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I was the happiest girl in the world the day of...

I was the happiest girl in the world the day of surgery, and for about 2 weeks after. Then the problems started. My implants fell to low and far apart. My tummy tuck left me with a puppy dog ear and need lipo my surgery was expensive compared to other doctors that would do all three procedures for 2,000 dollars less than the doctor I went with. He said all the right things and made my trust in him and his staff. I paid 12,000 dollars CASH! For my implants and tummy tuck NO lipo! He said he wouldn't do all three to come back in 3 months. I told him I wouldn't be able to afford that cause he quoted me 3,500 for lipo. On top of $12,000 I don't have that kinda money with 4 girls. It took 7 years and everything I had to do this for me. He said you will find away. But that's for sure not possible now that I hate the way my surgery turned out. He told me that I would have to deal with my results that he wasn't going to fix me and didn't like that I criticized his work. And walked out on me. I just wanted to cry right there! I haven't been back because he was so rude my last visit. He was so confident in his work as his nurses were too. That's why I chose him even though he was more expensive and the other doctors I seen would have done all 3 procedure's for a lot less.
Did your problems ever get resolved by this dr.?
Yes I am still trying to figure outhow to post them
I'm so sorry to hear that. Do you have after pics?

When I was still happy

Just after surgery
Try reaching out to Angie the community manager. You should post your after pics so us moms can give you our honest unbiased opinion. It may also wake up your doctor that his results are out there for prospects to see...sorry to hear you are unhappy with this...your 2 day postop results look nice...
you just "update your review", there will be an option to add pictures when you do so.

5months post op


5 months post op

Last pictures didn't upload
Unacceptable keep complaining until he listens. Word of mouth is the best way!
I completely agree it's most certainly unacceptable, and if I didn't live 2 hours away and gas prices weren't killing us. I would be in his office complaining every day, but the man seriously doesn't care. Sad thing is he told me most of his work was fixing other doctors mistakes. Which also made me feel like choosing him was a great choice. To bad I had to find out the hard way.
I am still on the fence about getting my surgeries. I can understand your frustration. I would stand in his office all day showing people what he did to you and blast him all over the internet until he fixed the problem or refunded part of your money. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story.

more 5 month post op

Sorry for the delay in after pics having trouble getting them to upload
I don't know about anyone else, but when researching a PS that I would entrust my life with, I just can't rely on a review where, after over a yr following the 1st procedure{s}, there are no photos to show the "horrible" results. I live in OK and have realized it is extremely difficult to find a top-rated PS in our area. I will say that over the past couple years, I've asked a few health professionals and strangely enough, they have ALL referred me to Dr. Mathers. When I asked my primary care Dr., who has 30+ yrs experience and is very well-connected/respected in his field, who he recommended to use as a PS-I barely got the sentence out of my mouth before he said "Dr. Mathers." In no way do I doubt Ann28's word & feel for her experience. I have used Dr. Koehler in Tulsa for breast augmentation & he did a great job, but has since moved out of state. Now that I'm considering a neck lift, I'm trying to find another PS I can trust. I guess my point is that photos would've been very helpful with the negative reviews that were given and also that you can't go solely by ppl's reviews and need to do research from all angles before choosing a PS that's right for you.


So saggy it makes my torso look short. Scared if I have to live like this my boobs are going to end up at my belly button in a few years.
I did go back, this time with my husband! I addressed my concerns and issues. I had my breast and tummy tuck revised but yet again it was a fail!!!! He didn't fix my hips and this time told me to live in a bra and that I needed to do a body lift with lipo to fix my hips!!!!!! Uhhhh!!!! No! He should have done lipo the first go around my body isn't a toy to play or practice on.... He's got 20 plus years experience! I will never go back there again! He told me I didn't need a lift the first time, I would just have even more scars to look at and lipo would fix my hips.... And now I need lipo and a body lift all the way around because it looked like I had lost more weight. I weigh the same as I did the day he operated on me. Hugh mistake going back, but I was desperate and depressed! But nothing has changed even after my revision surgery.
So sorry to hear about that. My mom had a similar issue with her face lift with a different surgeon. I haven't seen your pictures but if everything did fail, maybe any legal means through the contract is the best way.
I am in Tulsa and looking for a PS for a tummy tuck, breast lift, augmentation and your honest review definitely makes ME move onto someone else. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your experience with me. In my opinion, there is standard medical practice for pretty much every procedure done in medicine. Some doctors may have small things they do but in general there are standards. For instance, if most surgeons do lipo during a TT then that should be standard practice. I would consider contacting the State or National Plastic Surgery Licensing Board and see what the "standard" medical practice is for a TT. And most definitely consider arbitration if the procedure did not turn out well and he refuses to revise for free. Also, you can complain to the State Medical Board and whatever Plastic Licensing Board he is affiliated with if he won't fix for you. Use all tools available in the contract and then public opinion if that doesn't work, cheaper for him to simply fix the issues in the long run. BTW, you can always get a permit to picket on a public street corner but definitely give him the option to fix first.

Doesn't take criticism, and will not let you talk if you complain about his work he will walk out on you. I wasn't being rude or ugly just explaining my concerns and he said deal with it! Great at consultation and rude after surgery!

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4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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