Tummy Tuck with Lipo Scheduled for March 17, 2011

37-year-old married mom of 4!! After having 3...

37-year-old married mom of 4!! After having 3 babies, an emergency appendectomy(lovely scar running from umbilicus to pubic area), and then another baby, the belly is just plain disgusting! I've been dreaming of having a TT done for years, but just never thought it would be a reality. Then one day I finally told myself that all I really had to do was DO IT! (Oh, and pay for it...lol)

So I am scheduled for next Thursday, March 17, at 1:30! Scared, nervous, excited ~ all those good emotions. This site has been instrumental in me keeping my sanity in the meantime. I love all the reviews and especially the ones that detail feelings and progress almost daily!! I hope to try to help others as I've been helped!

I've been eating very light today (2 days prior to...

I've been eating very light today (2 days prior to surgery). I've read so many posts about constipation on here that I'm scared to death of it. I have the MOM ready and waiting! Have to pick up my scripts tonight and I am fearful of how much those are going to cost. That is definitely something that someone considering this surgery should think about. It never crossed my mind beforehand. I will update on the price later, but I think it's going to be a pretty hefty amount, and my deductible isn't met yet with my insurance.

Hooray, I did it. No real pain yet, but just...

Hooray, I did it. No real pain yet, but just hanging out in the recliner. Some stinging on the outermost edges of the incision. Doc and all nurses were great. Definitely a good experience so far. Scared about the pain tomorrow and. Saturday, but one day at a time, right? PS said he took off the equivalent of 8 sticks of butter! Haha! Bye bye butter belly!!

Not quite 12 hours postop and not feeling bad at...

Not quite 12 hours postop and not feeling bad at all. Hope I didn't just jinx myself. Fell asleep and set my clock for 1 to take my pills, but I turned it off and woke up at 2:30. Uncomfortable but not really painful. Got up and went pee all by myself. Not horrible at all.

Second day after surgery day (so is this 3rd day...

Second day after surgery day (so is this 3rd day postop, or 2nd?) Going pretty well. I litteraly have zero pain while sitting in my recliner. Fell asleep last night before I was supposed to take my midnight dose of vicodin...woke up at 5:30 and was definitely feeling it. But I would never describe it as excruciating. Although it was enough to remind me not to go 10 hours with no pain meds...lol!

Getting out of the recliner hurts like hell. Feels like every fiber of every muscle is burning and tearing. I am positive that I haven't been up and moving as much as I should be, but its hard to make yourself do things that you know are going to hurt.

I am so anxious to see what my belly looks like, but I am not allowed to remove anything until I see him Tuesday. It is going to be like opening the best christmas gift ever!! I will say that it sure does feel flat under my binder.

Day 4 - pain from muscle repair is remarkably...

Day 4 - pain from muscle repair is remarkably diminished from yesterday. I have never had any pain from the actual incision site. Rib areas are a bit sore from the lipo, but wouldn't describe it as actual pain. The recliner has been amazing and I have been sleeping like a rock at night. Still haven't seen my results..that will be tomorrow at my FU appt. Also my drains haven't bothered me in the slightest as of yet. All in all this whole experience has gone much more smoothly than I anticipated!!

First postop appointment today went well. This...

First postop appointment today went well. This was this first peek I have had at my new tummy. One word: amazing. I could not be happier with how this whole experience has turned out, and I am only 5 days postop. Seriously a dream come true for me!!

Post op day 12: Got the drains removed this...

Post op day 12: Got the drains removed this morning. Seriously, not one bit of pain. And he had them anchored so nicely that they never bothered me a bit while they were in. I just got tired of maneuvering around them when dressing and going to the bathroom. Having them gone feels excellent! Doc said I'm healing very nicely, but still healing and not to overdo any activity now just since I'm feeling better!

I really don't have a high pain tolerance, but this procedure and the recovery has not been anywhere near as bad as I had expected, or prepared myself for!

Hello confidence...it's been a while; I've missed...

Hello confidence...it's been a while; I've missed you!!
Matthew Akers, M.D.

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can some one explain the sensation or feeling you experience in the second week after tt?it is the 11 day after for me and I have this feeling that things are moving and turning inside me and it is very ticklish inside they are not painful but spas feeling inside and i am sighing a lot and breathing a lot from my belly I am freaking out .I love my surgeon but I have to wait to see him tomorrow .And I have a urge to stretch my body so out of my control that i don't know if I have done it or caused any damage .Yes constipation is hellish and mind you I am so regular and I suffered for two days right when you come home start taking stole softeners they work the best .
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LOVE LOVE LOVE your post from today. I am excited to be reunited with my confidence!
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Your surgery sounds perfect!!! Lol not much pain at all!! I was in tears lol( but I'm not complaining) my pain tolerance Is low :) I'm happy now :) still awkward getting in car in bed and out. I wake up at night from the back pain I was a side sleeper so I'm surrounded by 5 pillows lol:)
Glad your doing awesome :)
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Luckily, I'm a back sleeper, so that was never an issue. I really feel blessed that this has been such an easy road for me! I am glad you are feeling better, and it only gets better and BETTER! Bring on summer!
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Yes bring it on!:) woohoo

I'm glad your confidence Is kicking in :) yay!!! Cheers to better and better days :)
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Thanks for posting Columbus 2941. Your posts were very encouraging. One week from today, I will be on the table!
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I'm glad I could be encouraging! I hope this week goes quickly for you, because I know how dreadful the anticipation is! I will be checking up on you!
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Thank you, I am soo ansty today!!!
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I went on March 15! We're close.
Are you still having lotsa swelling? I am, it's very frustrating!!
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My swelling isn't too bad. Or maybe it just doesn't bother me because I am just so happy with my new belly!
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Glad to hear all is going so well for you. Thanks for posting daily. My Tt/lipo is on Apr 11 and your posts are helping feel braver.
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your so lucky you seem to be doing good! You must be sooooo excited cuz you get to see your new tummy for the 1st time tomorrow :-) Keep well.
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Farz- I am super excited to see it tomorrow! Since I have no clue what it looks like it's been kind of hard to remember why I've been stuck in this recliner for 4 days...lol!

Thanks for the well wishes! Your day will be here before you know it!!
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So far I feel like I am doing pretty well with the healing, especially since I am noticing a significant difference since yesterday. My drains aren't nearly as full as I thought they would be each time I go potty.

Mybinder isn't too tight, and. I Android thinking maybe it should be more snug. But boy is it itchy!

My follow up is tomorrow at 1:00. What time is yours? I am hoping he tells me I can start walking more upright because that is the worst part.

I am still taking one vicodin every 5 hours, so I wont attempt to drive until I am off that. I could probably do fine without it, but since I have it, I will continue to spread them out and see how I do.

Was your surgery the 16th or the 17th? Time is flying for me, it
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My surgery was the 14th. Time is also flying by for me too. My appointment will be at 1 p.m. tomorrow. I have a lot of questions...lol. My drains are also not producing as much at this time. Tomorrow I am supposed to get one of the drains taken out. Guess the other one must stay another week. Not sure...

I have seen my tummy and I can't tell much of a difference yet. Although my compression garment seems to be a little looser now than a few days ago. It is easier to get into.

i am concerned with the way my inner thighs look. There is a large concaved area on both thighs where the fat was removed but there is a bubble at the top of my thigh where they went in with the liposuction instrument and it doesn't want to cooperate with my garment. It keeps coming out of it in the crotch area...strange. But they will let me know what the deal is tomorrow. I can't wait! Hopefully good news.

I am still struggling with walking. I can get to 95% upright position but I still feel that tightness around my incision and on the sides of my abdomen. The bruising from the lipo seems to be giving more problems than anything else though. I have more pain and discomfort and pain from it than I do the TT itself. Another question for tomorrow...:). I am going to try and take some more pics this evening to compare to the others. Hope it looks ok...lol.

Good luck tomorrow and post some pics for us to see...:).
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Lol...I know what you mean with the autocorrect...lol. I have that problem too with my phone. I was told by my doctor to shower everyday and change the bandages. The hardest part was getting back into my garment! The shower felt nice and I felt human again after I washed my hair...:). I have my follow up tomorrow afternoon to have one of my drains removed. I hope that I get good news from the doctor because I look horrible right now with all of the swelling and horrid bruising from the lipo. I have ordered an additional garment that doesn't go so high up on the rib cage. The one I currently have feels like it is keeping my diapragm from working properly...lol. So by the end of the end of the week I will have that. I need it for when i go back to work next monday. I hope I am ready. I sure am stoved up from the bruising. It gets a little easier each day but i have set backs as well. This morning I drove for the first time and it was hard. I could barely get out of my car...:(. I was hoping to be further along by now but i guess that is just my impatience getting the best of me...lol.

So how are things going with you and your healing process? How do you feel? Are you taking full doses of your pain meds? Still sleeping a lot? Speaking of sleeping, I am finding that I don't sleep nearly as much as I was at first. I am finding myself awake a lot and wanting to do stuff. Today I am trying to focus on getting the swelling in my feet to better levels. So I am doing a lot of reading and studying today...:).
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I totally agree that the anticipation is the worst part. Once it's done you have no choice to hang in and recover.
I haven't taken my binder off yet, so I am anxious to see what I look like. I can tell that I am more swollen today just by the way I feel. There is no way I would feel comfortable showering yet either. My mom is coming over soon to wash my hair in the sink for me Android pamper me a bit!
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Lol...Android. ..stupid auto correct. Supposed to be "and" pamper me a bit.
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Presriptions at walmart are $4.00 for generic and your insurance should cover it even though your deductible isn't met for office visits and such. I got my meds at walmart and the vicodin as well as the antibiotics were $4 each.
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My scripts totaled $268. All generics too. I was thinking they would be even worse!
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Congratulations on getting through the hardest part, the surgery! I think that before is more excruciating than after because you are so worried and stressed out before hand. Yes it hurts like an S.O.B. but once it is done, its done. Time to push forward and get the healing going...:). My doctor said I could shower on my third day and I did. I was definitely in a hurry to get back into my compression garment!...lol. I am so swollen I can't see the results as of yet. People who have viewd my pics say there is a difference but I just don't see it. But I am faced with all of the bruising and bending forward, so that makes it harder for me to see.

I am so happy for you and it will get better with each day. Yes, you will have bad days, like I did today. but for the most part it is smooth sailing as long as you don't start doing too much when you are feeling good...:) Keep us posted and we look forward to your before and after pics...:)
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Oh wow, your surgery is done . . yipee!!! take it easy and happy healing. post some pics when you are able!
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YAY!! im so happy for you =) my surgery is on monday....yikes!
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I juet realized that today is you day!!! Hopefully by now you are done and in recovery!
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My surgery is March 31st. I REALLY hope I a your type of recovery ! I too can't wait to get this done so I can stop thinking about it SOOOO much, even tho I'm scared out of my witts !
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