Duran Duran Duran...

Look. I kno Dra Duran is busy... &I respect tht....

Look. I kno Dra Duran is busy... &I respect tht. But when I tell y'all I've been harrassing Ms Honey Duran! I'm not lookin to have my sx done til June 2014.. But I would like to lock a date down at least.. My next step is callin her office... All. Day. Long. Let me set my time zone to DR.. So I can kno exactly when to call lol


Hey girls! Thanks for all the advice! I'm super late. I just emailed Jazmine at Bella vita... At this point I'm willing to give her the $150
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I just called Dra Durans office. Her assistant said she would be in this afternoon to review the emails. She said that she's in another clinic working. MY BUTT, SHE'S WORKING!!!! She's taking pics and posting on FB.
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Really!!! Really???? We're trying to get quotes from Dra Duran and she's posting pics on Facebook right now. OMG Yeah, she's really busy. Whatever!!!
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I just may be a minority....

I understand &appreciate the big stripper booty phase thts been goin on. But I honestly just want a nice fat butt.. You kno.. Like a fat butt. Not a big ass... But a fat butt. My main concern is stomach. I have hips &legs... &I was nvr a "small" girl. I just want a nice fat butt, with a tiny ass waist... In other news. Duran fake busy ass just accepted my FBI request... Now all she gotta do is respond to my emails lol


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Hi ladies wishing you all luck. Thank you for your stories, pics and questions they really are helpful. I'm currently in the same situation as most of you. I'm trying to get a quote from Duran. I have a date with Dr. Salama but I would have to wait to get a breast lift with him and don't want to..lol..love his work but her work is banging. I'm looking to go around December anyone scheduled already?
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I emailed Disla, let her know what I was interested in and she went off on me lol! Saying I don't qualify for those procedures! I'm thinking whoa! Slow down Im new to all of this! Hence the reason Im emailing a PS!
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