Breast Implant Removal and Scared to Death! - Tulsa, OK

I had my breast augmentation in August 2008. I...

I had my breast augmentation in August 2008. I had a small C and a large D, they looked so silly that I named them Lucy and Ethel, and they were a little lower than I wanted. Approaching 40 I decided to do something about it. Several friends had implants so I thought that was the way to go. I went bigger than I wanted to because all my friends said I would regret it if I didn't. What I regret is that I have 475 CC in one breast and 550 CC in the other! I'm now 45 and I hate the attention that my boobs get! Men seriously have no shame. Plus, I have degenerative discs and live with constant back pain, those big boobies can't be helping! I also started working out after the implants were put in and cardio is miserable. Soooo, out they are coming. I'm more nervous getting them out than when I had them put in. They are large but my surgeon did a perfect job. They are even, nipples look great. I'm scared that they won't look good. I am also doing a lift and my surgeon, who did the first surgery, assured me that he will make them look great. I'm also a little angry with myself for all the money I have spent on boobs! This site has helped inform me and added a little anxiety I have to admit. Crossing my fingers and thank you to all those that posted that has helped me in preparation for this.
Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! What are you most anxious about? Is it how you'll look after?
Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I look forward to hearing about your experience. I am counting the days until my explant and lift on August 27!
Good luck!

They are out!!

Had my surgery today. I am so glad they are out. In a little bit of pain right now and all bandaged up. I'll post before and after pics soon. I'm anxious to see what they look like.

1 Day post op!

I'm still in a little bit of pain but so far it is totally worth it.
My anxiety was just that I would be flat and saggy or look deformed! My Doc is wonderful and I had faith. Looking thru the internet I saw several pics that made that anxiety high.

Pics of the process!

You look amazing!! It looks like you didn't need to have drains?? It's good to hear the pain level isn't over the top. I will be very happy next week if my explant and lift goes as great as yours! Happy healing!!
Thank you! No I didn't have to have drains and I'm so glad about that. The pain level is about the same as when I put them in. Good luck with yours!!

Same shirt but different look!

Congrats! It wasn't as bad as you thought right? Happy healing!

Post Op Update

Went to see Dr Whitlock today for a post op appointment. All is healing well. I'll say it again, if you are in Oklahoma go see Dr Whitlock. I'm a return customer for a reason. He listens and takes his time with each appointment. I'll update pics in a couple if weeks and after stitches desolve.
They look awesome! Did you get a lift as well?
Yes I did. I was a DDD to a small C. I did not want them saggy or lave loose skin.
Ok, I was thinking you did. I went to his website and of course there is nothing about implant removal. I think that is common on these websites. I wonder if they don't really discuss removal because it might make people think twice about getting implants. Hmmm. Well, I'm in Dallas and I traveled to OKC to get my last implants in 2011, so I wouldn't mind going to tulsa. I will have to contact him. It's good to see that you had a lot of skin and now look perky :)
Dr. Bryan Whitlock

I have nothing but positive comments about Dr. Whitlock and his staff. I would, and do, recommend him highly!

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