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Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty - Best Feel Good Decision I Made - Orange County, CA

I had 3 caesarian sections approximately 25-30...

I had 3 caesarian sections approximately 25-30 years earlier. I have working out at gym 6-7 days a week for at least a year. I wanted to complete my goal of investing and improving myself. I was up and around back working in just a few days. I was relatively pain free after the first 72 hours. I look great.

Everyone compliments me on how great I look. It was worth every penny and the approximate 72 hours it took from surgery to be back up and running. I would absolutely recommend this procedure to anyone that needs it.


wonderful! wow, thats the kind of recovery I'm looking for. did you use general anesthesia and did the dr use any special technique to make the recovery esier. please inform. and please post pictures. thanks for sharing:)
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Seventy-two hours. That's gotta be a record! I'm glad it was such a good overall experience for you. Thanks for sharing your story.

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How wonderful you did so well and bounced back so quickly! Congratulations and look forward to seeing your pictures if you have them.
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Corona Del Mar Plastic Surgeon

I took my time in searching out qualified health providers that could perform and accomplish what I wanted done. Dr. K and his staff were professional, readily available, and most important, the job was done right the first time. This is major surgery and it needs to be done by the best possible doctor as well as skin artist so that you look your best. Dr. K exceeded my expectations. I have given his name to several people since I had surgery.

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