38 Year Old Starting the Invisalign Journey.... - Tulsa, OK

I started my Invisalign experience on Wednesday,...

I started my Invisalign experience on Wednesday, April 2. A little history about myself, I did not wear braces as a teen but I did wear retainers to fix some minor crowding with my upper teeth. Over the last 20 years I have had one top tooth slide back to its original position and movement along my bottom teeth. It was always in the back of my mind to get my teeth fixed but it wasn't until my company health insurance began covering Orthodontia that I became truly interested.

I picked up my first 3 sets of trays on Wednesday, April 2. The program shows I will wear 10 trays on the top and 11 trays on the bottom. I never realized how bad my bottom teeth were until I looked at the trays real closely. I go back every 6 weeks to meet with the dentist and pick up 3 more sets of trays. The dentist has warned me that I might need more trays. Right now I am focused on just getting through this phase.

The first two days have been pretty rough but with a little ibuprofen and some good rest I think I am getting use to the foreign objects in my mouth. I plan to take weekly photos like I have noticed others doing to chronicle the process. Outside of a small lisp that I think it only present to me no one has noticed I am wearing the trays.

This site has been very helpful in getting me through the first days. That's all for now, let the journey begin.....
Congrats on starting your treatment! The first two weeks are the hardest since you are getting used to them. The first few days I was in a slight panic wondering what I had gotten myself into. I wasn't sure I was going to get used to the trays being in my mouth. Now I am so used to them it is odd to have them OUT!! :) I look forward to reading your journey!
It does feel odd to not have the trays in, I might even say I miss the tighness/pain when they are not in cause I know progress is not happening.
Congratulations, and thanks for starting your story here :).  I'm the same age as you (maybe a little older) and finished my treatment about a year-and-a-half ago.  Of course I'm still in retainers and will be for the rest of my life :D.  My level of crookedness was a little worse than yours, but not severe.  It took me 15 trays plus six refinements.  Do you know whether you'll need attachments?

10 days in...

10 days in and I am finally getting adjusted to the process/schedule of this Invisalign journey. A few things I have learned and thoughts for those looking to start the journey as well.

1. It gets better after the first 2 days.
2. It's okay to rest your jaw/teeth throughout the day. My dentist told me to average 20-22 hours a day of wear. I would say over 10 days I am averaging 21-22 hours. Take a break for 30 minutes, reward yourself for consecutive hours of wear. I look forward to that 30 minute break and a snack.
3. Your lisp is not as noticeable as you think and the trays are not noticeable. Unless I told people I was doing it they would not have noticed.
4. Put a tooth brush in your car. I can still go to dinner, take out my trays in the car and when I get back in the car brush real quick and pop the trays in.
5. You brush ALOT, get a tooth paste that will help whiten at the same time.
6. Advil/Aleve/Ibuprofen is your friend those first few days.
7. Enjoy the process and don't be a shamed of the trays. You are making a change for a reason so accept it and enjoy it.

I am sure there is a lot more I will think of later.

Tray #2 starts on Wednesday and my wife and I head to Mexico in 10 days with some friends. It will be interesting to see how that trip goes lounging on the beach with an adult cocktail constantly in reach.

Until the next tray....
I especially loved your number 7 point.  It's so true!  I'm always surprised by how people seem ashamed, but there is nothing wrong with this!  Thank you for the update, and I look forward to hearing how it went in MX.  We've had some questions about travel in the past :)

Well I did attend The Masters last week....That was a bit interesting as I spent the first 3-4 hours popping the trays in and out every time I wanted something to eat. I finally just took the trays out and put them in the case and in my pocket from mid afternoon until we left for the day around 7:30pm. I popped the trays in once we got in the car for the drive back to Atlanta. The trays were a little tight but nothing that I could not handle. I will probably deploy a similar approach to my time in Mexico, trays in for the morning and through early afternoon and then trays out when the fun begins until dinner time. I made a decision early in this journey that the trays would not run my life or the activities I want to participate in or attend.
And you know, if you don't wear them enough hours, some of the doctors on here say you just wear the tray an extra week.  I'd confirm with your doctor, but that seems a pretty common stance on here.  And if having fun means adding two weeks to your time?  That seems a fair trade to me :D.

Tray 2...

My second full day of tray #2 and can say it has been easier than I anticipated. I put it in on Tuesday night and took some Aleve and did some work around the house. I was uncomfortable for the first hour or so and since then tray #2 has been a breeze. I have had to spend some time filing down the sharp edges. It amazes how small some of the imperfections can be that drive me nuts throughout the day. My wife says she can already see some subtle movement, I have been taking pictures and will get around to posting them when I have some time.
Have you gotten your attachments yet?  Or will that be with tray 3?  Glad to hear tray 2 was breezy for you :D.  I hope you have the attachments already, since that tends to be more uncomfortable when you first get them!

Tray 4 and Attachments

I had 7 attachments place on my 4 canine teeth this morning at 8am. It took my dentist 12 minutes (yes I was timing her) to put the 7 attachments on. Total time in the chair was 18 minutes, don't know why I timed it but I did.

I went to lunch with my wife and 2 of my 3 kids. None of them could see the attachments unless I pointed them out. I popped a few Aleve when I got to the office and have not experienced any discomfort from Tray 4. My only issue so far is the top tray is quite a bit more difficult to remove with the attachments.
When I first got my attachments the first week was a pain in the @ss to remove the trays. I had 15 attachments. But then suddenly they just popped in and out the second week. I thought it was just they tray getting more loose. But even when I switched trays it was pretty easy. I don't know if you just learn how to do it or if the buttons just wear down slightly enough to still work, but not grip the trays as hard.
Thanks for the update :).  Careful--now that you have the attachments in.  I actually ripped one of my trays accidentally trying to take it out because of the attachments :-/.  I found out I had to have a couple of slightly longer nails in order to get the trays out.  But you have fewer attachments than I did.  :)
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