2nd day back to work and I am so uncomfortable

I cant wait for my procedure! Im getting a BA and...

I cant wait for my procedure! Im getting a BA and TT. Ive always had small breasts and a pudgy belly but after having a baby over 3 years ago my belly is never going to be flat! Ive slowly lost 80 lbs since my daughter was born, and Ive kept it off! Ive always told myself that if I got the weight off I would reward myself with this! I go for my consult feb 26 but ive already scheduled my surgery for the friday before spring break (I work full time and go to school half time) I went ahead and scheduled it because I didnt want my day to be tKen otherwise id have to wait til after May. Im nervous but ive had 2 abdominal surgeries before an appendectomy and a c section but Ive had nightmares lately that ill wake up paralyzed during the surgery and feel everything but unable to tell the surgeon :-( but im still soooo excited

Im have a consult with a second dr wednesday. It...

Im have a consult with a second dr wednesday. It will actually be my first consult, though ive already set my surgery date with dr ratliff. Ive just heard a few things about him from women who have gone to him, that he loses his nice guy attitude after the surgery and he has your money and that makes me uneasy. I need to know that if I have complications hes going to be nice about it lol! Im sensitive already and from what ive read im going to be emotional post op so I dont need anyone to be a jerk to me. I may still end up going to ratliff but idk. Im also worried about getting both surgeries at once now bc ive been told im going to be miserable. So confused right now I really want this but I also need to be able to work and take care of my kid!

Another note, I smoke :-( disgusting I know but im...

Another note, I smoke :-( disgusting I know but im trying really hard to kick ot completely by feb 15th, that gives me one month smoke free before my surgery. Im so scared by the risks that come with it, almost to the point to where I cancelled my surgery....does anyone know whether a month off cigarettes will be enough? This also motivates me to finally quit, after numerous failed attempts.

I called and paid 2k toward my surgery today! Im...

I called and paid 2k toward my surgery today! Im committed now no turning back :-) ive been working on my smoking too, I'm down to 2 per day and my goal is to be done conpletely with them by friday. That gives me 3 weeks smoke free before my surgery though the doctor told me 2 weeks would be fine. I just know im going to be goong through hell those two weeks bc ill have to give up caffeine and chocolate too not to mention I will be so anxious aboutthe surgery and I have midterm exams the week before....im just ready for the 15th! Oh and ive switched surgeons, im going to Dr. Swetnam in grove...and I added hip lipo....oh im so excited!

Well I paid in full yesterday! I'm getting so...

Well I paid in full yesterday! I'm getting so excited and ready!!! Two weeks from today. Going to buy a power recliner tomorrow from Big Lots because I've read that a recliner is a girl's best friend in this venture. I have been kind of worried about the jerking motion of a normal recliner with the handle, but I came across a really good deal on a powered one so I'm excited. I also started my pre-op vitamins today as well

OMG OMG this time next week I will be 24 hours...

OMG OMG this time next week I will be 24 hours post op. The nurse called me yesterday to tell me they moved my surgery time to 6am instead of 8 am. yikes but thats good the sooner i go in the I get out!!! I have my pre-op Tuesday(also I have TWO midterms that day so I will be stressed/excited that day)....I'm glad we already decided to get a motel near the hospital. 2 hour drive would have been rough trying to get ther by 8 let alone 6. It's starting to get real guys! I've been a little depressed this past week because I've gained a few lbs(between quitting smoking /caffeine and not having time to work out everday like I normally do because of..... EVERYTHING lol) I mean I havent gained a lot but everything is tight and I'm all puffy and gross. ugh. Anyways I'm just ready to get through the next week so I can get my surgery over with then get over the recovery period so life can get back to normal!!!! I ran 5 miles yesterday and felt so good and made me feel a little more sane but thats not going to be a plausible release for a while after friday.

Well I go to my pre op today! Mixed feelings,...

Well I go to my pre op today! Mixed feelings, super excited but also bummed because I weighed myself last night. Really upset and worried that my weight gain is going to effect my results. Well im gonna jump in the shower I jave 2 midterms today as well so ive got a busy busy day ahead!

Ok ladies im in a much better mood im so excited...

Ok ladies im in a much better mood im so excited just ready to get it all over with! I thibk it really helps that I got my midterms out of the way and that damn nicotine test over with. Oh man im do excited got my bras (thought they are itchy and stiff feeling I can already tell im gonna hate them-and my straps so im going home and packing my bag and ficusing catcging up laundry and vleaning my house! Woo hoo!

Ok ladies im a few houra post op. I feel much...

Ok ladies im a few houra post op. I feel much better than I anticipated so either the drugs are realllly good or its not as bad as I thought. Ill update more later

Ok just wanted to share this weird new development...

Ok just wanted to share this weird new development.....I had commented earlier on the march/april mommy makeover forum that one boob was swelled more than the othwr and that the opposite side of my belly was swelled more. Well the smaller breast doeant even look like theres an implant in it at all. I had my post op appointment today and come to find out im right. The implant somehow a slipped and is sitting in my abdomen (that extra "swelling" I was talking about). Crazy right???? The surgeon is weirded out too theyve never seen it happen but im scheduled for 8am tomorrow for them to fix it. Just wanted to share. I had a tummy tuck and hip lipo with breat implants inserted through my belly button and somehow slipped theough the path they used to insert the implant....the are going to take the implant out using the same abdominal inccision and they will have ti cut under the breast to insert the implant, and close up that pathway that caused the slip in the firat place. All of my loved ones are livid, and im not exactly thrilled at going under the knife again esp this soon, but the surgeonwas wonderful eextremely apologeticand Iis fixing it immediately. Of course at no charge to me. Things happen and if thwre was a mistake in my surgeries I would prefer it be something ammendable like this because it could be a lot worse. Besides. This is going to make for one hell of a conversation piece am I right????

I'm one week post op from my first surgery. My 2nd...

I'm one week post op from my first surgery. My 2nd surgery went fine no problems. I've dealt with the depression the past few days, but im not sure if its the ever anticipated post partum emotions or personal issues lol. Anyways, pain not too bad, just the numbness and tightness that irritates me more than anything.

Adding some photos sorry they arent in very good...

adding some photos sorry they arent in very good order because my phone is having trouble emailing them to myself so i can upload from my computer...it would reallly be helpful if you could upload directly from mobile devices grrrr

Tiday is my 2nd day back to work and I am super...

Tiday is my 2nd day back to work and I am super uncomfortable. I have such a hard time finding pants that fit since non of my preop pants fit due to swelling. Add that I idiotically had mexican for lunch and I am absolutely miserable right now :-(
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I switched to Dr Swetnam in Grove...but I don't know how to fix this without having to just delete this one and starting all over...

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Heya! How are you doing so far?? Update when you get the time ok? ;)
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Girl I don't know now,you went back to,work that quick, that's amazing, imhad mine on 3/19 and was supposed to go in for a meeting this thurs 1/2 day and told home today no way, see them on Monday if they are lucky and that's just 1 day shy of 2 weeks which my dr recommended min 2 weeks. Glad to hear your healing well from both surgeries and hope thins are better on the home front
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I've been doing my uploading directly from my iPhone. Maybe you can try? I think for iPhones, can upload pics if you use a web browser ie safari. But apps cannot. Btw, I just looked thru your pic. The girls look great and yes! Same size now!! So happy for you!
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Just wanted to let you know that sometimes anesthesia itself can induce or amplify depression. Not often mentioned by doctors pre-op. As a nurse working in a surgical center one of our pre-op questions is about depression. If a patient states they have been depressed this is a reportable comment to the anesthesiologist. We have rescheduled elective treatments until further eval. Hopefully this is temporary. I recommend you let your family and friends know how your feeling. They can help reallynevaluate your affect at a time you may not be able to
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Hi! How did your 2nd op go?
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everything went smoothly girl thanks for asking. I'm liking my results so far, just ready to be normal again lol
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Girl, you are crazy optimistic but so right. Better to be something fixable (and at no cost) than something even the surgeon cannot fix. I'm sure all the positivity is going to help speed healing by keeping those stress hormones in bay!! Good luck!
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Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. My boyfriend and I had a HUGE fight because I didnt throw a major fit...but I just don't see the point in getting ugly until its necessary. My surgeon and his partner, as well as all of the girls in his office have been wonderful from the very beginning. Just to gove you an idea, I had a really rough time before my surgery while trying to quit smoking-depression, a little weight gain, etc.....for 2 weeks every single day one of the girls from the office called to check on me and make sure I was ok and gave me support, and this was even before my surgery! The surgeon himself even called me once. They have gone above and beyond. If they had simply treated me like a number, or brushed me off or tried to deflect the blame, I probably wouldnt be this level headed. I almost didnt mention it on here because I dont want it to reflect badly on my surgeon, but I also felt I needed to tell my story because I know I WAS freaking out trrying to figure out why I was so lopsided this weekend before I could see my surgeon. This way, maybe my story will help someone else going through this
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I'm with you on NOT throwing a major fit- unless you are done having the surgeon work on you. You don't want a disgruntled person working on your body. And it's very generous of you to share this experience. If everyone sugar coats their recovery and lack of complications, then someone who gets a minor complication may feel really alone and depressed with a "why me?". As for your boy friend, I guess this anger is a manifestation of how much he cares for you. :) if its as simple as his woman being bullied, he won't have a problem putting his fist on the other guys face, but this situation is more complicated than that, hence, his frustration. ;)
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Glad to hear everything went well and your not feeling too bad. Go get some rest now, don't over do it. Best of luck on your recovery!
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I was a smoker too, I also was told that I needed to stop 2wk before and 3wk after a mm.....I think if u really want to have the surgery you can stop I even gave myself 3wk before setting my date I have been smoke free for a month now my extended tt and breast aug was on 2/1/13 ...you can do it :)
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Fantastic! Congrats on your surgery. How much did you smoke before? I usually smoke between half a pack to a full pack a day depending on whats going on, so Im a little nervous that it will effect my surgery even after quitting weeks before since I smoke so much...
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Half a pack a day...and now i cant stand the smell of it ...you'll do fine, you'll do it if you want a faster healing
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Very exciting! Please let us know how the consultation goes. Will you be posting before and after photos so we can witness your transformation?

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Yes as soon as I get a chance I will post my before pictires! Im so busy right now with work and school and motherhood not to mention getying everything squared away before surgery that im not sure when but it is on my list of to dos!
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