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So nervous, going in this Thursday (Feb.13) for my...

So nervous, going in this Thursday (Feb.13) for my Benelli/dougnut lift and augmentation! It is something I have wanted for years but now that the time has come I am terrified! I have gone through second guessing, fear, excitement, and countless hours of internet research. I am in the fitness world and have wondered if this will hinder my progress and my practice. No turning back now! 36B Now and doctor wants to do 400cc under muscle high prof saline. I sent 2 pics of my ideal look and am calling today to make sure my expectations are not impossible. 3 days, ahhhhh!


I'd love to hear your morning of surgery play by play when you get a chance. It helps me know what to expect morning of.
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I'm so glad to see you started a review! Hope your surgery went well today. We'll be anxious for an update when you are feeling well. I'm excited to see your new look in sports bras. Sounds like you've wanted a BA for quite some time and did a ton of research. I think you'll have a new found confidence which will help your business in the long run!
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Healing is rough

5am and cannot sleep, woke up with the worst back pain I have ever had. I also have a constant feeling of tightness in my chest and a new kind of sore you can't prepare for. I have had several moments of regret which by a sheet of of what to expect the first 2 weeks is completely normal. I am taking on much more pain than I have to though because I hate the strong narcotic pain pills I was given. I would rather take Tylenol and use a heating pad for my back. My friends that have been through this says it doesn't last too long and I will eventually be happy with the decision. Hope this is true.

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Oh and doc's change in decision

I was so on the fence between needing just an aug, dougnut lift, or lollilop lift that the doctor said before wheeling me back that he was gonna start the least invasive way and work his way up until he got results we would both be happy with. I figured it would end up being the Benelli lift with 400cc hp saline. I was surprised to hear when I woke up that he was pleased with doing augmentation only but with 450cc instead. They are lifted right now but I am wondering for how long..


Hey are you feeling today? We'd love an update to your review when you have time and/or feel well enough. Hang in there!
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The morning of is not too bad, just got to hospital and checked in and was taken to a small room to get changed and get an iv (not that bad). When the doc finally arrived and did the markings I was wheeled back into the surgical suite with incredibly bright lights. Then I only remember a mask placed on my mouth, then the next thing I knew I woke up in my hospital room all bandaged up. It seemed like no time went by so I remember feeling surprised it was all over.

holding out hope

So about 2 weeks post op and as of now I am not happy with results. They are a bit misshapen, too high but nipples are not high enough. I am really wishing that the lift was done as this point. I am going to wait it out and see if they improve, I know it is still early.


How are you doing these days? Any further changes? We'd love an update to your review when you have a chance!
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Maybe they need more time to d&f and then the nipples will come up?
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That's what I am hoping!

Getting better!

So over a month post op and starting to feel almost normal again. Still can only sleep on my back though. Going to attempt a yoga class tonight, have had to workouts since the surgery. It is strange to see people staring at them all the time but I guess is something you have to get used to. Lol. I am selling all my push-up bras, it is nice to finally not need them. I still think they are a bit too big but trying to get used to the size. Ready to be completely healed/ settled so I will know what size I am and wear regular bras again.


Are your nipples straight forward? My nipples are North & South. Dr Millers attitude toward my 2nd surgery has not been good. I have a infection among other problems that occured 24 hrs after surgery
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One is straight foward, the other is a little lower. There is is a tiny difference in the two but not enough for me to want to go through another surgery. Sorry to hear you are having trouble. :(
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