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2 years ago I lost 60lbs and started running. I...

2 years ago I lost 60lbs and started running. I noticed I still wasn't happy with my body and decided to start saving for a mommy make over. A couple months ago I went for my consultation and paid in full! I am 5'2 150lbs. I had my kids when I was young and have never had the flat belly of other people my age. I'm very ready to have this procedure done!

2 weeks from today!

I will have a new body! I'm still more excited than nervous! My pre op appointment call should be today. Anyone have advice on questions I should ask? I forgot to put in my intro post that I am having a tummy tuck, lipo and breast augmentation. I am opting for sientra implants and am pretty pumped about that! I need to put some before pictures on here pretty soon! I'll try to get to that today.
Any advice on handling swelling afterwards? Anything I can take that will help with it?

5 Days away!

I am 5 days from the flat side! I realized I haven't really told my story yet so I thought I might now. My husband and I were married at the ripe age of 22 right after college. A couple of months after our wedding we found out we were pregnant with our daughter. A couple of years later I gave birth to my son. Both children were born via c-section. The point is-my body has sucked for a long time! I gained weight over the years and at my heaviest was 190lbs. 2 years ago I started eating right and running. I lost 60lbs and have pretty much kept it off. My body was still not how I wanted it. Struggling with my body image and only wanting to have a normal looking stomach and breasts, I turned to plastic surgery. I have had my surgery scheduled for a couple of months and am very honest with people about it. I don't look at plastic surgery as taboo and I hate when women or men hide it from people. I am nervous about the recovery but oh so ready!

Crossed to flat side on May 30th

I'm on the flat side! These first 24 hours have been awful! Is anyone else going through this much pain?! I hope it's all worth it!

Flat side! 3 days post op

I've crossed over and man do I feel good! the first 24 hours were awful. Just awful! I can stand up straight now, walk around and even get out of my zero gravity chair by myself! I'll try to get some pics uploaded soon

5 days post op

I'm feeling more like myself now! Still not 100%. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed. Speaking of, the one thing that has saved me this week has been my zero gravity chair. I don't know how I would have survived without it. I load it up with pillows and it is so easy to get in and out of.
Tulsa Plastic Surgeon

So far this office has been perfect! Everyone is really nice and welcoming.

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I had so many questions during my waiting process. I kept a running list and brought it with me to the pre-op appointment. Some that come to mind - will you have drains, how many? Will you need to do any bloodwork prep? I was surprised to learn that many people do not. How long can you expect to be under during surgery? What size implants will you be receiving, will they be under the muscle? Is there an option to stay in the hospital for an added cost (highly recommended). As far as swelling - I've been preaching here the last few days about the benefits of coconut water. I am a firm believer that is it one of the main contributors to my healing and it aids with swelling as it hydrates you. Obviously the more water you can intake the better and avoid foods with sodium. I think the more reviews you read on RS you'll quickly become an expert on Mommy Makeovers!
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Thanks! I think mine will be drain less! I hear the drains are painful
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Good luck
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I totally understand how you feel! I've been running for about a year and have lost a little over 80 lbs. It frustrates me when I run and all my extra skin on my tummy bounces up and down (yuck!)! :) I'm scheduled for my mommy makeover on June 3rd. I can't wait! Good luck to you! See you on the flat side!
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Whoop! I think the plastic surgery will help with my running...eventually! How long do you think it will be until we can run again?
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I haven't checked with my PS but what I've read from others here is after 6 weeks you can start running again. I hope that's the case! I'm refused for a 5K Color Run at the end of August! :)
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