Breast reduction and mini tummy tuck scheduled!-Tulsa, OK

I interviewed several board certified plastic...

I interviewed several board certified plastic surgeons in my area and chose Dr. Rubis. I'm 5'7" 135 lbs and 32G. I have had one child. I'm fairly active, but have lots of upper back, neck, and shoulder pain- which increased since having a child. Just being in an upright position all day with little activity causes pain and numbness in my back- only when I lie down at night for bed is there any relief. looking forward to being even more active without all the pain! I was approved for coverage by my insurance, so I'm not sure of the exact amount currently. This is an estimate.


Welcome to the community.  You are getting the works and will be a whole new woman soon!  You will feel so much better with the smaller breasts.  My back pain went away instantly!!


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I'm having a mini tummy tuck and breast reduction...

I'm having a mini tummy tuck and breast reduction next week. I'm not nervous yet, just really excited. I'm trying to figure out how to tell my five year old son that I'll have to rest for a few days without getting too graphic with my age appropriate response so he understands that mommy needs to rest, but she is okay too :-)??? Every time I get dressed in the morning and put on my very uncomfortable tight bra I get more and more excited about the surgery. It will be so nice to not have to wear 2 or 3 bras just to go running or work out. My shoulders sure take a beating every time I work out! I'm sure they will thank me after my surgery next week....can't wait!


I have had to flick through your pictures over and over because we wear the same size bra, and from the side you look a normal size but from the front you look larger. But you look smaller than I feel! Go figure. Maybe it's because you're 7 inches taller haha. Good luck! Look forward to your updates.
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Good luck, looking forward to hearing about your surgery. I can tell you from my own experience the breast reduction is a wonderful operation. It has made my life so much better. Good luck to you.
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thank you!! I'm getting really excited for next week!

Surgery Tomorrow

I had to postpone my surgery, but It has been rescheduled for tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous. My husband took off work to drive me there...not sure how to recovery will go, but I will update you all!


Good luck hun. The results will amaze you. I wish that I could have had a tummy tuck as well. You don't look like you need one at all. Welcome to the other side and happy healing. Can't wait to see the results.
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1 week post op

I'm really happy with the results. Ill post pictures as soon as I can. I have one drain for my mini tummy tuck which will be removed tomorrow. It would've been removed sooner but PS said it needs to produce less than 20cc per day and the last two days it's been less than 15cc. Tomorrow is ths day and I can't wait for the drain to come out... But I hear it hurts. I expected to be in a lot more pain than I've been in. I hardly had to take any pain meds after day 3. I'd say there's a lot more pain with the mini tummy tuck than the breast reduction. I go back to work next week and honestly could've gone back sooner if I just had the breast reduction- but do need the extra time bc of the mini tummy tuck. My husband has been a big help and my son says "mommy you're walking funny"- since I have to walk with a 30 degree bend... Lol my son has been understanding that mommy has to rest for the most part. I'll post pics soon!!

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4 weeks post op today

I'm feeling pretty good. Ive been back at work 2.5 weeks! The breast reduction was much less painful than I thought, the mini TT was what kept me down longer. So far I'm very happy with the breast reduction. I definitely see an improvement with the mini TT, but I still feel like I have loose skin and a crease under my belly button that I thought the mini TT would get rid of. I still have swelling so that could also cause that crease to be more prominent. I'm hoping as the swelling goes down it looks better. I still wear my binder most days and night and occasionally wear spanx during the day.


How did your belly button turn out in the long run? Do you have any recent pictures?
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My doctor has submitted paperwork to my insurance to see if it will pay for a breast reduction, which I have wanted for a number of years. I have scoliosis (spine curvature) and stenosis in my neck so I am hoping the procedure will help me stay upright as long as possible. I do have neck and back pain, and have a hard time standing up straight because of the weight on the front. I'm considering a TT, too, which I would have to pay for but after 4 kids, one C-section, one surgery for a ruptured ovary, I have a fairly large torso on a small frame and that includes a sagging abdomen. The thing is, I am 65 years old. I'm in great health except for the structural issues, work out and stay active, and have a townhouse with lots of stairs. Does anyone know of anyone who has undergone both procedures at my age? My weight is normal (125, 5'5") but my trunk has thickened as it holds up the 34DDs so I have this large body on skinny legs. I have to work full-time and can take off no more than 2 weeks and I am concerned about recovery time. Why is it hard to stand up straight afterward (as this is something I hope will be easier after the surgery). I also live alone (kids are grown and gone) and wonder how much post-op care is needed. Thanks for any words of wisdom.
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Did you lose nipple sensation? I am having a breast reduction and a TT and this is a big concern. I can't seem to get clear stats regarding this issue. My doctor said 30-50% chance of loss, and then there are physicians on this site claiming 4-16%
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Tulsa Plastic Surgeon

I looked up board certified surgeons in my area and after several consultations chose to go with Dr. Rubis. His wife is his nurse and she is AMAZING. They both spent a long time with me answering my questions. I even called a few days later and his wife answered more questions. I feel very comfortable and at ease with both of them. I didn't feel as comfortable with any of the other surgeons I consulted with. I'm looking forward to a new me with much less back and neck pain!

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