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I wanted to get the surgery because all of my life...

I wanted to get the surgery because all of my life I wanted a flat stomach and never had one. It was always the thing about my body I hated the most. Then I gained a bunch of weight after I got married. The first picture you'll see is my "before" picture...I had gone up to 203 pounds. In January 2009, I started a strict diet and exercise program. 1200 calories a day along with Gilad's Quick Fit System and an hour in the gym each day. It took me 10 months to get down to 123 pounds yet I still had that fat tummy. I went in for a consultation to inquire about the tummy tuck in Jan or Feb 2010. The doctor wanted to make sure I had kept off the weight for at least 6 months and that I wasn't going to have any children, which I'm not. He told me I'd gone as far as I could go with the dieting and the only way I'd ever get that flat stomach was to have the tummy tuck. The recovery was hard. I couldn't stand up straight for a couple of weeks and that created pain in my back. I couldn't lay flat either so the first few weeks were spent sleeping upright in my recliner. Until the drainage tubes came out, I had to have my husband shower with me so he could hold onto the drains while I washed my hair. It was also horribly uncomfortable having that elastic garment on for 24/7 for 6 weeks but I did I to make sure I achieved my desired results. Just like my doctor predicted, I said to myself "why in the world did I do this?" Four months later I DEFINITELY know that answer....because the pain is gone and I look AMAZING! I'm 37 years old and look better than some teenagers! I finally can wear a bikini like I've always wanted to!!

Wow beautiful job with your overall weight loss and beautiful tummy with no scar showing! Can I ask you something? I have asked several women this with no reply. What is the vertical scar coming down from your bellybutton? I don't see it in your before pic, so I am guessing it's not from a previous surgery / c-section etc, (I know some women get a vertical c-section scar that heals like a butt in front) I don't see a vertical scar on you in the after pics…so I am guessing it is from this TT. Is that typical in tummy tucks? Although by your last "after" pics I no longer see a vertical scar on you... I am so afraid of a vertical scar like that because I may not heal as well as that. Can you explain why you had a vehicle incision, and does Dr Soto do that in all cases?
I had to go back and look at the photos to figure out what you were talking about. LOL The "vertical scar" is just the incision from the new belly button. When they pulled the skin tight, mine had to be "cut off" so they had to construct a new one. There is no scar there now, which is why I was confused by your question. I hadn't even noticed that it was there. The horizontal scar was low enough to be hidden by the bikini bottoms but it too is practically invisible four years later. I'm still very happy with the work and it looks just as good as it did after it first healed.
Thank you so much for your reply! Thinking about Dr Soto for TT and maybe Breast lift! :-D Thank you for the update too about the 4 years later!!! I love your hair too! :-D
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Dr. S is EXCELLENT. He is such a gifted surgeon that takes the time to make sure you look sculpted and beautiful. He listens to you and takes all the time you need to make sure your questions are all answered. His staff is friendly and helpful. I felt very comfortable there. I HIGHLY recommend him!!!!

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