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Flatter Stomach Still Not Happy.

I had surgery the 1st.. wk. of Oct. 08.  The...

I had surgery the 1st.. wk. of Oct. 08.  The next morning I vomitted and had my tummy checked Dr. and assistant told me there were no problems.   A wk. later I return to dr. and tape on incision was removed and I was oosing above the pubic area which I know no is called an " inverted T " (small area and I am healing poorly) and told to apply antibaterial jel and keep the area moist.  10 wks. later I was told I might need a couple of stiches, but I have to wait a few more wks. for the area to dry,  this is  the skin of the old belly buttom . 

Also I had coughed a couple of times and it caused discomfort on my stomach and I touch and feel 2 lumps, below my breastline I have a sml. one and below that I have a bigger one about an inch in size right above the new belly button.  This is 12 wks. after surgery and I am still swollen and still cannot close the zipper on my pants.

Can someone tell me what these lumps might be and will they go away?

Updated on Nov 14, 2009
I had inverted T tummy tuck 13 months ago. Inverted T area started oozing and would not heal for a couple of months. I had some internal sutures removed and I still swell after I start walking. Dr. says I should have another tummytuck to fix problem (possibly torned muscles), Maybe due to vomiting a few days after TT.

No pros, all cons as above.I have been getting hot...

No pros, all cons as above.

I have been getting hot flashes for about 5 yrs. now. Is it true that hormonal changes make me a bad canidate for tummytuck? -- Updated on Nov 26, 2009: I need to redo TT due to swelling after 14 months, spitting out stickes as per dr. I am still going thru menopause with hot flashes, Is it safe to have TT while having hot flashes? -- Updated on Dec 5, 2009: 4months after TT, PS sent me to an MD.,F.A.C.S. and he removed a few stickes wkly (I was told I was spitting out stickes). I was supposed to feel better after, but I am not. It is 14months after and stomach is still swollen and gets worse after walking. Is it possible that after 2 days post TT I vomited and I could have ripped stiches or muscles? The stomach is very sensitive to touch? PS wants to redue TT. Thank you.
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Was not told about inverted T. and incision should have been looked at next day.

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for your bb I would NOT!!! as for the lipo of the stomach I would ask for a discount..with swelling and all that comes with this surgery it's hard to tell...
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I had a tt 5 months ago and just went in for my final follow up. My surgeon is telling me that I need lipo in my stomach. Why would I need that if he removed my extra fat? My stomach is not flat. He also says he needs to do something with my scar where my belly button was. It started oozing and he put on a round of antibiotics and told me it would be fine but its not. Should I have to pay for that?
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My PS did a lipo revision for the cost of equip/supplies - it was $100. I had this little puffy area at the top of my abdomen it was weird.. but now it's gone.
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sorry to hear your going through this but your not alone,i had my tt 8-17-08 and also feel what you feel.i have a big golf ball lump right over my belly button and it hurts to push down. iam embarresed to wear fitting clothes because my belly looks deformed.iam still using my garment to hide the lump.my ps is acting like its no big deal but i think it is.iam getting a second opinion on the 24th ill keep you posted,hope you feel better!
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Swelling is a very very common problem with this procedure. There are some women out there who are 5+ months post-op who are still experiencing swelling and pain. The vomiting was most likely due to the anaesthesia, as for the cough, I developed a cough right from day one post-op..that has not been fun, but your internal sutures still may not be dissolved and that what you may be feeling, I know I have that same feeling in the same spots you described.....for your swelling try this everyday take the juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon to 6-8 ozs of hot water sweeten with sugar or honey (nothing artifical and use fresh lemons only)there are many other health properties to using this lemon tea..I hope this helps and I am sorry that you are not happy with your results. I love my tt and would so it again in a heartbeat
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Thank you for your reply. I was worried about the lumps. I wanted to know if someone had the same problem. I will try the tea, again thank you.
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Its been almost 8 weeks since my tummy tuck. I was expecting to be better in 3 to 6 weeks. This is what was told to me by my doc. Now he tells me I will be swollen for 3 to 6 months it could even take up to a year. I am very upset with this whole procedure. I hate the giant scar! Most of all I think if I had just gotten lipo it would be same results. Hope we all get what we want and need out of this very painful surgery.
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Hi, it looks like we have the same problem, I am pleased with the fact that I have a flat belly now,and I'm not swollen at all, actually my pants are 3 sized smaller now, but my skin was very thin and also didn't heal very well, and I had to pass a correction surgery 4 weeks after the first operation. Do you have a photo to show how it looks now? you can see my photos and review a page back. I hope for both of us that eventualy we will be happy we did it, I think we need to give it more time. Good luck, and happy new year! Ariela.
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