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I am a mother of 2 little boys, 4 and 2 yr. olds....

I am a mother of 2 little boys, 4 and 2 yr. olds. I was a 32B before and now after breastfeeding both of them, I am barely a B. Its horrible. Im too large for an A, but the B is too big.. So for about 2 years now I have wanted to have augmentation done. First was talking to my husband about it. And trust me, he was not on board at first. It actually took him quite a while to get an board. I understood and tried to see what he would go through as well. So I waited...and brought it up only a few times. Well, after 2 years he finally said okay he completely understands and is very supportive! I have went to 2 other consultations in this 2 year span, and both doctors were okay... But not what I wanted. The first one I did feel completely comfortable with, and he did not answer my questions. The second doctor was very personable, but basically told me what size, where the incision would be, and every other detail. I had no say so! So now, I have gone to another doctor. I am so confident that this is going to be awesome! He is an awesome doctor, and I love the staff! They were so helpful in every way! My surgery date is scheduled for April 14th. I am going to have 400cc saline imlants under the muscle. I am still worried it might be too big... however, while I was breastfeeding, I was in a D. Very nervous right now for surgery! And antsy! I've waited for 2 years!!

The waiting is horrible!!! I'm so ready :) So excited for bathing suits! I am 5'4 and weigh 115, I hope 400 CC looks natural. Didn't want to look like a porn star, but also dont want to regret not going big enough! Its a hard decision!
Ill definitely be keeping updates!!
How exciting!!! The worse part of all this is the waiting!!! I had 421 and 450 cc silicone implants done on 2/24. My doctor uses sizers during surgery to see what looks best. I asked that he make me proportioned. I honestly could have gone bigger and it seems like most people wish they had gone bigger after all their swelling goes down. Trust your gut and add a little! : ) I'm loving my new look and I bet you will too!

Good luck!

So I have 23 days to go! I am so excited I cant...

So I have 23 days to go! I am so excited I cant stand it!! I keep looking at Victorias Secret online store..eBay... everywhere!! I havent bought anything yet .. Dont know what size to get!! I keep thinking about the size I it going to be too much? Too little?? Sometimes I think I am overthinking it! I got my paperwork in the mail today from the PS's office. So I need to get my scripts filled :) Its all becoming real!

Okay, I am crazy and ordered a bra.. I feel way...

okay, I am crazy and ordered a bra.. I feel way better about my choice of 400 CC. I now wear a B, I ordered a C, and im thinking after sugery, a D will be more like it :) It kinda gave me more of a visual. Now Im wondering about my bathingsuits. I only buy them from Victorias Secret. I just love their suits, some are a small, and some a medium.. they fit of course now,but im wondering ill still be able to wear the mediums after surgery! Im getting so anxious :)

Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for sharing your story. I hope you're absolutely thrilled with your results!


19 days... seems like eternity! Im not feeling...

19 days... seems like eternity! Im not feeling nervous anymore..just impatient!! :) I have always been impatient! I think Im more worried about people after the surgery! I do hair for a living, and I know my clients are going to notice...Im sure a lot of them won't say a word.

Well just posted some before pics! Seeing myself...

well just posted some before pics! Seeing myself makes me even more happy about my surgery! I knew I was small, but these pics look horrible :(
I totally know how you feel! I love Victoria secret bathing suits but even the padded ones don't do any pushing up for me. Lol My BA is in 7 days and it seems like eternity! But all things come with patience right?!? Good luck and keep us posted!
thank you!!! I think I'll definitely be shopping for some bigger tops ;)
Good luck mnh!!!!! :-D

So impatient!! Every time I get on here to read...

So impatient!! Every time I get on here to read other reviews, it just makes me even more antsy!! I cant wait :) I feel very confident about the 400CCs now, from looking at before and afters, and reading everyone elses reviews, so thank you ladies!! Cant wait for this summer and to feel confident again!
You have a few weeks till surgery. If you haven't already start padding your bra so it's not so obvious once you do get them. I started to pad and double up on my bras a few weeks prior. Often had my 13mo old on my hip. He was a good cover up. My hubby is in the military and we are moving this summer so that helps too. My family will notice but will not judge. You will look great.
:) thank you!! I just realized today Im under 20 days until surgery!! I had a friend who got 500 cc under the muscle as well, but I think for her frame they look way too big (and my frame is smaller) so i didnt want that big! I have to go to teeball practice! dont want my kids ashamed lol!
You will look great with 400cc. Remember they look slightly smaller once under the muscle.

15 days?!?! So, I ordered some bras..because I...

15 days?!?!
So, I ordered some bras..because I got an awesome price! I was able to message the lady selling them and Im thinking at least 1/2 of them will fit :) Again, just trying to get a visual. Im wondering, what should I pad them with to get a little better visual to know what it'll look like with my clothes on? Anyone have any suggestions?? Also...Everyone's long should I be taking off work? I am a hair dresser..I do a lot of colors/foils..and of course blowdrying.. what's everyones thoughts on that??
good idea :)
what did you pad your bras with?? I actually bought a C and a D....yes im that excited!! :) Just put one on..its crazy that i'll fill it in 2 weeks! But I think its a good idea to pad them and wear them.. just what to pad them with??
I used inserts from my now old bras and or swimsuits. You could also use the rice in a panty hose thing. Google... rice sizer test for BA tells you how to do it. Good Luck!

So Im in's already too hot here to...

So Im in's already too hot here to stuff your bra..LOL! I am wearing my largest bra..I mean it has the most padding.
I have 11 days to go!! Doesn't seem like its ever going to get here! It's a good thing I do have my two boys, they are keeping my busy, so my minds not on it as much.
However, I have always been an impatient it is hard to wait!
Im still wondering how many days to take off work. I love this site! I have been reading a lot of reviews, and it definitely gives me an idea of how long.
I love all the other tips as well. I will be wearing my sweats, (elastic waste) and a huge comfy tshirt :) Hair braided down one side.
I still need to get my scripts filled. And I should probably make a reservation at a hotel. My husband and I are about an hour from my doctor, so we're making plans for my children to stay with family and we'll go down the night before.
So it's becoming more real, and I am thrilled! I can tell my husband is getting excited too!

9 days to go!! So I just got an email and the...

9 days to go!!
So I just got an email and the day after my surgery, my church is having a picnic for everyone that helped with Easter... hmmm... to go or not to go? I guess I will just have to wait and see how I feel. But I also am just so nervous about everyone knowing and what they will say.. I guess I shouldnt be!
wow your excitement just jumps off the page, I am anxiously excited for you, and glad you found the surgeon of your choice -I know that is very important. I am really looking forward to you operation and cant wait for you post op photos! ♥ also thanks for all the advice

One week from today!!! Cannot wait to have some...

One week from today!!! Cannot wait to have some confidence back!! I am getting so excited..and my husband is too! I got my scripts filled yesterday, so thats one less thing off the todo list.
about the padding thing, I was at hobby lobby and picked up the inserts, that you would normally sew into shirts and such. Great purchase! I had Easter service today ..and next week is the picnic.. so I wore the inserts today .. hoping next week it wont be as noticable..even though it'll be a day after surgery!!! It'll be a big tshirt day!
I did the rice thing and I think it worked pretty well. I felt silly! But it gives you a good idea of what they will look like.

Wow! I cant believe its almost here! 4 days!!! The...

Wow! I cant believe its almost here! 4 days!!! The nurse called today and went over preop :) It seems like its not going to happen! I just can't believe it. Waited for awhile and now thats its almost time, it just doesnt seem real. My husband is taking me to dinner the night before and we're staying in a hotel , my boys with their aunt. So everything is set! I have a super busy week ahead of me. Going to try and get my house as clean as possible, laundry done, van cleaned. Still have TBall twice this week with my 4 yr old and still lots of appointments! But I will get it done! Next week, its take it easy :) Super excited!!
Looking at hotels right now !!! :) very excited!!

You're almost there!

I am so excited for you I cannot wait until it is my turn! Good luck and I am really looking forward to you post op photos!

Well... I do hair for a living, and I was just...

Well... I do hair for a living, and I was just telling a close a clientabout tomorrow! And she says... Youre not going to Dr.Ratliff are you??? umm... yes I am. She told me about one of her friends that went to him a year ago and now her breast are sagging very low and shes very unhappy... So the day before my surgery?!?!! Really?!! So... Im a little unsettled...
I booked our hotel for tonight, getting ready to do my last haircut .. my boys are packed and ready to go. And now im nervous as ever.
Do not worry about the comment made. There is always going to be someone who is unhappy and let's it be known. And you heard it second hand. I am sure you researched your doctor. Good luck tomorrow! Excited to see your results.
Did she mean the breast is sagging? Because often women with slightly saggy boobs who get implants will just get bigger saggy boobs. So it wouldn't really be the surgeons fault at all. Maybe her friend should've gotten a breast lift as well as an augmentation. Try not to let it worry you! You're supposed to be excited and enjoying this, not dreading it =) And you said yourself that you were very pleased and confident with Dr. R. and his team during the consult. Good luck tomorrow!!
I was thinking the same thing!!! Everyone is different. Sometimes you just have to disregard certain things people say! It's just like when you're pregnant and people are trying to be "helpful" but they really aren't. You'll do great! Hooray for new boobs!

Alright!!! Day of surgery :) I went in this...

Alright!!! Day of surgery :)
I went in this morning at 8:15, by 8:30 they took me back and got my IV started. About 10 minutes after that Dr.Ratliff came in, marked me up, and I was ready! I spoke briefly to the anesthesiologist, then she took me back to the surgery room. As soon as they started strapping my arms down I kinda freaked out, so they gave me my meds in the IV, and out I was! When I woke up I had very little pain. More pressure than pain. My husband came back, she went over some stuff with him, and we came home! It was so pleasant and easy. Everything went so smoothly! My post op appointment is Thursday.
So I'm 8 hours post op right now :) I am in love!!! Even though theyre VERY swollen, I have one tiny bruise, they look amazing!!! They are even (which they werent before). Right now they look pretty big, but they're just beautiful!! I am so excited right now and so happy I did this. I have taken 2 pain pills so far. Mainly because it hurts to breath. But thats the only discomfort I have at the moment! I will update tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your support!! This site has truly helped me a lot!! OH! And Ill have my husband take some pics and post later :)
Congratulations!!!!! So happy to hear that your surgery went so well!

Day 2 post op. Had a very slow start to the day. ...

Day 2 post op. Had a very slow start to the day. Just taking it easy. My husband went and got my breakfast :) I did not sleep well at all last night! I had about 5 pillows under my back/head. My neck hurt, my boobs hurt, it felt like there was a brick of my lungs. It's going better today. There are little air bubbles and I can hear them crackle sometimes...weird.. I am doing my stretches, they're really not bad at all, I hold my hands out in front of me, palms facing, then bring them above my head and hold for 10 seconds. (when my arms are up, my elbows are touching my ears) It's still really weird to take deep breaths, very hard to get comfortable.. But Im still thrilled :)
They look so pretty already! I bet they're only going to look better too =D
Congratulations! You look great! Take it easy and enjoy!!
Apparently...I am happy for you twice! Sorry about the double post!

Alright, I feel asleep today with my son... I...

Alright, I feel asleep today with my son... I wasn't propped up , so just one pillow.. when I woke up I felt like HELL!!! It was horrible. I ended up taking a pain pill. Other than that im good :) I hate these ace bandages.. I wear two of them and then one white small band on the top. I cannot wear anything else until post op, then I can wear a sports bra. I cant wait!!! These bandages are hard to keep on! They keep falling to my stomach, but I dont want them too tight...then I cant breath! I hope I sleep better tonight.. And tomorrow I'm going to have to get some benefiber... havent used the restroom since Friday, and it definitely hurts! My stomach keeps cramping and im bloated! Yuck.
You look awsome! Congratulation! You a so lucky that after having 2 kids and breast feeding you didn't need a lift at all......mine needed a lot of work- lol but I'm so glad I did it! Enjoy and wishing you a speedy recovery!
thank you!!! im so happy :) so glad I finally got to do this!
You look awesome in your new swim suit pics!!! :)

My week post op is tomorrow. I cannot wait! These...

My week post op is tomorrow. I cannot wait! These bandages are driving me NUTS! They itch.. and they keep falling off! I went to the store yesterday and when I got to my car, they were around my belly... Finally got the constipation thing taken care of! I cant take MOM, it makes me throw up.. so I got some fiber pills, it said to take 5! I took 3, within 30 minutes, problem solved :)
I just cannot wait to put a bra oN!
Wow You look absolutely great! I am so happy for you ♥ enjoy your new additions
My first boy I breast fed for 9 months! They went right back to bouncy after that! But then my 2nd child..he ate every hour, and literally sucked both dry.. so after 3 months, I gave up! And then I was left with these little B cup really saggy boobies! I am so glad I finally got my boobs back!
And thank you for all the comments :)
You look awesome!! Congrats

Went for my week post op appt, today. I was there...

Went for my week post op appt, today. I was there for like 5 minutes! He said everything looks good, I can wear a sports bra, but no masaging yet, he said to wait on that for another 2 weeks. I slept on my side last night! It was awkward.. and when I woke up they were really sore from sleeping that way.. but I cannot sleep on my back!
So all is going great for now :)
They look amazing! Congrats.
Good to hear you are doing well! Yippie!!!

I finally slept on my stomach!!! Yay!!! It felt...

I finally slept on my stomach!!! Yay!!! It felt weird.. I was so I didn't want them to rupture lol! I guess I'll be getting more used to them, just still so new. I am in love though! They have settled a little and they look awesome :) No one even knows I got them. So I'm really happy with the size I chose, not so huge a lot of people don'tknow, but I definitely know! They look huge everytime I look in the mirror, im shocked! I can't wait to wear a regular bra! My incisions are kinda irritating, they hurt a little, they feel bruised. There aren't any visible bruises, that just what it feels like. It feels really weird when I bend over, like I have to hold them or something... its just so weird going from having nothing to definitely having something :) It has been very different. They're kinda hard to get used to. When I look in the mirror I can't believe its me! And I do understand what Ive read other people say about being almost depressed.. I am super happy with them and I would do it all over for sure, but it's just like any other surgery, if you don't watch it, you can get yourself down. I probably won't update untill my next postop, which is May 5th. Thanks again for all your kind words, means a lot to me :)
I need to post another pic, they already look better :) not so stiff! My PS told me not to massage yet..but I want to! They feel so tight its uncomfortable.
I'm not positive what size I am... I have tried on several bras, one was 34C, its a push up, and it fits very well, then I have 32D that I Love! Theyre both Victorias Secret, but different styles. So after my next postop, I think I will go to the store and have them size me :) Sleeping still sucks! When I wake up, which is several times a night, I feel like they are so sore!! It'll get better hopeful!!! ;)
Congrats, those are EXACTLY the boobs I wanted!! You look fantastic! And I get what you mean about being paranoid sleeping on your belly :) I'm 5 weeks out and I still find myself flinching a bit before I turn over haha

What size did you end up with? I can't find it in your posts :)

I went yesterday for my 3 week postop :) The...

I went yesterday for my 3 week postop :) The "massage" is crazy! Not really like a massage...its like your going to smash your boob off!! But it does feel good afterwards, its not as tight... Ive been having soreness right in between my in my ribs. When I lift them up it feels much better! I still have 3 more weeks in a sports bra..and I hate it!! And its starting to get hot outside...the bras suck when youre sweating! Cant wait for swimsuits!!
So after my appointment, I went to Victorias Secret and got fitted...I was super suprised to find out I am a 32 DD. The D fit..but was not I tried on the DD and loved it! I just couldnt believe that was my size! A lot of people don't even know I had anything done.. they dont look big at all. But I am so happy! :) Will post some pics tonight, so you can see 3 weeks out :)
Hiya mnh~ you look great! Looks like your picked an excellent PS. Isn't it fun filling out bikinis? I went to Victoria's Secret last weekend and currently fit into a 36D!!!! feels so awesome to throw all the ugly padded ones away...Lol Thanks for sharing your story:)
one of mine is slightly higher also! But it was like that to begin with, and I could have done a "cresent lift" but I didnt want them to look I opted not to :) I am doing so good now! No pain at all, doing the "massage" twice a day. I am so happy that I finally did this!
OMG... you are so fortunate. But make no mistake ladies.. I would TOTALLY do it again! And I certainly wouldn't call mine a horror story. I just have the one breast that is ever so slightly higher than the other. My nipple pain has almost totally subsided from the stretching. Now it's just the waiting game for the big drop! But I would DEFINITELY say that if you can find a good plastic surgeon, GO FOR IT GIRL!! I wish I had had the money to do it sooner... But overall I am VERY happy with the results.

I am almost a year post op and I just wanted to...

I am almost a year post op and I just wanted to add something. The biggest question is always, should I go bigger?/Am I going too big? THE SIZE!! I just want to add from my experience. I think it all depends on your shape, size, and the size and shape of your boobs before the surgery. I have a natural tear drop shape, because of that, I do wish now after a year, I would have went a little bigger. They are nice and big, but I do not have the cleavage I expected. and still don't feel like theyre big at all. I dont know if I just have gotten used to them, but I wish I would have gone bigger. Maybe 450-500 cc.
Is that the amount you paid total including surgeon fee, implants, meds, ect? If not, what was?
Tulsa Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely love Dr.Ratliff and all of his staff! They have all been so helpful and so nice. I am very pleased and will definitely recommend to anyone!!! I never had any wait time, they always answered me phone calls, faxed a letter for me one day , very promptly. I am so glad I went there, extremely pleased!

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