Tummy Tuck & BA (Implant to Reinflate the Girls)

I am 33 and have 3 beautiful children; all have...

I am 33 and have 3 beautiful children; all have been c-sections. After losing the baby weight my body (tummy and breasts) didn't bounce back. So I reached a decision that this is what I want and its the only way for me to be truly happy with my body. Everyday I hate looking at my smile (the saggy skin on the tummy). After having my consultation with my PS I was so overwhelmed with emotions when she said Yes I can get rid of this. Now I am having a TT & Breast implants to reinflate my girls. I have to stay overnight in the hospital then I will be able to go home the next day.

I had my pre-op appointment today and it went well...

I had my pre-op appointment today and it went well. I got to sign all my paperwork, choose my final implant size and get all my prescriptions filled. It all went smoothly and just made me more excited. I was able to pick up everything left on my list and now its time to wait.

I saw my ps yesterday for my pre-op. Im scheduled...

I saw my ps yesterday for my pre-op. Im scheduled for 7:30 am on the 24th. I got all my prescriptions, picked my implant size (400) and now its a waiting game. I am so excited.

Just got about everything in order and just...

Just got about everything in order and just enjoying my time with the family and the sun,(loving this weather). I am so excited that I'll be flat in four days. Im still amazed that I'm actually going through with this but its great knowing Im doing something for myself and I wont be sad looking at my smile anymore (the extra skin hanging there).

Did all of the laundry today, beds are changed,...

Did all of the laundry today, beds are changed, dusting complete. My mom came to visit so I could get all her work in order. Felt bad that I didnt say anything about tuesday but she would just lecture me and I really dont need that. So instead I planned activities with her and for me & the kiddies afterwards(the circus, waterpark).
Started taking the colace this morning, and my physician put me on a potassium pill cause my labs came back lower but no biggy. She cleared me for surgery, thats what mattered to me. I'll start Arnica tomorrow and liquid diet to be safe. Even though in the mornings I've just been having my protein shakes, so I will be starving but thats alright I'll stay occupied.

Got my kids up and out to school. Sat down to view...

Got my kids up and out to school. Sat down to view Army wifes since I missed it last night and realized 24hrs from now I will be in surgery. Wow its amazing how time flys by. Now Im a tummy of nerves.

Well I made it to the flat side. I went into the...

Well I made it to the flat side. I went into the OR and moved onto the table then I woke up in recovery. Doing very well with a pain pump. Staying overnight so far was a great idea with having a TT & BA. My hubby has already said it all looks great. So tomorrow I have my catheter come out then in the afternoon pain pump gets stopped and I start regular pain meds. Going to try to sleep a little then ill check in tomorrow. First day PO.

Post op info: Tuesday surgery day- Muscles 4in...

Post op info:
Tuesday surgery day- Muscles 4in apart, 4lbs skin removed, 400cc implants
Wednesday - oxygen removed, pain pump disconnected(going to oral pain meds) and catheter removed 10am
11am made way to the bathroom to clean up and brush teeth. Potties after 10min then sat in chair in front of sink felt a wet burp coming in and did then threw up a little but felt better. Had one percoset then another 2 at 2:30pm. Eating well and keeping it down. Got my fluid IV disconnected and took a walk and another potty break 4pm. Need to rest a bit then a other walk and be discharged. 5pm took another walk and potty pee. Now just waiting for discharge. Left hospital at 6:15pm, settled in at 8:15, took a pain pill now I'm starving.

Was so uncomfortable last night in bed. This...

Was so uncomfortable last night in bed. This morning i moved myself to a recliner thats already in our MB and feel so much better. I cant stop going to the bathroom and my hubby is being a good sport about it. Eating ok so far, protein shakes, eggs and toast. Hubby has to take one kid to soccer while my mother n law goes food shopping. So i think that will be my nap time. Havent used ice yet? Is that ok?

Hubby changed my dressings and he was so...

Hubby changed my dressings and he was so uncomfortable cause it bothered him that it was me all cut up. So i got to truely see my belly and i got upset. It looks like i still have a shelf not completely flat. So i repeated to myself it must be the swelling, i'll try putting ice on it. Now my breasts look great even if they are a little swollen but i do want them to settle just a little bit. Hubby likes them.lol Still going to the bathroom a lot but thats ok gets me moving. Still in the recliner.

3 day po- doing a little better moving but still...

3 day po- doing a little better moving but still once in a while feel nauea. I slept a little longer last night but still not comfortable in bed. Going to attempt washing my hair, i'll let u know how that works. I usually brush teeth and wash face when i go to the bathroom so its one trip. Hubby is being great doing laundry, vaccuming then later he said he would get the lawn done before the rain. I wish i could go down stairs but too risky with the activity of dogs & kids.

Washed my hair and i feel so refreshed. We change...

Washed my hair and i feel so refreshed. We change my dressings once a day. And today my hubby said my tummy looked less swollen which made me smile. Saw my new belly button area too. I know it takes time but i didnt put myself through this for nothing. Going to look at some before photos just to see whats different. Using some ice tonight on my girls. And keeping ontop of the pain is key!

Had a good night sleep, 2/4/6. After i woke from...

Had a good night sleep, 2/4/6. After i woke from the longest sleep i was ok didn't need my pain pill immediately. So progressing well. Fluid in drains are clear & yellowish and going down in amount. Im assuming im less swollen cause my binder slid upward and i fixed just by slowly pulling it back down. My breasts at times feel swollen and hard so the ice goes on. Had a slight tiny bowel movement so i cant wait for the next one. My mother n law is doing an awsome job with the kiddies and when she visits me in my room makes me laugh by saying im not going to "reboot" the kids but thinks i'll have to start clean . I love her so much shes so sweet.

Slept well first 3 hrs then got myself up and to...

Slept well first 3 hrs then got myself up and to the bathroom then another 7hrs with no pain pill in between. When i woke i was in more discomfort then pain. Still havent done my official stool so had ate an activia we'll see if that helps. Getting a little sad not being able to go outside but maybe after my po app tomorrow with crossing fingers my drains come out i can venture to sit in the fresh air for a bit. I do plan to wash my hair again and maybe a bird bath. I am not comfortable enough to take a shower. Changing my dressings last was better. I did have a weird feeling of my stomach expanding then numbing it lasted a good 20mins. Anyone else have this happen?

6day po- slept well again, getting in and out of...

6day po- slept well again, getting in and out of my recliner more by myself. Hoping to get my drains at my first po app today. My drains are draining under 10 sometimes barely a 5. Took a bird bath and washed my hair and exhausted.

Went to see my ps today for my first pre op app...

Went to see my ps today for my first pre op app and it went well. Everything looks good even the little shelf i have on one side. She just said that side was contoured more, she'll keep an eye on it for the first six months. One drain came out so i see her again next week. She gave me permission to relax from my garments while lying down, hubby loves that gets to see the "girls" free..lol also i dont need the binder as tight as we had it. My stomach feels weird and numb but that will improve over time.

Just checking in. Well yesterday was a very bad...

Just checking in. Well yesterday was a very bad day. My insides especially my intestines didnt know which end was up/out. I couldnt pass anything. I had to stay hunched over just to feel normal. I had to start taking myrlax. Now today sooo much better. I am slowly decreasing my pain pills. I am able to go up and down my stairs. I even cleaned a little of the kitchen. My inlaws have the day off so the hubby is getting the kids pizza. Getting up and moving more often is wearing me out faster but i know i need to do it to help with healing. The swelling is slowly going down and thats really nice to see. Hubby took pics of my BA and what a difference im so glad i did that. Now i look forward to trying on my bikini tops. I can stand up straight. Im also looking forward to taking walks outside after my second gets removed. Oh and tape is horrible on the skin, if you can have the minimal amount of tape to hold your gauze then do that. My ps tape hurts 10x worse then the normal kind i bought.

13 days PO- Well i went to see my ps today and i'm...

13 days PO- Well i went to see my ps today and i'm officially drain free. It is a great feeling. What i was told is that i can practice my exercises to get back into twisting & bending, next i can take a normal shower, no more gauze/tape/ or silvadene cream, just pat/ air dry then put my girdle back on( wear it 98% of my day), when i feel ready im clear to drive, i can hold my youngest with a pillow and lift with the knees if i want to pick her up, no direct tanning of the tummy, i can start walking and just increase slowly, full exercise will come in time especially my type of workout (p90x), and my next visit will be in June(5wks). I took my first shower felt so weird but very nice, couldnt bend like normal but that comes in time. I tried rocking the baby but she couldnt get comfy on me with a pillow between us. I got my first real look at myself and im very happy but i cant wait for it to relax cause i still feel the pulling.

14days po - doing well. Tried on some bikinis and...

14days po - doing well. Tried on some bikinis and im so excited with my tummy and BA. My side scars are still high but i do have swelling so my ps did say they would drop over time. My hubby is also happy too! Im doing a lot more physically but still get tired quick. Havent tried driving yet but thats okay. Hubby & in laws have been great with kids, errands and so much more. I just made my way back into my bed. Im still semi reclined and pillows under my knees. Once in a while i still take a pain med but its more for the discomfort/ to relax. I am very lucky my hubby has a week off again for the extra help.

18days po- my first day out and about with the...

18days po- my first day out and about with the family. Car ride wasnt bad just felt weird. Im not driving yet, dont feel like i can twist enough for the blind spots. Then my older two kids had playdates at the house. Beautiful day to be outside all day but it took its toll on me. I was exhausted and swollen by the end of the day. It also doesnt help having my period. Anyway i wore my bikini top with my cover up under to cover my binder. Cant expose the tummy to sun until cleared by the ps. But i have the possibility to go to a water park right before my app so im going to call and see if i can go in the water and expose the tummy then.

Took my first stroller walk with my little one, it...

Took my first stroller walk with my little one, it felt great to do (2miles) but i was tired after. So i just told myself to relax and i did. I cant wait to work up to my normal run with my little one. Anyway had a wonderful mothers day. My mother n law said i was looking good, surprised to see me in shorts and a tank and making dinner. I just did it all in stages (a liitle bit at a time). I didnt rush myself. Tried sleeping on my stomach and couldnt, my BA still uncomfortable and cant move as easily when turning over with the tightness in the tummy, so back to the back. I can stretch out straight and stand straight.

Well lets start with i'm 5wks post op and doing...

Well lets start with i'm 5wks post op and doing great. Im up to 5+ miles a day walking. Its killing me not being able to fully workout but doing my walk and regular home/kid duties i am exhausted. I hosted my first party on the 26th. I did well only because i had the help of my husband, in laws, sister n law & husband. I would not have been able to do it with out them. If i had i would of hurt myself which is not worth it. Now that it is hot out im outside more which is nice but wears me down faster. I am looking forward to when im told i can go in the pool. I get so sad when my kids & husband are in it and im on the side lines fully dressed cause i cant expose my belly with a bathing suit or submerge in water. But i know that time will come. I am curious when i can start using scar treatments. Now for my BA its healing well. I'm very happy with the way my shirts are fitting. I can not sleep on my belly yet or my side, just uncomfortable. Im still wearing soft bras no wire. My nipples are still tender but much better then from the begining. I cant imagine running with my new breasts, weird huh? Finally i hope this has been helpful. Ill check back in a week.

Well it's been a while since I've updated and a...

Well it's been a while since I've updated and a lot has changed. To start I had a follow up visit in June right before a vacation and was given the ok to wear a bathing suit and it can be a bikini if I wish but the only thing i had to do was cover my scar with sunblock, which I did. I totally rocked my bikini in public on vacation and I haven't been in one in 13yrs, felt GREAT!! Even my mother n law was very surprised when she first saw me and totally complimented me, it was wonderful. Anyway I continue to exercise as often as my day allows me between the family and work. But I make it work and eat healthy. My workouts can be a run (5-10miles) or P90x or Tapout XT. I do not do it all at once I mix it up cause my body can plateau so it needs to be challenged to keep weight off, its not easy and never has been. Every day I see my belly I am extremely happy I did it, very well worth it. I happy being naked, I happy having lights on during intimate moments with my husband there's no more hiding, I can do all exercises my extra belly doesn't stop me and most of all I can see my abs ( haven't seen them in 15yrs). I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of doing this and if you need support please feel free to message me, I am happy to share my experience and be supportive. Cause this is something we do for ourselves and its okay to do something for ourselves.

I finally posted my before and after pics. I know...

I finally posted my before and after pics. I know it helped me seeing others and I hope it helps you. In my after photo forward facing pic you'll see my little point my my left hip. I go to see my doc on monday to get that taken care. Once its done and healed I will post another pic of that.

Well im doing well and still very happy i went to...

Well im doing well and still very happy i went to the flat side. But now im having concerns that because ive lost some weight and toned up that i have loose skin at the bottom of my tummy. Also i think my girls have dropped further and my implant is not filling them out as much as they used to. So i look forward to my appointment in april to see what she says about my concerns.

Well I finally got bra fitting and my size is a...

Well I finally got bra fitting and my size is a 36DDD or 38DD. I also found a custom swimsuit company. I was having a hard time finding a nice suit that covered my incision nd stayed put but now I have and they are also so prettty. Received my first suit from them and LOVE IT!! I'll post a pic later. I'm looking forward to my 1yr app next month. I have some small concerns and I'll post when I get my answers what will happen. Take care

1yr 3mths since surgery!

You'll see that slowly that my scar is fading but it will take a long time but I am very happy to have found swimsuits that cover with no problem. I use Palmer's coco butter lotion & balm on my scar. My belly button is a little funny but nothing can be done to change it. You will also see I still have some stretch marks. I am totally fine with it, I am blessed with my children there's no reason to get upset because there not all gone.
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Pollard is wonderful & sweet. Im very happy with her work. Im currently 6mths po. I am very happy i went through it with Dr.Pollard. She makes you feel confident about doing this procedure. I did expect more with the after care follow up maybe a phone call after i returned home from the hospital or an email. But overall i totally recommend her!!!! She is wonderful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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my ba ended me upin a size 38ddd. i also feellike mine have dropped. like the bottom of them are round but the top looks like there isnt much tissue. in other words they dint look llike i have implants. my stomach at the bottom where my scar is has some loose skin but also down the middle of my stomach if i lean over looks weird
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don't forget to post some updated pics...excited to see how your coming along
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do you have any recent pics & pics after.revision?
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I'm using Dr. Pollard too, so far my experience has been pleasant...Did you get silicone or saline & do you have any pics of her work?
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Hi All4me1213, I got Silicone, they felt more real then the saline. I only have the pic's that she took of me. Do you have any other questons, I'd be happy to answer for you. When is your surgery date?
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I'm scheduled for 12-13...Getting BL, BA with saline & TT... When were you able to sleep in bed, on your stomach? Are you able to post some pics?
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Sleep in bed- 2wks but semi reclined with pillows under my knees, laying normal flat 4wks. feels very tight when stretching out. On stomach- 6wks to startstart but fully comfortable on stomach wad 8/9wks. What size implant did you decide on? I will try to post some pics tomorrow. Take care
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I'm thinking in the 400-450 range..I def want to have the fullness, perkiness & clevage... I want it all...lol Do you remember if you had to purchase the garnment you wore after surgery? If so, do you have any rec?
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have you figured out what size u r going to be? i bought my first bra today... DD
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looking forward to seeing pictures. I'm going to try to post some after pictures today!!
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The numb tummy IS WIERD. So glad things are going well. My stomach is still numb, but the area does get smaller.. HAHA my hubby was glad when things didnt have to be so confined. haha But then again dont be supprised if he is "afraid" they dont want to cause you any pain or discomfort so dont worry at all is he seems to keep his distance just a little.... my husband had mentioned how he felt bad about that but he was so afraid of hurting me.. so no worries
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I loved the cath.. odd thing to say but It was nice to have. glad to hear your on the FLAT side
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potassium was low. interesting I had the same thing. I ate dried apricots. (worked good to keep me regular too!!) dont be nervous be EXCITED!!!
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i think your surgeon is also a very well known-top surg who appear over on the OPRAH SHOW? i am goin to research her more,that is fantastic,so your goin 2 turn out great chica!
she is in philly,pa?
so that is right outside of NJ,
so good luck 2 u,i am so happy for you as i can tell UR thrilled,and be sure to keep in touch with update and pix,happy healing on the 24th,tue.so happy for you!

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I think my doctor decided on high profile. Im just nervous at how they will look after but I know in the end I will be thrilled I picked to go a little bigger, cause id rather have a little extra then not enough. And thanks everyone for your kind words and support.
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I got the 1/2 way profile. Moderate Plus... so tips... breasts..not to big of a deal. under muscle or over? and tummy..

1. FULL TT with muscle repair or mini??

and how tall are you? and weight now? (are you getting lipo? )

I had full TT with repair. so my tips,

1, eats lots of fiber.. I had fiber ceral EVERY morning .

2. bendy straws.. youll be glad you had them.. water by bed at night is a must.

3. timer or some way of 100% staying on top of you pain meds for the first few days. no matter what..just do youll be glad you did.

4. toilet raiser.. for me it just made the simple act of going potty ..a nice thing...I did not need help sitting or gettin up.

5. something to sit of in the shower..you need it. I used a step ladder, others use plastic patio chairs. or what ever

6. for me an office chair to sit in during the day ( high back, I borrowed one) much much easier to get in and out of....

I also think throat lozenges, ICE COLD apple juice, pineapple freah sliced. (walmart sells it pre cubed in the produce department).. I have a few more in my review. scroll down to about Jan 8th. around there, that was my things after surgery I would recomend everyone get.
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My implants are under tissue, full TT, muscle repair with contouring(lipo). Im 5'4 and 174. Im very active, run, p90x, swim during summer.
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YA BABY 400's! lol you will love them are you going with high profile or moderate? 
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High profile and love the way they look even being swollen.
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congrats!! and I TOTALLY understand how your feeling.. I got 400 too . and I am thrilled with them and my tummy. I KNOW you will be too.. keep us posted. if you have any questions or concerns I know everyone here will be happy to share what they know.... WELCOME
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Any tips would be helpful :-) and thank you I can't wait.. four days and counting!!
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OH GARBAGE BAG.... put a garbage bag on the seat of the car. it acts as a slider allmost..it hels getting in and out.. even if you have help. it really helped me. it reduces the friction of the seat when you twist to get in and out.. actually I suggest you just try it NOW before surgery so you know how much it helps.
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I am on the 24th too!
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Thanks, can't wait to chat afterwards, four days and counting!!!
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I'm really excited for you! Do you have a surgery date yet?

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