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Tummy Tuck After Losing 60lbs

I decided to get a tummy tuck and breast...

I decided to get a tummy tuck and breast augmentation after I lost 60 pounds. I had a significant amount of excess skin around my abdomen and breast.

I decided to finally get my full TT and a breast...

I decided to finally get my full TT and a breast augmentation this summer 2009.  I've always suffered from being overweight since childhood.  I had my daughter at 18 and after having her I weighed 220 lbs and I'm only 5'1".  I was at my largest, in my 20s; I tried every diet known, but nothing seemed to work.  When I hit 32, that's when I decided to join a gym and to become aware of  what I was really putting into my mouth, so I started counting calories and working out regularly.  Well to my surprise, I really enjoyed working out at the gym!  Yes, I became a workout fanatic.  It took awhile for me to drop the weight, but overall I was feeling great.  I had more energy and I was meeting people with the same goals and common interests.  I really started to see a big difference, weight was coming off and I was toning up.  I loved how my legs and arms started to look; I had muscle tone and it made me want to work out even more. 

I carried most of my weight around my stomach and breast, so when I lost 60 plus pounds my stomach and breast began to sag; it was so gross!  No matter how many excercises I did for the abdominals and chest there was no improvment just more excess skin. 

So, I decided to research PS and I went to a few consultation with different PS in the area.  I met with my Dr. in his Beverly Hills office on a Saturday.  Although he was very fast paced I felt most comfortable with him and the office staff were so friendly and welcoming.  I just felt he was the PS for me.  He explained what the TT procedure and breast aug. would encompass and what the final results would look like.   I booked my date on that same day, which was July 14, 09.  I could not wait and counted down and was so excited!

The day came and I was not nervous at all.  My surgery was scheduled for 8:30 and I needed to report in at 6:30.  My surgery was performed in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  Dr. K has three locations, which I found to be very convenient.  The staff were awesome!  They made me feel so comfortable; it was a great experience.  They were attentive, informative, caring, and considerate ( highly recommended).  One con would be that Dr. K was running late but when he arrived he went straight to work.  He marked me and took pre op pictures.  He's very dedicated and  a perfectionist, which is a good thing if you're a PS.   I was in surgery for a little over 3 hrs.  When I awoke, again my RN was so caring.  The pain on a scale of 1 - 10 was about a 6.  I was sore but nothing unbearable. 

I stayed in recovery for about an hr and a half.  I was sent home with my meds and I stayed in bed for the rest of the day.  Of coure, the soreness worsened throughout the first few days.  I had two drainage tubes and could not walk very far without having back pain.  My incision is very low and can be covered with underwear; it's low enough that low rise undies cover it; that makes me happy!:) 

For my 1 wk followup apt. again Dr. K was very fast paced but he was extremely happy with the results.  I, on the otherhand, was worried because of the swelling and not being able to fit into my pre op clothing.  But he assured me that it would soon go down.  My drainage tubes were kept in for another wk. because he mentioned that he didn't want me to get a seroma.  At my 2nd wk followup the tubes were taken out and the swelling was still present, which I now know that swelling can last up to 6 months or longer.  Also, my incision above the pubic area is still very raw in fact I think it looks like necrosis (death to the skin) which is common for smokers but  I am not a smoker so that is one concern I have.  Dr. K just advised me to wash it with soap and water. 

I am now close to 4 wks post op and I feel great!  I am able to stand straight , which happend gradually but it feels so good to stand up straight and not to have anymore back pain.  My incision is still a bit raw above the pubic area, but through research I have found that it's common and it takes time to heal particularly in that area.  Also, the swelling has gone down significantly and I really believe that Bromelain (a vitamin supplement that eliminates swelling & pain due to surgery or injury) and drinking a lot of water has helped with the swelling.  Bromelain is a pineapple enzyme that I found at Walmart for under 10 bucks.  I researched different remedies for swelling and that was the most used.  I highly recomment it.  

As I approach my 4th wk. and reflect back to my overall experience I absolutely have no regrets; I would totally do it again.  The pain for me was bearable and I love the results thus far.  I love to look at myself in the mirror now without clothes.  The healing process, is also a state of mind our minds are so powerful and if you really believe that you're gonna have a speedy recovery and focus on the positive you will.  I'm so happy that next week I'll be able to go back to the gym.  Of course, I know I can only do very light exercise, but the overall gym atmosphere is a postive and motivating factor to my overall weightloss success.

I am worried about the amount of swelling and feel...

I am worried about the amount of swelling and feel that I will not have the results that I orignally anticipated. Is it normal?
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

My PS was very professional and I love how my breast augmentation came out; I love my new breast. They look very natural. My tummy looks very different and I'm very happy to say that all the excess skin was removed (yay!); however, I'm very swollen, which is worrying me a bit.

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Could someone please tell me if this is normal? I had a TT a little over a week ago, I have had little pain until recently, the past 3-4 days actually, its on the left side by my belly button and it hurts soooooo bad! They told me I should be feeling better after 2 weeks, but ???. Could I have pulled a muscle or something odd like that? I asked the Dr. and nothing, I will ask again when I go next week..
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I now that a week after my surgery I was extremely sore in my abdominal area and when I moved in certain ways I felt pain. I thought too that I may have pulled a muscle, but during my second week the pain started to subside. If the pain continues I would call the Dr. I hope this helps and good luck!
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Thanks for that, I am in the UK now, but would be in the US in two weeks. I would certainly buy it.
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my swelling has reduced a little. But I now have other problems. For the past three weeks I have been leaking fluid (seroma). In week two I it was drained by a syringe, however now, 99% of my stitches are healing and it seems to leak from that one. I have to see my Dr twice a week for the last three weeks. He has been excellent and has kept a close eye on it. Although there is improvement and every day the fluid collection is smaller, it still is a problem. I can now fit into my pre op clothes, but can still see a lot of swelling. Otherwise, I am fine, I try to walk at least one hour a day, nothing two drastic and I watch what I eat. One other thing that I have noticed since my tummy tuck, my breasts looks larger. That an extra perk that I had not bargained for. Oh I really cannot wait until it finally heals and the swelling reduces. I know I would look sooooo good then!
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I'm glad to hear your swelling has gone down. I'm not sure if I mentioned how I found a vitamin supplement that helps with swelling and pain due to surgery or injury. The name of it is Bromelain and it's a pinneapple enzyme. I've been taking it for about 10 days now and I've noticed a huge difference. My swelling has gone done significantly. I've been drinking water and eating healthy and taking that vitamin. I found it at Walmart for under 10 dollars. I really recommend it!
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I started working out for the 1st time after my TT/Body Lift... I used Wii Active - Low Impact workout. I first tied myself with the thick bandaid wrap that was used to secure my breasts after my surgery. I instead used it around my tummy to hold my muscles in place when bouncing around. It worked! I was somewhat worried about doing the lunges and then jumping up 5-6 times in a row, but i did better than expected. I did feel some odd tugs in my belly but they were minor. I so excited about my progress in my seventh week that when my boyfriend called to ask about my day - i couldnt wait to tell all about it. He wasnt as excited about the news. He was worried about doing too much too soon. He was primary after-care nurse post-op - so he's a little protective. For the first time after my surgery and through the help of my vitamins, care, water and taking it easy - I'm once again feeling like my old self. No more swelling, aching to get out of bed, taking a shower without seeing or feeling the sting sensation on my incisions areas, etc. I'll keep my fingers crossed that my swelleing does not return due to my workouts.
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Yes, I went in the operating room at about 138lbs. I got on the scale on the second week of my post-op and I weighed in at 146.5. Today, i'm on my 5th week and i'm down to 142-143lbs. I wore a size 4-6 and today and can barely squeeze in a size eight. I was told by other TT women that they had to go purchase smaller clothes after their procedure... I can't even get into my big pre-op clothes because their still to small. I was told by my surgeon to be patient and that after 3-6mos... I should see dramatic results. So, I'll be patient but also be aware of everything i put in my mouth. No more comfort foods and i'm making baby steps in walking longer every week to stay active and not let the (fat)weight creep back versus the fluid retentation. Lastly, drink, drink lots of water to flush the toxic fluids that makes us bloat out... check your urine color to make sure you staying on top of your game. Good Luck Ladies!
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I think this is natural. I had my tt done four weeks ago, I am really swollen. My doctor has told me that I need to take it easy and it would go down in time. Please clarify something for me. Although I can see a clear difference in my tummy, clothes wise, I cannot fit into pre op clothes. I find this distressing and wondered if anyone else had the same problem
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I also see a big difference in my tummy's overall appearance (minus the swollenes)but I am to finding my pre op clothes too tight and a struggle to get into. My weight has also gone up from 135 (pre op) to 141 (post op). I have started drinking more water and it has helped a lot with the swolleness. I am glad to hear that I'm not the only one feeling this way; it helps with the recovery, which appears to be a long process. We just have to hang in there and be patient. Good Luck Ladies!
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I totally agree. I also take lots of vitamins that help reduce inflammation. Please go to your nearest Whole Foods or Natural Food grocery store for organic products. Additionally, I live in Arizona and I have since found out that the summer was not the best time of the year to have major surgery done. Stay out of the heat and keep cool. Don't over do it. People tell me all the time that I baby myself and that i should be more aggressive in doing more... it's not their body and they don't my aches and pains - so it goes from one ear and out the other. This in only body and i will do what ever it takes to take care of it.
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Hi. I had a TT a month ago. I am still swelling, and have heard from other TT ladies that you can swell up to a year. I have noticed that wearing my binder, drinking a lot of water, watching my sodium intake, and not physically overdoing it has helped keep my swelling down.
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I have taken your advice and started to drink more water and watch my sodium intake. It has helped with the swelling. Thanks for the great advice and good luck!
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