Scheduled 4th January, 2011 - Bangkok, Thailand

I had a breast lift with implants in August in...

I had a breast lift with implants in August in Bangkok, Thailand. I was very, very pleased, Therefore, I am going back in January for my tummy tuck. I have lost about 125 lbs and really am looking forward to getting rid of the extra skin. A little scared as this time I am going over to Thailand by myself.

My op is done! I am quite pleased! Still have the...

My op is done! I am quite pleased! Still have the drains in; will get them out Monday. The pain was nothing like I thought it would be - if fact, little to none!

I am so please even at this early date!

I am now almost 10 days post-op. What a breeze the...

I am now almost 10 days post-op. What a breeze the surgery was! Pain? Yes,for about 3 days after surgery then really nothing to speak of. I am so pleased with the results!! I am still a little swollen and still have the 2 JP drains in (until Monday). Cooling my jets here in Bangkok until next Wednesday when I can go back to Dubai.

This is the best thing I have ever done for myself!!

I am posting the before and after pictures. Of...

I am posting the before and after pictures. Of course, in the after pictures, I am still swollen and the JP drains are still in. Again, no real pain since 2 days after surgery. The drains get pulled tomorrow (Monday), the belly button stitches out Wednesday. This has been worth it!

Bangkok, Thailand - Dr. Suchart

Since Dr. S is a doctor who worked in the US for 35 years, I was very comfortable knowing this. As I originally interacted with him via email, he was very responsive to all my questions and requests. My original surgery went fantastic and I feel confident this one will also.

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would love to see some updated pictures if possible please? Thanks
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Hi, lls. For both procedures I did with Dr. Suchart, I went in the day before and had the consultation, had all the pre-op, and then was admitted the night before the surgery. I found it to be easier as my surgery was scheduled real early in the AM. You know the cost at the consultation and you pay before the surgery. You do have to "check out" when you leave the hospital (and one time they tried to make me pay for something extra but I refused and they took it off my bill - it was something like 500 Baht). I don't think the abdominal binder is included in the package, so ask about that (it is "expensive" in bahts but relatively cheap). With a tt, you do realize that you really should leave Bangkok until they pull the JP drains (those are 2 drains they put in on the side of the incision). For me that took about 11 days - I kept draining. In total for the tt, I was in Bangkok 14 days. I was (and am) very pleased with the care and Dr. Suchart. In fact, I was going to get my facelift done with him last October but my bankcard would not work in Thailand (after many, many phone calls with the bank, they told me that). So I will go back sometime this year to have that done. Oh, lab fees comes to around 3-4000 Bahts so they are not expensive at all. Any other questions, just ask. (and if you go, tell Dr. Suchart "Hi" from the nurse who used to live in Dubai and now lives in China. He will know who I am!! :-)
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wow Love hearing bthese storys nothing but postive thing to say myself DR S did my facelift August and from how i frist went there to how i look now so cool loove it 100%, i am comming back to thailand very soon for some more work
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Hi World Traveler I have a Mid Face Lift and neck lift with banding booked with Dr Suchart in December . Wondering if you have had your face lift done yet . I thought he was a very gentle caring surgeon . I should of looked more at the before and after photographs
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Dear Jenny, I am having my face and neck lift (plus upper and possibly lower bleph) done tomorrow - September 30th, 2013. (sorry I haven't responded earlier). I unfortunately had to cancel it from last year and did this last minute this year. Dr. Suchart is doing this one for me also. I will let you know how it goes later this week.
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Please let me know if your surgery went well, and if you are happy with it?... I am thinking on doing mine with him... But I haven't found many reviews... so...
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Gabriel66, I had my tummy tuck with Dr. Suchart and really, I am very happy. I am a very picky person and I didn't find most doctors results to be very good. Dr Suchart is amazing, and after 1 year I am still 100% happy with the results. The hospital was very very nice and I had my own private room with big fridge and freezer, reclining chair, flat screen tv and everything. Staff was very helpful. Dr Suchart very nice, patient and friendly and with excellent surgical techniques from the US. Would recommend it to everyone! Thank you world traveller for pointing me to D. Suchart!
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Thanks for the in form scion lls. I really think he is the one...
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Hi world traveler, I have an appointment with dr Suchart at the end of March for my TT. I could do with some advice: he wants me to come in the day before and admit me then do surgery the next day. My husband thinks I should go and see him so I can get a feel for it and get a specific quotation for total fees. Lab fees are not covered by the package any more and I worry that I may have booked flights, hotels etc. and then the dr tells me my case isn't straight forward and I need to pay more....tried to contact him for an appointment but haven't heard back yet. Did you go for an initial consultation and did you get a quotation? Flying in an extra time is not cheap so I am torn. Dd you find the cost was higher than you expected at first and that you had additional costs to worry about? Thanks!
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Hi, with all surgerys yes you should meet frist being in a different country than home, i had my consultio and sugery nxt day i thinks its better to speak to him frist to get all info and an price. He is a great Doctor and my face look great great great
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Hi Traciele. What kind of surgery you had done on your face? How was the recovering time?... I mean it was it too hard .. I am preparing myself for a surgery with him, he is very calm and also very meticulous and I like that.. But I am a bit anxious and also nervous...
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Yes, he did light lipo on my "love handles". He did not do a full lipo because he said the cost was too much (It didn't add any money to the package where a full lipo would have). And no, he did not ask me to do more. In fact, he discouraged me when I asked if other things should be done.
No, I did not go with an agency. I thought about it but when I went the first time, I went with a friend (for a breast augmentation and lift). So I went by myself for the tummy tuck. I spent about 16 days in Bangkok for that one. I was a little worried but it worked out real well. The only thing I thought was weird was you only spent 1 day in the hospital. Dr. Suchart knew I was going by myself so he said I could stay in the hospital more days if I felt I could not handle it alone outside of the hospital. I spent the rest of the time at the Le Meridien.
I am a nurse so that might be the reason!
Yes, I am very excited about the face lift. I am trying to figure out the best time to go as I am now working in China and do a lot of business trips (so I need to find out when I have the time to include the recovery period.
Good Luck!
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Hi world traveler,

Thanks for that! I found him in the meantime and had quite a bit of email communication with him. I have seen a few of his tummy tucks and the results look very good. The thing that worried me is that he said he wanted to do lipo on my back, and charge more, but I don't think I have a problem there. Did he do lipo on your back and did he advise to do extra things?
Also, who took care of you after? Did you have an agency?
Thanks very much and wow, good luck with your face and neck lift, would love to see the results!
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Hi there,

what a fabulous job your dr did on you! Which hospital was it? I found a dr Suchart at Bumrungrad but he's a heart surgeon. I would like the same op as you and with those results I'd love to have it done with your dr. Can you please telle me where I can find him?

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IIs - Sorry I just saw this. Dr. Suchart is at Bangkok International. He is still there as I just contacted him within the last month. His full name is Dr. Suchart Sudjaritrukse. He will be doing my face and neck lift within the next few months! He is the best!
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Please let me know How was your surgery? Did you like it/
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Yes, Dr. Suchart was wonderful. He did my tummy tuck, breast augmentation, facelift and upper and lower bleph (eyelids). I had some complications with the facelift (bleeding under the skin) and the recovery was a little longer than was expected but it has been almost 8 months and I am very, very please. Because I had so much extra skin (I have lost over 125 lbs before any of my surgeries), I will need a slight "tuck" around the eyes as an outpatient. I will have that done once the situation in Thailand gets a little better. But I have all the confidence in the world in Dr. Suchart. I am pleased with everything he has done.
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Thank you so much for answering my questions, you're very kind ... Here is too difficult, get someone to recommend a plastic surgeon, I had a bad experience with one three years ago.. with a surgery of the upper eyelid, now is not symmetrical one of the eyes has excess skin and the other eye the scar makes a fold and does not look pretty at all... I have faith that this doctor can fix that and make me face lift... I have visited several Doctors and each one of them has a different opinion about what procedure should I have... It is kind of crazy... But Dr.Suchart Sudjaritrukse sounds quite honest.
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No problem. I am a nurse so I understand what questions should be and shouldn't be asked. I also know if a doc is trying to push something on me that should be. I will say that Dr. Suchart has never tried to push anything on me. In fact, he persuaded me not to have complete lipo on my hips. He said the cost was too much and that the tummy tuck would help a lot. And I am pleased with his recommendation. Good Luck to you. I just want to say though - remember, surgery is surgery. Nothing can be completely guaranteed and we are all different. But he has been great for me - I have gone back to him 3 times. :-) I feel very comfortable in recommending him. (and if you go to him, tell him the Dubai/China nurse says Hi! He will know who I am!!)
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Okay... I promise that I will. Once again thanks a lot for taking the time to reply to my comments... Good luck to you too.
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I am feeling a bit worry about the scars from low and middle face lift.. I hope is suture technique is a good one... I would like to look natural and not over pulled... I have to keep myself with a positive aptitude.
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I would like to know if anyone that have full face lift done has experienced any permanent or temporary hair loss
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I'm from Bangkok. Glad to see that Thai doctor did a really wonderful job on you. I am thinking to go back Thailand and just starting to research about TT. Could you please kindly forward Dr. Suchart's information for me.
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WOW you look amazing!   What a difference this has made for you!
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Thanks for the update!  I am glad to hear you are doing so well and happy with your results.  I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were coming along.

Post those pictures!!
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