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OK I guess its time to write about me! IVE BEEN...

OK I guess its time to write about me! IVE BEEN STALKING THIS SITE FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS...THANK GOD FOR ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL LADIES!!!!..Im 32 mother of 3..16, 15, and 11. I had my first baby young and gained a whopping 100 lbs, then 18 months later had my second! Ruined my body to say the least:(......Im looking to get a full tummy tuck and lipo of my whole body lol I CANT MAKE UP MY MIND ON A DOCTOR!! I HAD MY MIND MADE UP WITH DR J!!! but after reading all these wonderful stories, Im so confused. Now Im looking at DR YILY! Her website dont show to many before and afters. If any ladies had full tummy and lipo with Dr Yily, I would love and appreciate hearing from you!!!

I got my quote from YILY today yayyyy...Waiting on...

I got my quote from YILY today yayyyy...Waiting on Robles. I havent seen to TT from Yily but man Im loving the ones ive seen from Robles!!! Her incision lines are perfectly straght and thin!!! IM TERRIFIED OF WHAT MY SCAR WILL LOOK.THIS SIGHT IS MAKING ME STRAIGHT DAM CRAZY!! LOL One second i know whatv dr i want and the next im changing my mind!! Im loving all the stories, they are so helpful and informative. im thanking god for this sight. I will be uploading pictures today. Im sorry if anyone loses eye site after seeing my pics. lol they are horrible. This body needs some major TLC!!

Still waiting on quote from Dr Robles:( Im just a...

Still waiting on quote from Dr Robles:( Im just a lil impatient!.....Dr yilys office doesnt communicate very good! I have tons of questions i need answered asap. I WANNA SET A DATE ASAP. Never been on a plane, MORE NERVOUS ABOUT THAT THEN SURGERY. Where would i begin to find good priced flights???


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!! STILL WAITING for quote from Robles! Shes killing me! I was planning to get my surgery in Oct but Im thinking Feb or March! My support system is not the best. They dont understand why im going to DR for this. Ive spent my whole life putting everyone first now its time for me! I do feel I might be sending the wrong message to my daughters! I always tell them how beautiful they are and their perfect just the way they are. They both feel i shouldnt do this. I dont wanna tell them how i really feel about myself and how my body has held me back for years!! I dont want them to worry about me. Its depressing thinking about how ive let this stop me from livin:( I know having this surgery will change me for the better and stop me from hiding in my house bcuz i wont buy clothes. Shopping for clothes ends up with me crying in the fitting room. Im disgusted with what i see. IM so ready for this, i dont wanna wait. That means i would have to travel by myself! that makes me very nervous. I JUST WANNA START BUYING MY SUPPLIES I WILL NEED AND GET A DATE SET WITH WHATEVER DOCTOR I CHOOSE. I WANNA FEEL THIS IS REAL. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WITH THIS JOURNEY. IM SO GREATFUL FOR THIS SITE AND EVERYONES WILLINGNESS TO SHARE THEIR STORIES!!


TEAM ROBLES!! I GOT MY QUOTE YESTERDAY! I FEEL CONFIDENT IN MY DECISION. Laura is absolutely amazing! I could just kiss that women..lol The communication is awesome. I email or text and within an hr she responds. Anywho now what?? Figuring out a date that would be nice! LADIES IF YOU COULD PLEASE SEND ME LIST OF SUPPLIES I WOULD NEED FOR THIS TRIP, I WANNA START GETTING THAT ALL TOGETHER ASAP. Ive read so many reiews and forgot who had detailed lists. Now cant seem to find them. WHATS BEST SCAR CREAM, VITAMINS OR HERBALS FOR SWELLING--I THOUGHT I SEEN SOME CHINESE PILL OR SOMETHING THATS SUPPOSE TO BE GREAT FOR SWELLING!, ANYONE ELSE HEAR OF THIS?? Thank all of you for sharing your experiences, the good and bad! Its helped me with my journey so very much. Hope all are healing well! good luck to all of us!

Hey Ladiesss....its been awhile, computer was...

Hey Ladiesss....its been awhile, computer was down! Great news, Im so excited I dont have to wait to much longer. I WILL BE GOING TO DR ROBLES MARCH 12TH!!! and my bestfriend is going with me thank god!!! Trying to lose 30 pounds before then. Got a great diet plan from one of our fellow RS ladies S/O to JS. So far so good. Im a huge junk food eater, thats my weakness. I got this, i keep telling myself..lol Now preparing for this surgery and the fun begins. Have to finish shopping for all my supplies, get my kiddos situated for the days ill be gone and house organized!! Lots to do. Ladies do you think its best i get a recliner??? help help help-!

Hey ladies, hope everyone is doing well! Im still...

hey ladies, hope everyone is doing well! Im still getting all my things together. Where should i get my vitamedica for the best price??? Buying flight today!!! whoooooooo

HEY ladies, its been awhile since i updated. Its...

HEY ladies, its been awhile since i updated. Its been a rough couple weeks. I lost one of my very best friends to a brutal act of violence:(.. Went for my blood work and medical clearance last thursday and ekg came bacl abnormal and so did my eco! my stress levels are at their max. I go for a stress test this thursday and if it is bad, surgery will be canceled and off to a cardio dr!. Trying to keep my diet under control. Im an emotional eater so this is very hard! I guess thats it for now. Praying for a normal stress test. good luck to all the ladies on their way and happy healing to all that are already there:)

Hey ladies, So went to cardiologist friday, they...

Hey ladies, So went to cardiologist friday, they did another EKG and it was not good either:( Thank god My BFF works at my DRS office so they put a rush on this! Ive been a nervous wreck. Eating like a cow!!! I go tomorrow to have the cath done to see if i have a blockage or my right side of my heart is weak. Im praying i dont have a blockage, Im to young for all that but i wouldnt be surprised with the stress! Tomorrow i will know the final outcome. Tummy tuck or not! Right now im just worried about my health and being on this earth for my babies! Thats it for now. Happy Healing Ladies. Ill update tomorrow!

Good morning ladies! Good news, i have no...

Good morning ladies! Good news, i have no blockages!! Thank god! Dr said i have to lose weight and eat healthy! I will do that. So all is good he cleared for surgery! Im on my way. Now that i can relax my nerves about my heart, im super stoked about this surgery! I cant believe its really gonna happen! MY DREAM IS COMING TRUEEEE!! I cant wait to get my life back:) It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. For the last 17 yrs ive missed out on so much because of my insecurities. Im so ready. Thank you all for the prayers! The count down begins:) GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US BEAUTIFUL LADIES!

Happy Sunday:) Im almost all packed..just have to...

Happy Sunday:) Im almost all packed..just have to pick up some arnica gel and arnica pills and im all set. Im so anxious its killing me! My daughter said to me today" mom you shouldnt get this done, you should love yourself just the way you are"! "THE WAY GOD MADE YOU" I wanted to cry:( I told her baby god didnt make me this way mom did this to herself because she didnt take care of herself when she was pregnant with you lovely babies of mine! Still made me question myself...i feel guilty for spending money on myself till point of sickness. I just know i will be such a happier and fun person, mommy and friend! God has me wrapped in his arms and i will be fine. I pray for all of us on a daily:) GDNT

Hey ladies.....Im packed and ready to go. I have...

Hey ladies.....Im packed and ready to go. I have to work tomorrow:( should of took the dam day off!! Im so ready to jump on board. I wont be sleeping at all. lol Im praying my anxiety dony kick in full gear when i see that dam plane!! Ill be praying the whole time. My bff is going to leave my ass, Ima be on her lap!! I will try my best to update lots. Happy healing to all and best wishes to the soon to be:) O i have to add that i just cant wait to meet Laura, she has been wonderful!! Im hoping im staying at Virginas RH or we might have some problems....we shall see.

I dont even have words right now! Other than some...

I dont even have words right now! Other than some people better be glad i dont speak spanish!!! Im starving so we finally get to eat after waiting for hours. Ill update later!

HEY LADIES, im on the flat side...its been a rough...

HEY LADIES, im on the flat side...its been a rough ride, to the point i just wanted to get back on the plane and go home! Hours and hours to wait, dont know what your doing or where your going. This is very unorganized and unprofessional! I was told to be at the office at 630 for surgery that i was the first one to go in...nope i was the second and didnt go in til 6pm and got out around 1130pm! I lost lots of blood, was very sick couldnt keep nothing down. Yea its been pretty ugly. Im not sure if it was worth all the hassle or if id rather stayed in my home state and had it done. The pain is no joke. I thought i was a big girl until i experienced this pain! lol

Hey ladies, sorry i havent updated at all really!!...

hey ladies, sorry i havent updated at all really!! I must say this experience is kicking my butt! Im in so much pain, mostly my back from the lipo:( Its starting to scare me how much im hunched over, i try to stand up and literally feels like im ripping my tt open and mucsles in my back. Dr Robles said she did way to much lipo on me so thats why im hurting so much. Um not good i go back to work on April 9Th i have to be ready!!! I will post pictures of my new tummy soon. I do love my results this far! Im wondering if i should purchase a smaller garment even though i can barely get this one on. My legs, feet amd arms are so swollen its scary! Im just an emotional mess right now. I know it will pass. Just didnt think it would kick my butt the way it has. lol Hppy healing to all of you and good luck to the ones that are on their way:)

Todays a new day! Yesterday was rough. Had a break...

Todays a new day! Yesterday was rough. Had a break down. Thank god for my daughters and friends!!! Im gonna stay positive!! Its hard sometimes but im gonna try my best. As much reading up and research i did before this surgery i knew what to expect. I read many times you have to really be prepared, mentally, physically and emotionally!! Boy isnt that the truth!! I so thought i was prepared, fooled the hell out of me. With every passing day its only gonna get better and easier!! Thank you to all you ladies that have helped me along the way. I couldnt of done it without yall. Well im going to try and tackle this house of mine. My daughter did so much running around for me yesterday, bless her heart. Im gonna try to let her rest today after school. SO lets try this house cleaning thing. lol Using the bathroom is a job in itsself these days. LMAO TTYL

Its going! Getting better by the day i guess you...

Its going! Getting better by the day i guess you can say!! lol My bed wasnt cutting it so i rented a recliner. Didnt help:( so ill just deal with it. Still hunched over, my back well its lil pain more uncomfortable then anything. Once i can walk, sit and move around better ill be one happy girl!! Wont we all. Still have my drain, gonna take it out sunday. Hopefully that will go smoothly!!! Had my first massage today, no pain it actually didnt feel like she was even touching me. Dont know if thats normal. Didnt feel any different after! Go for my second on thursday. Hopefully i will feel better after that one. Im praying i feel so much better by the 9TH work time it is!!!! Hope everyone is healing good! ttyl

Today is one of those "Why did i do this...

Today is one of those "Why did i do this moments"!! I just wanna cry. Took drain out yesterday. Was barely draining for days! Woke up today feeling like i shattered glass through out my back and armpits! Havent felt that pain in days. Didnt sleep that well, was woke up with pain at 3am! Im praying i have a huge turn around this week. Go back to work Tuesday, if i feel like this there is noway i could return in this condition! Anywho drain came out pretty easy, no pain. Could stand a bit straighter for some time and then right back to the ole granny style...lol My lower tummy is very swollen, wondering should i buy a binder to put over my CG. Maybe its not tight enough in that area. Feels loose. Im going to get some rest maybe ill feel better after! HAPPY HEALING TO ALL!!!

Today is going to be a good day!!! Woke up feeling...

Today is going to be a good day!!! Woke up feeling pretty good:) cleaned up around the house and didn't run out of breath!! Woot woot lol standing a lil straighter. It only last for a short time:( my back and sides still gave that tight feeling. I'm hoping i didn't take out drain to early and don't end up with seroma, even tho i was barely draining for like 3 days. I guess well see. Swelling in my legs, feet, arms and hands has pretty much went away. My belly is still swollen. Still haven't ordered smaller garment, doing that this week. Going to clean all my boo boos and will post pic of my incision. wait to take a shower. God do i feel yucky and you can smell me fir miles

Hey ladies...i made to 3wks!!! An i thought i was...

Hey ladies...i made to 3wks!!! An i thought i was gonna die..lol had my second massage today, feel good. I was hoping so, first one didn't really feel any different. Its officially shower time!! O how i miss thee. Went to my family Dr today he checked everything out and said i look great. Just have a yeast infection between my vajj and my leg, hmm never knew that happened. Lol How the world am i gonna keep it dry if i have to put cream there. I guess I'll work magic. Almost standing straight up, can't wait for that! Back and sides are still hard, numb tender. Hopefully with more massages that will keep getting better. My recliner goes bye bye in 2 days, i think ill be good. So back to my bed. I'm gonna try done stretches

41po and i feel great. I never thought id make it...

41po and i feel great. I never thought id make it lol but it was all worth it! WEnt back to work on March 15, it was actually a breeze. Im on my feet all day. Thought id have a hard time but no problems. I started standing completely straight a week ago. Still have some soreness in lipo areas. Sleeping is probably the biggest issue only because it hurts to move from nside to side. Once im up im good to go! Ive been using the scar away strips for a couple days, seeing a little change. Hopefully it works wonders but if my scar stays the same as now id be happy:) Im down something like 40 pounds woot woot. I dont know its leaving from but hey im loving it! Still in these garments, picked up a couple from walmart which are amazing and comfortable! I switch between those and the killer umcomfortable ones. I still think i need something tighter on my tummy. Going walmarting to find something to double up. My lower tummy and pubic areas are still swollen. Happy Healing to all you ladies! If your just starting your journey dont hesitate. Its the best thing ive ever done for myself:) Its tough but worth it!!!
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Looks like your Dr. did your belly button the way mine was done which will make your tummy look more natural than having the scar around the belly button also. It was something I really never thought of until after my TT was done, but was so happy it was done that way! You look sensational and will only continue to improve over the entire first year. Congrats!
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Thank you Cleveland! The bb was a big deal to me because i see so many that don't look normal. I love the way she does hers:) You look amazing! Your scar faded so much.
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It surprises me that they don't all do them the way ours were done! My Dr. told me on a follow up that is a tell-tale sign of a TT, but doing it his way unless you see the hip-to-hip scar you wouldn't know since the belly button looks so natural. I have worn a two piece and no one would ever know I had it done. I never told anyone either, except my husband. It is a very private thing for me and at times I questioned why I ever did it, but once you heal it is the best thing you could ever do for yourself!
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Your looking fantastic and congrats on the weight loss!! Happy healing.
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Thank you!
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You look fantastic! I'm so happy for you! The sleeping will get easier. I'm just over 3 months and I find I can toss and turn all I want. I'm still aware of the incision line and my MR, but I still roll around and there is no more pulling. I love your results! Stay positive and enjoy!!!! Happy Healing to you!
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Thank you! I'm getting there:)
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You look amazing , congrats... Your story def motivates me , I plan to go in Jan 2014....
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Thanks so much! You won't be sorry! Its rough recovery but so worth it:)
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How's it going? Did you get a scar treatment? I'm using scar-away silicone strips now.
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Hey, i'm doing good. How are you? Just got the scar away. My scar is very hard hopefully that goes away! Ive been busy, haven't had the chance to update and load all these pics. Well do this weekend.
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Hang in there and congrats!!! You made it over to the flat side!!!! Cannot wait to see our progress pictures!!!! Happy healing!
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Thank you, i'm trying to enjoy this ride with the upmost patients!!!!
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Great job lady! Can't wait to see the pictures. I know you haven't put up many pictures but I hope you are taking them for yourself. It really helps to see the progress
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Thank you! having trouble uploading! I'm working on it....
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Congrats on the weight loss..Ive lost 10 lbs so far and its a great feeling..happy healing
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Thank you, same to you!!
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Hope you feel much better soon!!!
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Thank you, me too! lol Good luck on your journey!
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Did you have a bbl?
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No, tt and lipo of my whole back and sides. I actually was blessed with the backside, hopefully it will look good again now that all the fat is gone around it!! lol or i dont lose it when i starting working out again!
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Girl NewSelf 2013 already had MAJOR DONK
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Lol..hopefully its still here when all this swelling goes down!
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Thank you so much!
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