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I am a 35 year old, mother of three, all delivered...

I am a 35 year old, mother of three, all delivered by c-section, the "old way" (a vertical incision) - ages 16-9. I am under 5-foot-tall, have lost close to 30 pounds using the tried-and-true method (eating right/exercise) and have maintained that weight loss for over one year. I was frustrated that no matter how "fit" I was getting, "it" (my ugly tummy) was always there. The stretch marks, the fat pockets, the scar...I felt & looked fine in clothes, my weight loss success was obvious, but could not be happy when looking at myself in the mirror - and a bikini was not in my future. In January 2012, I chose to have a Tummy Tuck to fix that ugly tummy. I went to the Doc's office at 1:30pm - and was home that night by around 8:30 (we live a couple hours away).

My day went like this:

11:30am - @ home, put on the anti-nausea patch

1:30 - arrive @ DOCTOR'S OFFICE (the surgery was done there, in his very own O.R. - saved me money & was so much more comfortable than a hospital)

by 2:30 - all prep work done, (including my first painless IV - I didn't even realize that the Nurse Anesthetist (NA) had inserted it-AMAZING!) - Doc had come in to draw on my old tummy, we had a few minutes for "last minute questions" (I don't remember if I had any or not though, haha)

2:30pm - I walked into the O.R. - and as I was getting on the table the "NA" had put something in my IV...I remember laying on the table, and having my arms strapped (very much like my c-sections, except I could breathe when laying flat on my back-LOL) ... and then it was lights out (for me). **best nap ever** **all times after this are a best guess**

around 5pm (ish) - I woke up, sitting in a chair in the recovery room (who knows how I got there) my husband and personal recovery-room nurse were both right beside me. I don't remember any pain but a nice feeling "tightness" in my abdomen. I was wearing a binder that quickly became my best friend. The nurse was giving us papers, telling my husband how to take good care of me, explaining the drains - how to care for them, and giving me SODA? I didn't complain - Diet Coke is my favorite anyway.

by 5:45pm - We were on the road to home, I don't remember the ride home really. I remember it was not easy to get in and out of the car, and I could not stand up straight - and walked very slowly. (I felt like a little old lady.)

HOME: Rest, I read (several) books in the 10 days I was off work, Rest, I watched several shows on TLC (WARNING: Comedies are not recommended, severe laughing hurts - and sneezes too - stay away from dust and people with colds)...and REST I used the narcotic pain pills for about 1 day - and decided I actually felt better only taking ibuprofen, the narcotic made me dizzy and a little queasy.

OVERALL: Much like childbirth (whether natural or c-section), of course, there's pain - but it's manageable and forgettable! The big difference - no new infant to care for - only babying yourself - and LOOKING GOOD!

Champaign Plastic Surgeon

During initial consultation, Dr. Kurley explained in depth the procedure I was interested in - no question went unanswered, and honestly I only had to ask very few questions after his initial "talk". It's obvious he knows this procedure - the pros - the cons - and everything "in between". Each follow up I've been to has been direct and to the point, just the way I like it. Dr. Kurley always takes time to answer my questions, when I have them - but usually he's telling me what I want to know, before I even ask. I've called several times to ask about "this & that" - speaking with his assistant, Kendra is just as good as talking to Dr. Kurley himself. She stays informed and up-to-date on MY procedure and is capable of answering all of my questions. I don't think I've ever waited more than 5 minutes in the lobby at this office - and I always get there early! I definitely feel as though I'm "the only patient" (even though I know that's not the case).

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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wow, you look great though! You can't even see them! I think it's great you love being a mommy. I do to. :-) Hope you continue to heal well.
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You have a flat tummy now! Looks like no stretch marks left or none visible to the eye.
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I do still have some stretch marks, but mostly they are easily ignored! I can't (and don't want to) forget the fact that I did carry and deliver three amazing kids! This surgery does not make a "perfect body" (if there is such a thing) but has made "MY perfect tummy". I am very happy with the results so far - and with time, it will continue to change, no doubt.
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Wow! Looks great. Congrats on your weight loss. Do you mind me asking what your weight was at surgery? Did you notice any difference after surgery, after the swelling had left?
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I wasn't clear when asking if you'd noticed a difference after the swelling. I meant a difference in your weight. Your photos show the obvious difference in appearance. You had a great result!
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Michelle, when I went in for surgery, I weighed 110 - Dr. Kurley removed almost 2 pounds of fat/skin. But-I still weigh in at 110? No weight difference - but then again, for 3 weeks I was on the "rest" type of exercise - then until 6 weeks on the "treadmill/stairclimber" kind of exercise. Will post pix again at 3 months out - that's about 5 weeks away from now - and I've ramped up my workout to about 1/2 what I was doing before surgery. We'll see what my future holds. The possibilities are very exciting!
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You look great! I'm sure your very happy to have a flat tummy! :)
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Thank you, it is awesome!
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Awesome results!! Is it weird looking down and now belly? and for your moles to be elsewhere. I think of the weirdest things...lol I have a couple moles and I'm like "I wonder where they will be after", hahaha. I go under the knife the 6th and can't wait!!!!
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It is weird looking down at a flat tummy-almost unreal. Starting to get used to it all though! The funny thing here is: I not only wanted to see the flat tummy, but also where are my moles going to be? Lol! Way too funny that I'm not the only one who wondered that!
Good luck in your upcoming adventure!
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I can't wait to look down and be able to see a flat tummy!!! Thank you so much!
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