my procedure soon and will update soon i promise hope every one is doing great and looking fabulous take care.
Hi Petitemom i am so sorry for the late reply i have not been in here for a while but i am back now. In regards your question i really started noticing a difference in shape at about 7 weeks and swelling stayed with me for up to 4 months hope this helps and i will check your profile happy healing.

Ok so i posted new pics hope you guys can see what...

Ok so i posted new pics hope you guys can see what im talking about and if any of you are going through this or having a scar revision or already had one it would be nice to get some input thanks hope every one is doing good i will update soon.
Hi martuck261, I am scheduled for the 26th for my scar revision plus lipo. Got back on here today cause its time to check in with others who understand. I hope and pray your procedure goes great! Your photos look wonderful, but we know our bodies. It's not always in the pics :)! Best of luck, and keep posting!
Hi Martuck :). I sent you a comment yesterday but now it's not there :(. I had 2 revisions done. The last one was on my hip to get rid of excess skin. You can see pics on my TT review. The numbing injections were the most uncomfortable. I had a long incision so he had to inject about 20 times. The actual cutting and stitching was no big deal. It took about 30 minutes. It was a breeze compared to the original surgery. I am also still numb in a lot of areas since the surgery almost 1 year ago. I'm thinking its permanent now. I wish you the best of luck and I'm sure you'll be thrilled to finally get the issues resolved.
Hi Ana so great to hear from you and that you are looking amazing. Thank you so much for the info it really helps to at least know what to expect, wondering if you we're awake throught the whole thing.

Hello everyone so wanted to update that my...

Hello everyone so wanted to update that my revision got cxl and re scheduled for may because i got sick with the flu cough / runny nose you know the whole chabang and turns out they cant do revision when your sick since it is local anesthesia i can move when i caugh not good and if i have some sort of infection in my throat it could complicate things. They did say if another spot opens up sooner they would let me know we will see. But i will let you all know if it does. Take care ladies i will update hopefully sooner than later.
hello, i'm only 4 weeks, but i also have concerns of extra skin just above and below my belly button like you. i go in for a follow up next week and i'm sure my ps will say to give it time, but i think it's not going to change much. did you have your revision yet?
Hope you feel better soon !
thank you for posting your update, your story sounds so much like mine. I am at almost 3 months PO, I'm scared about my results staying where they are at right now. My tummy is still very round only smaller. I see some sagging when I sit, and the dr. did some lipo, but I can tell there was more fat left on one side of my tummy because its so visible, especially when I'm swollen. I want to do everything possible to lose the last 10 extra pounds before I see him again at my 6 mth mark. If things are still the same, I'm going to bring up about him correcting those areas, I feel like I look deformed when my tummy swells, he also did some lipo on my sides and one side was left shapier than the other. I know that nothing can be left perfect, but I would like for my shape to be somewhat smoothed out to where the uneveness is not as noticible. Please update us on your revision. I love your scar by the way, you can hardly see it anymore. I also started using silicone strips just a week ago, I can't wait to see what my scar will look like in 4 mths. God bless!

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that I...

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that I have a date for my revision. I'm so glad it is now scheduled for 04/06/13. I will update you very soon hope everyone is feeling good see you soon.
I'm so sorry about you needing a revision, I just had a TT with MR 7 days ago and that's one of my fears. It's good to know they your revision won't keep you out of work as long as the original. Did you have to wear a compression garment with the original surgery and if so for how long?
Hi gattingsexy yes i did have to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks. Thanks
Thank you for the update, I can't wait to see how your revision goes. I am almost at 4 mths, I am doing my best to get in the best shape possible, but even then I just don't see this getting any better. I have much more fat and skin left than you do when I sit, it is very noticeable, especially when wearing fitted clothing. I find myself feeling uncomfortable and trying to suck it in, that was the whole purpose of going through this surgery and paying all that $, I'm finding myself in the same situation I was before, just a bit smaller. Praying that everything goes well for you, looking forward to your update.

Hi ladies so i finally had my tummy tuck scar...

Hi ladies so i finally had my tummy tuck scar revision today at 11:30 Am and i am finally home to let you guys know how the procedure went. Well first i dah to take 3 medications 1 hour prior to procedure that made me feel little ligh headed but i guess they are ment to relax you. Then got to his office which is also set up to do these kind of procedures. Then once i was in the room got in my gown they started injecting something that would num me for the when the actually admister the local anesthesia. it was about 7 injections not to but felt like little stings, then they let me rest for about 20 min to let it kick in and then they started injecting some kind of fluid to num me even more and about 10 min after that is when they started doing the lipo that part felt weird not painful but more like pressure i could feel the areas he was doing it sides stomach under incision even pubic are then after that i think that is when he started revising the scar that i did not feel a thing. I was awake the whole time, talking talking to doctor the whole time. All lasted the whole time. I got into my garmet and my hubby took me home an i feel good did get a little nauses on the way home and pucked, but finally got home and went to sleep still feel no pain we will see later just wanted to update you guys later and post pics in a couple of days once im abble to take of garmet, talk to u guys later take care bye.
Thanks for the update. So glad that things went well. I went to my 5 month PO visit last week, and my PS suggested that I get a scar revision and also to take care of a little redundant skin on my left side. He scheduled me at my 1 year anniversary which is in Oct 2013. I have a feeling that I will go thru the same experience as you. Did he end up removing more redundant skin and was he able to completely remove the vertical scar? I think for people who have the TT with the vertical scar, the PS didn't remove as much skin as they could have originally (hence the vertical scar is present from the old BB). I can't wait to see your pics. Also please tell me anything that you would do differently or anything that I need to ask of my PS. Thanks so much for your post. All the best to you.
Hi Pettimoon glad you were abble to work out your concerns with your doctor. In regards your question yes he said he did remove some skin but i was not abble to see what it looked like i guess made tomorrow when i take a shower i will see and maybe post some pics so you guys can see. And i dont think that i would do anything differently but one think i would suggest is that you make sure you tell your doctor the areas that you want to do lipo in your pubic area at least for me he was not going to but he said he would do, oh and exactly the areas that you want more skin removed. Well hope everynthing works out for you best wishes and if you have anymore questions let me know k :0).

Hello ladies just wAnted to update today is day #2...

Hello ladies just wAnted to update today is day #2 after scar revision and lipo. Well I regards pain I have only had to take 2 pain killers all day I feel very minimal pain I think Tylenol will do from now on. I can get around just fine slowly but fine still feel a little light headed but hopefully tomorrow will feel better. Now the swelling has started again I really hope it does not last as long as when I had the tummy tuck. If anyone has had a revision please let me know how long did the swelling last. And in regards my scar I really can tell yet I have this tape on it and I am swollen so not sure what it looks like yet, I going to call my doctor to see if I can take that tape of or if I'm supposed to leave it alone for my next appointment on Saturday when they remove my stitches, we will see. I will try to post some pictures as soon as I can , hope everyone is feeling well and will update soon.
Hey I found your review through the question you had about the bulge above your bb. I have it too. Did yours resolve on its own or did your ps correct it?
Hey girl, I can relate to your story! You had a better experience with your PS though than I did. I had to pay the hospital for my revision. You are lucky you were able to do it in the office under local. You look great! So happy that all went well the second time around! Happy continued healing!
I just had my scar revision yesterday, about 2" on each side of my scar and I never thought I would have swelling but I woke up this morning and my whole stomach is swollen. Can't wait to see your pics after the tape comes off.
Doctor Terry Higgins

My doctor was amazing i still cant see my results but i feel really good thank you doctor higgins.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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