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Tummy Tuck Gave Me my Body Back

I am so thankful I decided to have my tummy tuck...

I am so thankful I decided to have my tummy tuck after having 2 children 18 months apart.  Now the youngest is 5.  I spent over a year working out with a personal trainer and lost inches off of my thighs and hips, but still my stomach never budged after instense work outs. 

I finally went for a consult with a plastic surgeon in Orlando, FL.  He recommended a full tummy tuck with lipo on my love handles.  I am now 6 weeks post-op and very pleased with the results.  I was in very good shape and have been on Juice Plus vitamins for 6 months prior to my surgery.  Fortunately I also have a high pain tolerance, so I would describe it as "uncomfortable". 

As long as you keep up with your pain meds for at least the first week and don't fall behind in taking it you should be fine.  I weaned myself off Vicodin after the first week and a half and started taking Tylenol.  You really need someone to take care of you for the first week, you do not realize how much you use your abs until you've had them stitched back together.  Just lifting your legs hurts and sneezing is the worst.  

Also, see if your Dr. can prescribe Phenagran or some type of anti-nausea meds that you have with you after your surgery.  I was very nausiated from the anitesia and threw up, that was the most pain I have ever felt -- to me worse than childbirth.  Luckily I had the meds so started taking it immediately. 

Also, I had the typical regrets and depression immediately after the surgery due to the pain, the drains, and the scarring.  But now 6 weeks later, I am happy as a clam and already shopping for new bikinis!.


My swelling was bad to me, uncomfortable, but I did buy a compression garment online (rather than the binder they give you) and that helped tremendously. I don't think anyone noticed the swelling but me. It was mainly in my upper abdominal area. I'm 5 months post-op and have been doing great until recently, was feeling so good started working out harder and went out dancing with the girls, I think I pulled some stitches or something and my swelling is back! I need to go back and see him for a followup. I still have numbness around my bellybutton --probably a full circle 4 inches around is all still numb. It seems to be going away though because it used to be my whole belly was numb. I think the hardest part in the long run was the lipo. Still very sensitive on my sides. Good luck! It's a long healing process. Don't go wild like I did thinking I was completly healed. The begining is very tough so be prepared and have someone look after you and/or your kids (assuming u have some) :-)
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Thanks alot, this information is really hepful to me. I will look for a compression garment, thanks so much. Good luck with your healing hope your swelling goes down and it will.
Hey Im having my sx with dr chois also on june 25 you look great. how was your swelling, when did you stand stright up and do you have numbness. thanks
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Dr. Chois

He spends as much time as you need in your consultation -- I had many questions and he answered all of them. I brought in bikin pictures of me from 20 years ago and he guaranteed he could make my stomach the same again, if not better. I didn't believe him, but he delivered on his guarantee! Just look at the pictures. He was also highly recommended by several other doctors I know. His office staff is a little flaky and you have to wait a long time to see him (because he spends so much time on each consult) but he is well worth the wait!

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