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Tummy Tuck 1 Week Ago and Loving the Results! 5 WEEK PIC

I am a week and 3 days out from having a tummy...

I am a week and 3 days out from having a tummy tuck. I waited for years to have this done. After having 2 kids and struggling with weight loss I finally hit my goal.

I had a rough 2 days since I suffered from lidocaine toxicity which I was not aware of. After this I was good to go and recovery has been not bad at all. Yes it is uncomfortable but bearable. I still have the drains in which is the only complaint I do have at this time. I am completely off pain meds and now making my own food to eat LOL.

My stomach muscles are still pretty tender and I still have some bruising from the lipo. But no complaints and I should have not waited this long to enjoy this flat stomach.

Anyone considering I to would say go for it. I did try and do everything I could by going to the gym 4X a week. For us moms there is no other solution. BTW I saved this money from doing Passion Parties so thank you ladies for your support.


wow! you look great! no swelling at alL! i'm almost 4 weeks out and i'm REALLy swollen still.. but i still look better than before.. i just want to see some great results NOW!!! congrats!
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Whooo Hooo just hit 2 weeks! Other then having the...

Whooo Hooo just hit 2 weeks! Other then having the drains still in everything is going great. I went today and walked Wal-Mart! Boy did I miss that place LOL. I have one side that has no swelling but I am still swelling on the other side.  This was the side he had to do a little more lipo so I am assuming that is why the swelling is more. Drains should come out next week. My dr says to leave them in a little longer to be better safe then sorry. As soon as drains are removed I will update another pic!


Let me ask you how does your belly button look? But you look great.
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belly button still has the surgical tape on it. With the tape over it It looks like it is in perfect place but not sure on the inside look LOL! I will let you know as soon as the tape is removed.
I love the look as well! But, I am so scared. My TT is scheduled for June 11th, 2009. The doctor told me I could go home the same day or the next day. I found that kinda weird. A couple other people told me the same thing. Anyway,I am so happy I found a post from today. I can't wait until I see the new me!
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4/12/09 Had another follow up and I am now 2...

4/12/09 Had another follow up and I am now 2.5 weeks out from surgery. No luck getting drains out yet. Some swelling on the left side so the DR said it is better to leave drains in to help with swelling. He did pull out tons of liquid build up on that side with a needle hoping this will help the draining process. I am doing and looking great. My belly button looks awesome and my scare looks great. Keeping my fingures crossed that on thursday these drains come out.


Logan UT and his name is {edited}


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who did your surgery and where if you don't mind.
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it looks really good. what was your weight in the first picture. Because that is what i look like my poch i want it off. i do exercise all moving but it hang there.
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5 weeks PO and feeling great. I am shopping now...

5 weeks PO and feeling great. I am shopping now and loving it. I still have some swelling ont he left side so my body looks a little uneven but there is hope. If the swelling isn't gone in 2 weeks the dotor is going to try steroid injections to help with the swelling. My belly botton looks now like a outie but i am ok with that. The Dr said there wasnt much skin and he wanted it to bee as tight as he could get it so that  prevented him from making the belly button have the deepness. Hey I am happy with flat tummy and abs close to skin. LOL. Here is a updated pic and I am loving the results.


you look like you're sixteen! Wow, your doctor should use your pictures to drum up more business for himself. I hope I will look half as good!
I am also scheduled for a TT on June 2nd, 2009. Im a bit freaked out. The doctor told me I could go home the day after. I just dont want to wake up after its all done and get horribly sick from being under. Ive heard horror stories... which freaks meout even more.
Hi there I had my tummy tuck on June 12 how do you feel? I feel so weak, do you?? I just feel like I cant do to much but walk to the bathroom and shower and what an ordeal!! Please let me know because you just had yours so it would help to compare. Thanks Julie

One year after surgery and I am 110% satisfied. I...

One year after surgery and I am 110% satisfied. I still have some swelling when I eat salt but I am the only one who notices. My scars are great looking and I still have some numb areas where I had lipo but no complaints. It was totally worth it an d I will do it again. I am enjoying my 2 piece swimsuit that I would have never ever thought I would be able to wear again. The results are PERFECT.


Hello, I just had my TT one week and one day ago. I must say that I am feeling really sad :( I didn't realize the amount of numbness I would feel and the look of Frankenstein stitching. Did you/do you have numbness? I'm so afraid about what my belly button will look like after - so much that I can't even try to look at it. Your results look awesome! I just would like to know if you had any of my same struggles.
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Hey there! I am 4 days post op, doing pretty good. Are you doing better?
Thanks everyone for the comments. I look and feel awesome to this day. Yes I still have to work out to maintain my weight but my Dr did a Awesome job! Thanks Dr. Anderson you ROCK! I feel like a NEW Women :)
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