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My experience has been surprisingly fantastic so...

My experience has been surprisingly fantastic so far! I was a size Aust10 -12 and had six areas done just yesterday. I was under local anasthetic, i did feel some pain during the surgery but i was also under light sedation so it was uncompfortable but not severe.

I threw up after the operation which wasnt to good but i think i reacted to the morphine tablets I was given immediately after surgery. I managed to walk myself to the recovery room and put my garment without assistance. My boyfriend arrived not long after to wait with me till i was feeling up to walking to the car. I was leaking out of the incisions, and still am. the bed i slept on last night was litteraly covered in a light watery coloured blood, I still need to sit on a towl but the leaking is starting to settel.

The pain is minimal! Its exrordinary, I have had worse hangovers than this! Im taking the antibiotics prescribed which is really important in case the incisions get infected, so i am taking these 3 times per day along with over the counter pain killers, they have given me more morphine tablets which I am not in enough pain to warrent taking as they make me feel really nauseous and tired.

THE RESULTS: are exroadinary already! even with the swelling i look so much smaller, i cant beleive, my hips, stomach, saddle bags are significantly smaller! and my arms are smaller and hopefully they will come down a bit soon. The incisions dont look to good so when they heel up a bit more i will start using scar cream, and possibly get laser treatment on them. The bruising is just starting to show and swelling is not to bad at all...

One thing that i am absolutely amazed by: pre surgery i got on the scales and i was 68kgs (149pounds) they sucked out 4 litres of fat, which i saw with my own eyes, amazing to see that much fat came off my body.... i look and feel smaller but when i got on the scales today and i am still the same weight!? Overall im extremely happy and recommend the Liposculpture Liquid Lipo.

Hi jamt88, Did you have the opt, I all read your quotes in this web site, and am wondering if you take opt, how was it, is it Vaser Lipo, are you feel it worth, are you satisfied with the results, and how was the after opt. time period. Pls share your exprerience, Thank you a lot,
Hi honey11, Now, are you still having nice thoughts after a while, and think it is worthed, appreciate with the result overall? Thank you for your kind help. B. regards,
Hi gypsy2012, I read your reviews, and I am wondering how are you now, do you think it worth after all, how many liters of fat taken, and are you as overall recommend Cosmos Clinic? Thank you for your kind help, B. wishes,
Dr Chris Lee, Cosmos Clinic

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