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I am currently 13 days Post OP and feeling great....

I am currently 13 days Post OP and feeling great. My PS was wonderful he answers all my concerns and was very caring. I was very soar the first three days but the medication kept me sleepy; therefore, I didn't feel much. I started walking around that first night at home and walked every 2 hours for a few minutes. I am still swollen and sometimes I get sharp shooting pains, but my PS said that this is due to nerves repairing. I drink plenty of water, at least 60 ounces a day, this helps my swelling. I have not gone through any depression but I totally prepared myself before the surgery. I am very realistic that is a process and I don't expect miracles.

I do have a question. How soon can I start a light exercise program? I would like to start by walking on the treadmill and hopefully build myself back up to my regular work out routine.


Hi it look great could you tell me where you went to have it done. The price is great did that price include all of the fees?
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Thank you very much. I am very happy with my results. I have a wonderful Dr. My procedure was done through the ARMY. There is a long waiting list but I was very lucky because a few people dropped out and I was asked if I wanted to take their slot. It was just timing. I had 3 weeks to prepare for the surgery, so I was rushing to get reasy, but it all worked out. The price is great and it does include all fees.

OK, today was my first day back at work. I began...

OK, today was my first day back at work. I began to swell up from the parking lot to the building. I was very worried because I am a PC tech at a hospital and walk all day, but the branch chief was kind enough to let me work the helpdesk while I recover. My swelling became pretty bad so I went to visit my great friend in surgery and he assured me that the swelling was normal, (He helped perform my surgery.) He looked over my scar and said that I was healing nicley. I feel very lucky that I am just walking distance from these fine doctors and nurses. I don't have any pictures to post but I will take some next week at my 1 month post, (WOW, I can't believe that it has almost been a month.) i hope that everyone is doing well.

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So glad that I did this. Love seeing my pre mommy...

So glad that I did this. Love seeing my pre mommy tummy back..


Look great and had it done at a wonderful price!
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Today is my 3 wk post-op anniversary and I am...

Today is my 3 wk post-op anniversary and I am feeling pretty good. I made to the building from the parking lot without swelling, woo-hoo! I did start to swell some mid-afternoon but I was not too bad. The only thing that I am concern with is that my stomach becomes hard whenever I cough or sneeze. It will only become hard around my BB, but does go away after a minut or so. Is this normal?

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I got my stage two garment today and it is not...

I got my stage two garment today and it is not very flattering. I have to squeeze into a corset that go from my thighs to my chest. I have all theses snaps and zippers everywhere, its going to take me longer to get ready in the morning.


I see my ps tomorrow and I am hoping he will give me the ok to workout. I feel as if though I am gaining weight. My coworker says that I'm not but I feel swollen all over, lol. If he doesn't give the go ahead then I will really need to watch my calories and try to eat clean. I will update everyone.
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I started light exercise at week 3 and moved up intensity from there. Started weight training at week 6. I didnt get any swelling after i got back to the gym. I actually looked much flatter and definition started to show.
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Hi Danylle,

Nice!  Good for you that you are moving along so well with the exercise.  That is wonderful so keep up the good work. 

I have been cleared by ps to start working out...

i have been cleared by ps to start working out again. I went to the gym this morning and did 30 minutes on the eliptical with level 6 as max resistance. Did a few abductors for my inner thighs. Funny how before surgery I could squeeze 90 to 100 pds and this morning I could on squeeze 40 pds. Baby steps is the key to a full recovery. I gained 10 pounds while recovering and that was an eye opener.

I will post pics this week


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Thank you.. I have no regrets. I just read your post and I have to say, you are funny. I'm glad they moved your post back too. This is a great forum.
How are feeling?
feeling good

I have not had a chance to take pictures because I...

I have not had a chance to take pictures because I have been busy getting ready for holidays. I will post some soon.

Here is a quick update: I am now 6 weeks post op and I have been going to the gym regularly. I am still very careful when it comes to my weight lifting but I am getting better at my cardio. My daughter and I jogged last night, I jogged one block and then walked the next. We did this for about one mile. Tonight, I did 30 minutes on the eleptical and some leg presses. Still wearing the binder because I feel like I can move around better when I have it on. I am still swelling but it is getting better.

Thank you everyone on this forum. I appreciate all of y'alls (I am from Texas, LOL) input and encouragement.

Can't wait for the summer. I have not taken my kids swimming in years because of my body. I am taking control of my body and my life again!


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone. It is so nice to receive an email notification on my phone with everyone's encouraging words. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)

You are going to be one hot mama on the beach this summer! 
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Ok.. I am now almost 16 weeks post-op and I am...

Ok.. I am now almost 16 weeks post-op and I am still very happy. I do have swelling and my doctor wants to do a little more lipo and correct some small dog ears, but thanks to everyone's comments, encouragement, and experiences posted on this website I did not freak out and knew that this is not uncommon.

I am happy that the worst is behind me and that I can begin to move on with my daily activities. I did slip up and stopped exercising because I did not know what exercises I could and could not do. Now, I just listen to my body and don't push myself too hard. I had to create a new exercise regiment that works for me while I am recovering.

I just wanted to thank everyone because you helped me during my early stages of recovery and continue to help and encourage me today.

I read one person's review about dog ears. I will take some pictures and post them tomorrow. hopefully the images will help someone who is wondering what they look like.


I know I am way late on here, so I'm only hoping to maybe get a reply. How did you get the referral to the PS? Did you contact the PS Dept. at Ft Sam or did you have to get your regular pcm to give you a referral? Thanks :)
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I'm trying to the same information roseyboa but she still has not responded I wrote her last April.
Its been a long time she might not get the messages anymore. I will just ask my Dr. Atleast i have a general idea what it might cost me at a military facility.
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