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Hey ladies! So I've been researching butt implants...

Hey ladies! So I've been researching butt implants & reading all of the reviews on real self for months but I just recently created a profile. I have always been unhappy with my backside. No matter how many squats or exercises I did, my booty was still small. The only time I have any sort of butt is when I was pregnant or gained weight & even then it was still really small. It seems my butt is the last place I gain weight & the 1st place I lose it. I've been thin most of my life, but gained a lot of weight with 3 pregnancies & then after a car wreck due to medication. I lost the weight immediately after but the fluctuating turned my small booty into a saggy flat mess. I've tried squats & dead lifts & nothing helps. My back, butt & thighs all line up without any curve, just flat. I have to wear padded panties (my 5yr old calls em "mommy's butt bra" lol) just to look somewhat normal in my jeans. So after years of being insecure I finally made the decision to do something about it & get butt implants. At 5'7 1/2 & 120lbs I can't do the BBL & I'm wanting permanent results. I chose Dr. Ladd Atkins in Tulsa bc he's only about 1hr 45 min from where I live & he has all of the credentials & positive previews I was looking for. I had my consultation feb 19th. The staff was all very nice & Dr. Atkins was awesome. He was very professional but he's really laid back & instantly makes you feel comfortable. He answered all of my questions & fully explained the procedure, different placements, implants etc. So I paid the deposit & scheduled my surgery for June 12th. I'm gonna go crazy waiting til June!! But my husband works & I know I won't be able to drive for awhile so I wanted to make sure my kids were out of school. I'm doing the round implants & based on my measurements of 13.4 I can go between 275cc - 450cc. I'm not sure what I want to do. I don't want anything crazy like vanity wonder but I also don't want to be disappointed bc I went too small. It's not like boobs where u can compare by cup sizes. One size might look huge on someone & small on someone else with a different body type. Like I said I'm tall & thin but I do have breast implants DD. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:) & I'll add some before pics & wish pics.

Before pics:(

Here's some before pics...so gross. I do have big hips & Dr. Atkins is going to lipo my flanks & lower back & transfer what he can to my booty.

I think I've decided on a size:)

First off I wanna say thank you to all you girls for posting pics & documenting your journey's in such great detail! It's really helped me a lot with my decision. I think I'm going to go with the 450cc round implant. I still have 3mos to go & may change my mind, after all I'm a girl;) but I'm pretty sure 450 is what it's going to be.

Pain questions

I know that everyone's different but I just wanna get a general idea of how recovery has been for most of y'all. Bc I will be doing this narcotic free. Crazy I know. After my car wreck I was prescribed lortab & even taken as directed, you can still become dependent & unfortunately I did. I know My injury was more severe so was on them a lot longer than recovery for butt implants, but I still went through hell & I refuse to take to chance it. Dr. Atkins said he will prescribe ultram or tramadol instead. I have a high pain tolerance & I'm too determined for a booty to let anything stop me, but I just kinda want to know how you ladies have felt post OP. :)


Here's some pics of me before, some wish pics (not exactly size wise but I like the waist to booty difference) & a pic of how I don't want it to look (u can see the implant)

Booty Booty & more Bootaaay!!

Lol I'm going crazy waiting for real! All I do I feel like is count the days & research butts. I've googled & binged & looked at damn near every review on real self it seems. I swear I've looked at so many ass's lately I feel like a pervy dude!! I've seen the good the bad & the ewwgly! I'm so excited I just pray time goes fast & that I get the results I've wanted. & that I don't lose my sanity in the meantime waiting lol;)


Told u I'm goin crazy, I sound like dr f'n Seuss in my update. Really didn't mean to rhyme lol

The monsters

Here's a behind pic of my nonexistent booty. & a sports bra pic of my boobs.

Booked my hotel!

Ok got my hotel booked!! :) since I'm coming from okc to tulsa my pre op day is the day before my surgery & post op the day after, so I'll be needing my room for 3 days. I reserved a room at the Crown Plaza Southern Hills in Tulsa Ok. It's less than a mile( .18 mile) from the hospital so really close! It has a lounge/bar restaurant, fitness center, outdoor & indoor pool, lots of amenities that I probably won't use lol but hey maybe since I'll be there a day before surgery. & they have a deal with the hospital so I was able to get a discount, just let em know you're having surgery. I was able to get a room for only $109 per night.

Forgot pics

Hotel pics

New date!

Moved my date from June 12th to June 5th!! I know it's only a week but that's a freakin week less of waiting! Which is killin me ugh:( so exactly 90 days from now instead of 97 haha. So wish I could move it sooner but dr Atkins only does surgery on Thursdays & that's the 1st Thursday in June. We've had snow tho so My kids won't be outta school til probably may 27th now instead of the 23rd & I gotta drive em to Texas & get back. I'm happy I at least moved it a week up yay.

What I want

Here's some more pics. Some of me in jeans (without the pads) lol. I have no projection, no booty, zip zilch nada. & some pics of what I want my results to look like. I want the big projection & I like the big back scoop like Beyoncé. I want a round bubble butt & I want cheek creases? Idk how to explain it but I want there to be definition in my booty from my thigh. That make sense?? How do I explain that to my dr?

Kids n cooties

Nothin to do with booties but I wanna whine so anyway my youngest turned 6 yesterday


Idk why it only updated the 1st sentence of my review? & I'm sick & not in the mood to re type it.

Tick tock tick...

71 days 14 hrs 39minutes 56s 42 seconds til my surgery...time is dragging by soooo sloooow:(


That we don't get any tornadoes! There's a chance of tornado & severe weather today, we've got our bags ready & down in our storm shelter but I'm really hopin we don't. Last feb 2013 we started building a new house & on the may 20th 2013 tornado the house we were living in was hit as well as my kids school briarwood elem. Thank God our house that was bein built wasn't hit but We still lost everything in the other house & had to stay in a hotel til August when this house was finished. & we had renters insurance but the ins co filed receivership so like many ppl, we had to replace everything out of pocket. Not to mention our hotel we were stayin in was hit by the May 31st tornado. So like I said we really don't wanna go through it again...especially not in my dream house that we spent so much time & money havin built. & my babies can't handle it emotionally, losin little friends. So I'll be prayin all day Lord plz keep us safe, keep us in moore & all of Oklahoma safe. MOORE STRONG!!!


So I've been tanning so I can get some color before my surgery since I won't be able to go for a little bit after & bc it's that time of yr. I usually never burn but like a dummy I went in a super bed with brand new bulbs the whole time & did the leg tanner. So my little booty is on fire along with the back of my legs:( the rest of me is ok. So guessin it was the leg tanner that did it. Gonna take a few days off & take it sloooow from now on;)

Where is spring??!?

It's raining & chilly today:( typical Oklahoma...yesterday was sunny & shorts weather. So I'm bored. I hate boring days they make the time till surgery seem even further. 59 days to go! My kids are havin fun at least, they're building a fort/tent thingy lol.

Funny but so serious

So goin over supplies list for the sx & a thought occurred to me. How am I supposed to poop after sx if I can't sit for awhile?? They have female funnel urinals to pee but how do u take a sh!t? When u say u can't sit does that mean bc it's uncomfortable or bc ur not supposed to bend bc u could tear the incision? I can pee into somethin standing up if need be but I don't think I can boo boo standing. Im really stressin over this now.
Dr. Ladd Atkins

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Lmao, I'm so sorry Lexi but I really laughed when I read ur update. You trip me out. Girl don't stress to much over it. Start taking fiber bf ur surgery and I'm sure ur dr has a solution for this . Then there's always google, I'm going look now!!
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Lol I'm not worried about the constipation that's caused by the pain meds & I won't have narcotic. & I'm not worried about it hurting to go, I just read where ppl say they can't sit down or bend. Well u gotta bend to sit & sit to poop. So if u can't sit is it bc ur not supposed to bend bc it'll tear an incision? Or bc it hurts? If u can't bend u can't poop.
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I didnt poop until like the 5th day. It was really hard to do! Like I felt handicap I was like holding on to the walls to try and keep myself up. I didn't take any fiber or anything because I didn't want to poop lol. I was worried that I would get some poop in my incision !!!!! And when I peed I literally just stood up and peed in a cup, and poured it in the toilet. It's way easier.
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Lol I can so understand that!!
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Idk girl, there has to be some kinda exception right?! I'm proud of you for doing it without the pain meds, super respect for knowing ur limits!!
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@missmia yeah I'm worried bout gettin pooh in the incision also. Luckily I guess it's good that I don't poop that often. Weird I know but I used to take lortabs after a wreck & it's the pain pills that constipate u. My body wound up addicted to the pills:( & had to detox. but taking them for so long I think I messed myself up bc I don't go #2 everyday. Tmi I know. As far as peein I don't mind goin in a cup or funnel. Hell we have a walk in shower I thought about just turnin the water in & person over the drain lmao..gross.
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Stupid auto correct. Meant turnin water ON & peeing over drain
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@bubbles thank u:) I just know I went through hell before & would never chance goin back there again. & I want my booty nobody's forcing me to do it so I'm just gonna have to put my big girl panties on & deal w the pain. I'm just wonderin if I do gotta pooh after if I'll be able to sit or if I'll have to stand lol. I'll ask my dr. He should love that. ;)
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Lol just laugh when u tell him , a good giggle always lightens a weird conversation;)
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Lol whatever works for you lol, but the cup method is better then even trying to sit like if your out or something, have a cup lol ... I made sure and still do every time I poop I shower right after just in case ya know. ... Are you getting excited !!!!?
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That's a really good idea, just bring disposable cups or somethin. & I've been excited!! Lol I'm so impatient now, I just want it to hurry.
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Yes that's exactly how I felt ! Literally at my pre op my doc was like any questions I was like NOPE ! I'm just ready for a asssssss !!!! Haha
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Lmmfao on ur burnt bootay!! My husband always pushes the limit even when I tell him ten min for his first time he pushes to fifteen and that's about what he looks like lol!! That's cool tents are popular in our fam too, and gurl ur house is beautiful!! We just got into an older house and we are remodeling room by room.
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I know better too but I'm so impatient. Plus I had been sick not long ago so the antibiotics made me more sensitive to the sun. The burn wasn't bad it was the ITCHING of it healing that really drove me crazy. Girl do u know what I looked like walkin around everywhere scratchin my butt cheeks lmao!! Tell ur hubby slooow down unless he wants to be scratchin his ass in public gettin stank looks from ppl:) Yeah it's crazy how easily kids can entertain themselves with just a few blankets. & Thank you, we still haven't decorated the house yet so it looks bare to me but like I said we started building a few mos before the tornado so it was just finished in August & since we lost everything in the storm & ins co went bankrupt we had to replace everything out of our own pocket. So decoratings taken a back seat. That's a good way to do the remodeling, just take it room by room. Makes it seem less overwhelming that way.
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Besides fam pic, I like bare . Less dusting, but seriously it looks really nice I like y'all colors too. This house is four bedroom two bath, we just moved in a month ago. My dad does excellent work tho so me him and hubby are a great team!! Overwhelmed is my middle name , I want everything done by tomm:/
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Well thank ya doll & I agree I hate dusting! I chose a peacock color scheme for the whole house. Well except my sons room is done in camo so his walls are like a greenish color & my youngest girl picked bright ass purple. Same here w/the 4bed 2bath. It's so nice havin that 4th room omg lol. My girls have always shared a room but my girls are the oldest & youngest & my sons in the middle. So one girls almost 13 & the other just turned 6. they're not on the same level interest wise & they're as different as night & day anyway. My older ones quiet shy & really sweet & my youngest is loud very outgoing & a straight diva lol. That's good u have ur daddy to help, bet it's gonna be awesome. & girl me too..I'm always runnin. Since I stay home I swear I work harder then when I actually worked! I do all the cleanin & laundry cookin shoppin errands, the kids the dogs lol. I'm like a nanny chef chauffeur nurse referee secretary maid..but I love it. I'm gonna go crazy after surgery just layin around.
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Ah ! You are so right, I stay home and I don't think my hubby realizes all that I do. But that's bc I never made his ass do even half of if , lil mama always has it. Girl I don't know what I did today, but damn my back is killing me!! I can feel it down the tops of my legs and around my hips. I slept messed up but I didn't wake up hurting, it wasn't til I was done cleaning . Like it gradually started I think:( idk this is one of the worst I ever hurt it tho:/
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Probably over did it cleaning & didn't realize. Your body still isn't 100%. It's crazy how all the nerves attach & u can hurt urself in one place & it cause pain to other areas. I'm sorry, hope u feel better. U should try to relax & take one of your pain meds.
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Thanks girl I took a four ibuprofen and I'm laying down watching swamp ppl. My dad knows the landrys on there. We live like 30 min from the Houma dad and son, they get on my nerves , and from Pierre part. I got a pillow under my feet and back, and I got everything done today so I can lay up and just cook tomm. Y'all shld check out swamp ppl. It's on the history channel:)
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Love swamp ppl watchin it right now. CHOOT EM lol.
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Yes indeed girl we live right there Morgan city . Fishin these swamps and bayous they keep showing on here. Troy was at the berwick junior high his granddaughter and my daughter are in band together and my daughter played on his sons softball team. He owns Duffys and they sell some huge ass crawfish too !! Not all of us talk " Cajun - down the bayou" like their accents tho.
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Lol I like the Cajun accent tho. Its like a whole nother language. That's so cool y'all live down there. I love party down south too especially tiffany
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Oh no Lexi :(. Ur fam is so strong to have made it thru all of this . Girl I wld still be wrung out from stress. I can relate bc we have bad hurricanes sometimes, but I always say , we have days to prepare and leave , and get our meaningful things. You got have mere min and I'm sure not even that sometimes. My heart swells for you and I will be thinking about you and urs all day. We watched it on the news and stuff and you are the only one I'm actually hearing a first hand experience from. We don't know anyone from there. Well I will say a prayer for protection for y'all. Stay safe my friend. Love and hugs girl.
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Thank you, It was really hard. My kids are now terrified of any storms my son has nightmares still & my 6 yr old started wetting the bed. So it's still fresh for sure. I'm just glad that we made it alive. The personal belongings are replaceable we're not. Thank God my husband makes good money bc we were able to replace everything. Idk what we would've done had it happened like 10yrs ago b4 he started his business. We had to replace clothes toys tvs all of our furniture etc. things like my wedding dress pictures my best friend that was murdereds belongings, I can't replace those so it stings. I definitely don't wanna start all over. The fact that it hit our house & then the 2nd one hit our hotel it felt like some final destination sh!t...like it was following us! I know bout them hurricanes too my parents live in east tx. Etoile to be exact lil hick town in the sticks lol... By lufkin tx. So they were hit by Katrina.
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