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I am 25 years old 5'6 and 160 lbs, a mother of...

I am 25 years old 5'6 and 160 lbs, a mother of two which are 2 and 4, and a wife of six years. At my biggest I was 215 lbs I have recently lost 55 lbs. And have kept the weight off for about 6 months now. Im happy with my weight and ready to do something about the loose skin from my 2 c-sections and the weight loss. Im doing an online consult now just so that I can book my surgery date. My in person consult will be March 13, 2012. Hopefully the surgery date will be March 19, 2012. I am very excited but of course very scared. I dont know really what to expect. My husband will be taking off from work the first week of me being home after the surgery. Then hopefully getting help from my mom after that. Please if you guys have any advice of anything from the things to do before the surgery to things to do after to help with anything please let me know id appreciate the advice. I havent talked to anyone that has done all of this at one time so having some advice would be great!!! Ill post some before pictures and then some after the surgery to keep you guys up to date!!!!

So my consult date changed it will be March 12 and...

so my consult date changed it will be March 12 and my surgery will be the day following...yah... im so excited ...well a little nervous i could say... just dont really know what to expect...

I still have one more consultation to go to then I'll decide. I'm hoping for April ... The sooner the better, right!? I can't wait!!
Hi Jessie, I understand what you're going through on the guilt with the money, I'm feeling the same way. You just need to remember everything that you do for your family and how this is only going to help. I just know I'm going to be such a happier person once it's all done and everyone will benefit for years to come! Good luck with everything!!
New Mrs. C whens your surgery date?

Well the time is getting closer....eeeekkkk I'm...

Well the time is getting closer....eeeekkkk I'm scared ..more of the going under part and the tube going down my throat.... OMG .... ill post again after the surgery and let you guys how everything goes
All wonderful news Jessie! What an incredible year you're going to have of just feeling fabulous! My surgery is on Wednesday in Kansas City. Eeeek! EXCITED!
Congrats on the weight loss!! Can't wait to see your photos.
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