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Revision in 5wks.... Super excited more to come:)

I am 35, had my first child when I was 19, gained...

I am 35, had my first child when I was 19, gained about 60 pds,lost most of the weight but because I blew up ( started at 110) I had pancake flat boob, and a flabby belly, had my second child 6 yrs later via c-section and lost most of the weight, 3rd child 3 yrs after and thats when I started gaining. I had went to a ps once before but got a bad vibe from him, and decided to hold off, praying though exercise and diet I could rid my self of this sexy belly..lol it did not work. Decided that this was the year to do it, found a great ps , went for a consult just this past monday, and am booked for aug 3rd at 8 am! I can hardly wait, I can not stop looking at before and after photos, and reading what to expect during and after. I mostly can not wait to have self-cofidence back and be proud of my body, ok and to wear a tank top with no bra, oohhh and to wear a bikini instead of those god awful skorts with a long tank!

I forgot to add, I am 5'2 and currently weigh...

I forgot to add, I am 5'2 and currently weigh 137, hoping to drop some pds by aug 3.I am getting a full TT, Breast Augmentation and lift, I am also getting lipo around my back flanks to. I currently wear a 36 c, I am getting 200cc put in!

I can hardly wait.. Aug can not come fast enough,...

I can hardly wait.. Aug can not come fast enough, Its like all of a sudden my belly has increased by a million, hurry up August! and know I am thinking of increasing my breast implants from 200 cc to 225, but worried.

Counting down the days is painful.lol I just want...

Counting down the days is painful.lol I just want to be healing already.. 29 days!

22 days to go! I added a countdown to my iPad ,...

22 days to go! I added a countdown to my iPad , and I had the option to put a song on so I added.. I got it from my momma,lol! Makes me chuckle each time I open my countdown calendar. I can hardly wait... I go for my pre-op on July 19, and pay my remaining balance, then I will go shop for items needed.... Hoping these 22 days fly by.....

19 more day! Woot woot!

19 more day! Woot woot!

Today is my pre-op at 11:30... I am trying to make...

Today is my pre-op at 11:30... I am trying to make a list of questions... ugh. and uploading photos on my ipad to show my ps what i hope to look like after... my wonderful hubby wrote out that huge check today... and will meet me later this am... time is flying.. I have been only thinking postive thoughts, I will be fine , I will heal wonderfully! the power of postive is what I am all about!!!

Curious what is the model number of spanx do you ladies like?

13 days to go, this is so exciting, I am trying...

13 days to go, this is so exciting, I am trying not to freak out about the what IRS cuz I know I will be fine, I just have to read about how this is elective and since I am in healthy all will be ok, which I know it will;). I have sisters bacherlotte party next wkend and that should be fun, I have not told her about the tt, ba, and lipo, only cuz I do not want to add to her wedding planning stress, so I just told her I was detoxifying to loose weight for her wedding and would not be drinking.. I will be the driver, and be the one whongets up early to workout.. We r going to Chicago so that should be fun! My mom will be here on Monday to help get ready for the 3rd , my friends are coming to help cook some meals and freeze, i feel blessed to have such a good pre and post support group!

Getting a wee bit nervous about next wednesday, am...

Getting a wee bit nervous about next wednesday, am I making the right choice, what if something happens, but I keep telling myself I will be fine, I am healthy, and I will heal like a champ!!!! My mom arrives tonight, which will be a big help, as I have nothing prepared, her and a couple of friends are going to help make some meals to frezze for when its just my dh taking care of me, so that will be nice :) I need to order some vits, and garments, and everything else under the sun, we are going to be so broke after this..lol ( not really)but it feels like it! am I being selfish?? I mean we do have three very active children , and school is about to start and yada yada, i play these mind games with myself.. but I am doing this for me, just one little thing, I promise to still give my husband and my kids all I can, I heart them! Anywho, I am kinda worried I will not be healed in time for my sisters wedding in Sept, but its mid sept, so I am hoping I will be, as I am in the wedding. This wkend I am headed to Chicago for a bachlerotte party, so time is flying, quickly... I wish I was healing already! ugh..anyways I am off to run, I have dropped my weight by a whole freaking 2 pds...lol but hey I will take all I can get!

Am I insane for being completely pissed my husband...

am I insane for being completely pissed my husband will spend 17,000 thousand dollars for my surgury but then be a cheap ass when it comes to my items for recovery! ugh... annoyed :(

In Chicago hanging with my sisters, omygosh in a...

In Chicago hanging with my sisters, omygosh in a few days this gut will be gone.. not really scared, as I know I will be fine.. just ready to start healing... on super funny note, On the way to Chicago I stopped at the lions den to buy my sister funny bacherlotte toys, so fun! anywho..

So I can not go to sleep, and I am exhausted so...

So I can not go to sleep, and I am exhausted so here I sit, pondering on this tummy tuck, lipo boob job... lift..lol I feel like I am repeating myself when I type or talk for the past few wks, and its rather annoying.. so I pray my TT and stuff comes out wonderfully and I heal like a champ, and yada yada... lol ok my rambling will continue tomorrow on the eve of the removal of my blob and lift of my boobage! hehe

One more day..... I got this... Oohh and why dies...

One more day..... I got this... Oohh and why dies my profile say dec 1969? Is there a website glitch.

Day 3 post op. well I made it, got the ps office...

Day 3 post op. well I made it, got the ps office at 7am on Wednesday, got drawn on, took a preggo test, and then had the iv put in, I got queasy , they finally got. The iv in, my husband had to leave, I was walked tom the or room, where I was washed, and then I remember laying on the table, next thing in was awake, and apparently asking for my husband,lol! I am not sure how long I was in recovery, I remember the ride home and walking in my house thank gosh for wood floors inwas dripping blood from the lipo, scared my mom, pretty much slept the day away, peeked at my boobs they r like rock stars , with more rock,,lol. Went to ps yesterday he said all looked well, got to see my belly and boobs holy batman I am so flat , but am worried about some lumps, hopefully that will go away, my husband has been really great he has to roller pin my lipo sites, which is painful, ,I am feeling better it just really hurts my butt sitting for long, going to do a few laps around my house today..

When will my boobs feel like boobs..lol I have...

When will my boobs feel like boobs..lol I have silcone.

5 days post -op- sorry no pics yet, I feel like I...

5 days post -op- sorry no pics yet, I feel like I have nothing to show....I will try again to take decent pics today. I showered this am with my dh cuz I can not shower alone, he washed my hair and it was heavenly, my teenage dd is going to flat iron it for me...lol. I went to see mt ps, well his nurse cuz my belly looks deformed, she assured me it was normal due to the muscle repair and lipo I had.. I feel better but wish i was done healing..lol I am koving around better, we r planning on going to my inlaws tonight so I can wok outside, I am so excitied, I feel trapped in my house. I am also not tking as many pain killers , so I guess my motto is slow and steady... Tks for all the advice and get better wishes, I love this website , so supportive..

Ok Post-op day 9, I stink and have not taken belly...

Ok Post-op day 9, I stink and have not taken belly photos, cuz really my belly is a hot swollen mess... and I am trying not to be a big baby, but really would like the swelling to go down. I feel good, have only taking one mortin this am around 8 am . I am however bored out of my mind.. i am wearing pj gowns and this drain I do not get out till Monday the 15, so its not like I can go anywhere, I have painted my nails, did my makeup, slept untill I am pretty sure I have caught up on my sleep for the next 3 yrs..lol and last night I walked around my blk at midnight just to be outside it was magical btw...lol... I am wondering how women go back to work at 2 weeks if they had ab repair and lipo, because my stomach had both and there is no way I would be ready at 2 wks.. but I guess if you have to, then you do... my lipo on my flanks is reducing, thank heavens, because I had small hips before and liked them alot..anyway my whining is over, I shall take post -op pics of my breast and post.

8 days post op- well.. what a fun journey this is...

8 days post op- well.. what a fun journey this is becoming, I read so much , and about other peoples stories, I thought I was prepared, I was so not ..lol I forgot that each body is different and just because most of you look like rockstars after , does not mean I will. I am a swollen mess, however I think finally my swollen tummy is evening out, so instead of just a crazy right swell , its on the left...lol I look a few months preggo, which is cool ( but not so much) I am off pain meds, only taking Vicaden at night to help sleep, I found I can not get my body to relax without it.. but yesterday I only took 2 mortins, so I feel good about my pain. I really want this drain gone, if I could whine anymore about it I would, but it would still be there, so I shall stop being a baby, and suck it up, it is coming out on monday. My boobs are falling into place nicely, I have had no pain at all with those. I actually am happy with the size I choose, I joked with my hubby that in 5 yrs i will go bigger, he just rolled his eyes. I am prob a full 36c right know, as before i was a deflated no volume 36c..lol my sisters are up and ready to be shared with the world... well ya know what i mean. I am going stir crazy sitting at home, tonight my hubby is taking me out to walmart..lol to find some clothes to hide the drain, I wanted to go to fun store, but i prob will toss these clothes once the swell is gone and the drain has been burned.. anywho.. I am off to go watch tv, since I am a pro at sitting on my butt and watching tv these days..

I clearly can not count my post-op days..lol

I clearly can not count my post-op days..lol

So I had a glass and a half of wine, holy cow .. I...

So I had a glass and a half of wine, holy cow .. I was woozy, mind you it took me a hr and half to finish that... I am feeling almost normal, I have driven and today I am going to a soccer tourney, I just wish I was without drains, and I am wearing this huge binder, can not wait for my stage 2 garmet.. it will be smooth and hiden as oppossed to bulky and beasty... lol my belly was soo hard yesterday, I plan the wine, and I walked around my subdivision and tlked to friends, I finally had to tell a neighboor , what I had done, her kids play with mine, and she was so curious as to why I was so down and out, I have decided to just go with the truth, with lying it just gets deeper, so I told her muscle repair..lol I feel that is a more tech term, my muscles were in repair after childbearing.. thats my plan today for other parents I may have to tell at soccer, but some are drs and nurses and they will know , but so what.. I am not ashamed.. On Monday I go in to get my drain out, and if you look at my pics I have up , that white tape on my belly, and what scares me the most is that white tape, esp near my pubic area, because even with the full wax 2 wks ago I have fine hairs growing in, and tape and hair can not be a good or pleasent thing.. my stomach is slowly becoming less numb, as is my back. I have a question. The night before I took only 1 motrin before I went to bed, woke up with painful back pain, so last night I took 2 vicadens, and woke up feeling fine, not 100 percent fine but pretty ok, my question is- how long did you all stop taking vicaden for back pain at night, or did you double up on the mortin, or will I feel better once this drain is out, and I have more movement? I was trying to go off the strong stuff, but could not bare another night of waking up feeling like I had been beat up. anyways.. my posts are long and I ramble.. hope you all have a great weekend! happy healing :)

OOOHHHH and my boobs are shrinking..lol to the same size as pre-surgery just with fullness and firmness, sometimes I just look at them, and thank my ps! LOL

I hope to stop whining soon, but I saw my super...

I hope to stop whining soon, but I saw my super flat belly on day one, and know I look pregnant..I wanna cry...

Well.. my drain came out today! and all I can say...

Well.. my drain came out today! and all I can say is praise the lord! LOL I went in super nervous that it would hurt, asked the nurse and she said well it can sting alot.. I was like ok I can do this.. she said take a deep breath, and bam it was gone, no pain, nothing..she so tricked me.. my belly is still swollen and is not pretty , I am trying to have patience but its hard when I see others with flat bellies right away and mine is a hot lumpy mess, I feel like why did i do this to myself, sure I am thinner but I want a tight firm belly, not a lumpy swollen, odd skin looking like belly, and why the heck would i pay that much money to look like a freak! LOL my boobs look good.. and I have to admit I wish I went to 300cc, but I think once my tummy is flat it will be ok..my boobs are wear they were before kids.. perky and full and a large b or small c.. so I will stop complaining about those, the swollen nasty stomach I pray goes away.. anywho.. I will say all good things about my stage 2 garment, I got it from lipo in a box, its a full bodysuit no underwire and its amazing, lots of support but very very comfty!

I cry at everything.. I am so not a teary girl.....

I cry at everything.. I am so not a teary girl.. but I just cry.. I do know why, I am in the card section, I cry, my husband is talking I cry, the radio station is on I cry..I look at my kids and cry, can this pls stop.. not only am I bloated, I am a mess.... god give me strength :)

Post Title! I love my boobs! LOL no really I do.....

Post Title! I love my boobs! LOL no really I do.. I feel so pretty with boobs, that are
1. Perky
2. Lifted to the correct spot
3. Not sagging
4. Round
5. because there mine! LOL

I went out with some girlfriends last night, and I have nothing to wear because my lower half is swelled like no tomorrow, so I had to wear a knit short blk skirt and I found a super cute tank top I have had, and last time I wore it, it was not pretty, my boobs were a hot mess.. well I wore it last night with no bra.. and I could of cried. its so silly how having perky firm boobs changes how you just feel presenting yourself to the world.. I did not even get bigger implants, just a slight fullness ( 200cc) and bam my sista's are back, better then before, know only if this tummy would de-swell! Hopefully I will have time to take photos to update my pics. Time really flys..

Just a quick update.. its been a hot minute.. I...

Just a quick update.. its been a hot minute.. I just started working out this past week, at the gym that is, I had been wlking with friends.. but I feel great. My boobs are healing nicley, now if my tummy would just get flat and not all swelled like a balloon... I am down 9 lbs which makes me giddy... goal weight for Jan/feb next yr is 115... other then that not much to update i will put some photos on later.

Well... I am almost 6 wks post op.. in a much...

Well... I am almost 6 wks post op.. in a much better place then even a wk ago.. swelling is going down.. my waist is shrinking, I am about 70 percent happy, I am thankful my ps is willing to do a revision.. I will post photos later, i have been so busy with my kids going back to school... I think I just needed a higher cut to take away some crazy lines. but I will only think positive! :) I hope all my August tummy tuckers are doing awesome and enjoying buying some sexy fall clothes :) xoxo

Well.. A few wks back I was having not flat belly...

Well.. A few wks back I was having not flat belly blues I am happy to report today I saw my ps, and he says things look great, I may need a slight revision just to tighten the skin but I think it will all wrk out, I got to go to start p90 again and insanity so this makes me happy, I feel like my ass and thighs r huge ..lol I will post some pics soon, just enjoying my results , and can not wait for the final revision if needed, but feel 10000000 better after speaking with my ps, am so happy I choose him, he really cars about his patients and wants the best results possible.. I hope all my aug tt are doing well...



Well.. Time has been flying.. I am doing great,...

Well.. Time has been flying.. I am doing great, been working out. Doing p90x and insanity, plus running... My tummy is getting flatter , in still feel it needs to be revised a bit, higher cut, which I hope to tlk with ps later this wk, my boobs are great, one seems to have dropped a little more then the other, but that may just be how it is going to be..lol I will post photos later today.. I hope all my August ( well and everyone else to) are doing awesome. Happy Halloween!

It's been so long since I posted photos-can...

It's been so long since I posted photos-can someone pls help me -I do not see a add photo button
Name not provided

I loved the office support,and staff, my PS. was/is a very kind I feel, I only gave three stars because I am not fully healed.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Holy Cow its almost been a yr! I am loving loving loving my new body! my tummy is still super flat, and oooh my boobies how I love them.. my revison seemed to smooth everything out :) hope you all are well.. and enjoyed bikni season :)
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Go to update profile and scroll down and you can add photos but has to be on laptop or computer
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Good luck to you! I am having a revision on the 16th. I have mixed feelings about it but I too just want to get it over with! Hope your recovery is quick and easy!
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My old belly button, and some more lipo and my side flanks :) I will have to post updated photos... I just want to get it over with already, hoping it will be a quicker recovery , we shall see.
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Hey ! So we will be recovering together ! What exactly are you having revised ?
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Hey just saw you are getting a reversion... I'm so upset my tummy is almost 100% back, spent nearly $12,000! my dr keeps saying wait but the more I wait the worse it gets.... Not sure why I'm the exact same wight as when I had the surgery aug 30th. I'm so disappointed, is your dr charging you? You do look great!
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Thanks, I love my results just basically tweaking it so they look better, like I should of had a longer cut, fully around my waist,and my old belly button should be farther down, and I have odd gathering of fat near my old belly button...lol he is not charging me for my revision, I did add on so I could get my side flanks tucked that was 1400 but it will elimate side fat forever so its worth it to me:) I will have to take some updated photos, I love how I look with clothes not so much in a bikini or naked so hoping with revision it will look 100000 percent better:) I am sorry you are unhappy with your results:(
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I'm in MI too, can I ask who your doctor is?
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Soccermomma, you are looking great! I am jealous you have perky "girls." I know what you mean when you say, you feel 1000000xxxx better, I feel the same way and I did not get the lift (although I am kinda bummed I decided against at). BTW, liked your new Title!
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Hey Anmarie,
I think I need a higher cut, to pull the skin more taunt, and I have this odd s formation i guess I will call it when I look down on my belly and I have extra skin on the right side .. I am just taking it wk by wk, I go back in to see my ps in 6 wks.. so we shall see :)
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hi soccermama, you look amazing, and I honestly mean that. I can't see any overhang at all. When you say you're having revision, what does this involve x
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Well I did go into speak with my PS, he is a really nice man, and yes he is board certified, has all wonderful accerdations.. I prob will get a revision in a few months, I plan to work out loose some more weight and hope for the best. My ps understood my concerns and I as if he will correct my issues :) second times the charm right?
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i think i'm gonna need revision as well soccermama, so you're not alone. I've got a bulge above my left hip and I've got a definite pouch above my incision. I am however hoping that this is just swelling though but in reality i'm sure it isn't, so i'm kind of preparing myself for it. I remember seeing a completely flat tummy on day 1 as well but that was the only day it was flat. This is the same as my hips, they were great for a few weeks but now one has developed this bulge. (this is how is used to be before my lipo). I'm learing to have patience though so I'm just dealing with it as best I can. at the end of the day my ps already performed a miracle with the result's he's given me so I maybe I was just expecting the impossible. Just give it time hun and hopefully it will all work out xx
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Thank you all so much for your kind words, this tummy tuck recovery is tough, I kinda was just hoping to be one of those women who bam has a super flat cute belly, but apparently it does not work like that... I have to be patient and not freak out .. ( which at this time is very hard for me to do) My belly must of read my cry baby posts cuz its deflating a bit more.. maybe I just need to step up on water.
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Hi Soccermama, please try not to worry and get stressed about your tummy, it is really early days yet and things can change from day to day and week to week. I'm nearly six weeks post op now and only just beginning to feel better. Still get very swollen just above my incision and it looks quite puckered like yours at the moment. I also have a ridge of hard tight scar tissue above my incision which seems to create a ledge effect. In fact it feels like a slab of hard, cold meat, I have no feeling in this area at all still and to be honest it feels like something that has been stuck on me, like it doesn't belong to me at all. My PS reckons with lots of massage, starting at six weeks, that it will improve but the final result won't be u ntil about six months. That feels like a very long time to wait but we don't have a choice do we? Is your tummy flatter in the mornings? Mine starts off flatter, still not totally flat but as the day goes on it def swells and becomes quite painful. Still not wearing anything with a waistband at all. On a positive note though when I stopped using the tape things def started to improve, less of an obvious hard ridge. Are you taping your incision?
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soccermommy i must say those twin sisters are it- they are beautifull,firm u name ir
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Thanks...there not big, but there perky and full and I love um!~ LOL
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hi hun, it's really early days at the moment for you and this is DEFINITELY not the end results. I'm 7 and half weeks po and I saw my PS this week and he has reassured me that mine isn't my final result as well, I know it's really hard but we've all gotta learn to be patient about this recovery. I get days when I look at my tummy and hate what I'm seeing because of the swelling but I then take a reality check and tell myself I have to give this time. We've put our bodies through a big ordeal here hun and we remember what the tt veterans on here keep telling us. "This is a long road to recovery". Keep your chin up chick xxx
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I know, I need to remember it is a long road... thanks :)
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I'm sure this is not your final result. It's amazing how much our body changes week to week with this surgery. Hang in there girl!!
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yours changes? that's awesome. I'm suck in ridge city on rock belly road. I'm wondeing if I'll every get to the flat lands. At least I have a flat tire.. guess that's a good enough excuse if any. :-)
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momiemkovr, your analogy is quite amusing. It made me laugh (probably b/c it describes how I feel) :)
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Yes, we do all heal differently! I am a little upset over a few of my healing "issues" but hopefully, in time it will all be just fine! Let's be patient together..right? Right
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LOL You crack me up
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We heal differently! Hard to remember. I love your results. I really don't thing the lower tummy is an issue. That is something very very easy to have flatten out. LOVE your boobs too. How cute are those?
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