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The reviews certainly vary on this procedure. I...

The reviews certainly vary on this procedure. I am hopeful that I am a good candidate and can handle any pain. I am 51, 5'5", 160 lbs. From weightlifting, running and other exercising I am fairly muscular. I maintained a weight of 130-140 since college with the exception of 2 pregnancies. In the past three years, I have struggled with fatty areas and weight gain while continuing to exercise and eat right. I am a vegetarian who eats fish, dairy and eggs. A typical week of exercise is 10 hours. I have decided that it would be a good idea to take an anxiety med and a pain pill before the procedure. I am having inner thighs and upper/lower abdomen done.

Day1 - feeling good

The meds before the procedure really helped relax me. It was definitely an odd feeling and even odder to see my frozen fat. The worst area was my upper ab. It felt like it was pulling muscle into the instrument also. Small bruising there. No other bruising. I just feel tender like I did too many ab crunches. A little sweeling and a little odd sensation of being numb. So far so good.

Day 4 - still a little tender

Upper abs still tender. Everything else just feels a little odd but no pain. Using heating pad at night and massaging. Also used topical Arnica and it seems to help.

2nd treatment, but done!

As I lay there getting my second treatment to my lower abs I am thinking "what possessed me to do this to my self?" The second time was more painful but so glad to not be doing upper abs. If I see the same amount of improvement after the 2nd treatment as I I did after the first, then it will be worth it. I didn't really think there had been a big change until I saw the dr.'s pics. I think it is important to wait the full 4 months before getting additional treatments. No need to spend more money and endure the procedure if you don't have to.


It is time to accept my body and the aging process. I will not torture, inject, shock, squeeze or freeze my poor body/face again. Time for lotions, massages and facials. Must relax, eat right, exercise and thank God for allowing me this healthy vessel to live in.
Tulsa Dermatologist

The consultation was in depth and informative.

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4 months after. Looks so great and I am doing a second treatment on Monday. I get 50% off 2nd treatment. I'll skip upper abs because there really is not enough fat to grab with suction device and this was my most painfull area last time. Pictures showed big difference, hopefully I can load next week. Had a friend who had not seen me in a while tell me it looked like I had lost 30 lbs!!!
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They will provide me with before and after pics at the end of the 4 months. I am starting to see results in my lower abs. I have lost 3 pounds even with the holiday eating and limited exercise due to weather. So far, so good.
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any pictures or results?
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Welcome! Glad you're doing well so far. I've heard people describe the frozen fat as looking like a stick of butter... :-P that must look odd!

Please keep us posted on your results. I hope they turn out great for you.

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