Septo-rhinoplasty scheduled for Nov. 1st. Having some reservations. - Tukwila, WA

Hey all. I have a septo-rhinoplasty scheduled with...

Hey all. I have a septo-rhinoplasty scheduled with Dr. Antonio E. Mangubat in Tukwila, WA on Nov. 1 coming up in a few weeks. This is my second surgery, I had a breast lift about a month and a half ago done by the same ps and I decided to go with him for my nose. I've always hated my nose; I have a very round, short tip, and a wide bridge with a slight bump on feels big to me. I've wanted to change it since I was young, so it's something I've thought about for a long time. Breast surgery was my first priority and a real big boost for my self-confidence, and now that I've done that I would like to finally get my nose done. Rhinoplasty is something I approached with some hesitation and caution, it involves changing something that is in plain sight for everyone to see and it makes me nervous, as I'm sure it does most people on here. Some of the horror stories on here are making me uneasy! Haha! But there are risks to everything, I suppose.

I attended my consultation a little more than a week ago. I discuss my concerns and thoughts with my ps, and he in turn used that visual computer program that is so rad - he took my picture and reshaped my nose so I could get a better idea of what the end result would be like. I was so WOWed! Some of the changes I thought I needed didn't make sense or even occur to me. He told me that if my nose were actually to be lengthened using a cartilage (or bone, if necessary) graft, that it would balance my features out much more beautifully. He will be shaping the tip more as well, filing down the small bump on my bridge and the sides.

After my consult I was ready to get it done! I was really apprehensive about telling my boyfriend though.... I had never expressed to him before how I felt about my nose. Eventually we talked and he was so surprised that I would have insecurities about it. He was so understanding and said that even though he didn't think I needed it he would support me either way. Best thing I needed to hear...I really wanted him to be willing to be on board with me through all this. God, I love him.

So I have my preop appt in about a week. I'm excited to start going shopping for all the things I need. And let me tell you, I WILL be starting some Colase or some kind of laxative the day before surgery....after any kind of general anesthesia for that matter!

I failed to ask my doc if he would be doing an open or closed surgery for this. It is my understanding that an open procedure would take a lot longer to heal... and he said that everyone is different, but that the recovery should be fine. I'll ask at my appt next week.

Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to read my story. If any of you have tips or suggestions on what to expect, they would be much appreciated. Don't be a stranger!

Good luck to you! Keep us posted on how it goes!
I definitely will. Thank you so much!
You are super beautifull... if you have breathing problems, just do the septoplasty, but not the rhinoplasty. I have had 2 failed rhino and I regret having all of them. Good luck.

So, I got a call today from my ps's office asking...

So, I got a call today from my ps's office asking me if I could reschedule my operation a day earlier...on Halloween. Well, at least I don't have to worry about a costume or going out in public if I want to, right? Hahaha. I didn't really have anything special planned anyway. It's an extra day to recover before going back to work so I'm excited it's moved up a day.

Since I last posted on here I've been having a lot of anxiety about getting my nose done, to the point that some times I even begin to like it. Funny huh? I've been having doubts about my ps, not because he said or did anything that would make me question whether or not he'll do a good job, but because he is not a facial plastic surgeon. I've noticed a lot of people here go with an ENT or surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery and I am feeling self-conscious that I didn't make the right judgment call. I just feel extremely on edge that I might be making a big mistake and end up with something that I'll regret. I am sure though, that this is normal for most people...? Especially involving something that is smack dab in the middle of your face. I'm getting a septoplasty which, in my particular case, is going to be done not to correct septal deviation, but lengthen and project(?) my nose further outward. I've read that this is a difficult procedure requiring lots of skill and experience. My ps has 30+ years experience and I do feel like I can trust him to work on my body. He is reassuring but has also been realistic and straight forward with me from the start, which I appreciate. No smoke and mirrors.

Anyway, suffice it to say, I guess I haven't thought things through as seriously until now....but I believe a lot of the nervousness and doubts I'm having might be misplaced and just be pre-surgery jitters. Anyway, I could really use some positive feedback or thoughts. Thanks, guys.
Hello Kelpie, What did you decide to do? Is your big day still the day after tomorrow? If so, best wishes!
Hi - I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds too much here, but if you are having reservations about your doctor's potential lack of skill when it comes to rhinoplasties, my advice would be to listen to them. As has been said on these forums and others like these, rhinoplasty is a difficult surgery. I had mine done when I was 18, and he did a bad job, despite having told me with all the confidence in the world that it was a surgery he could take on. He was simply unqualified to do it, as are a lot of doctors, but didn't tell me that. I don't mean to scare you, but if you're going to have a rhinoplasty (especially a more difficult one requiring projection, etc.) I would seek out the names you hear over and over again as being rhinoplasty experts, who do nothing but rhinoplasties/facial surgery, and have consults with some of those doctors before deciding. The consequences are just too serious to do it any other way, in my opinion. Again, I'm sorry if I sound severe, it's just that I am in the rhinoplasty revision boat, having to have another surgery, and I wish someone had told me these things when I was choosing a doctor. From all of the research I have done - months and months - I think the revision rate for rhinoplasties is fairly high and you have to protect yourself against getting a bad nose job as best you can, through lots of research and choosing a qualified surgeon. Just my 2 cents, I hope I didn't sound pushy or judgmental.
Honestly such a reasonable and common feeling to have wonder whether or not your nose is as bad as you think it is, and whether or not it`s even worth having surgery on, etc etc. But believe me, good surgeons will have results that are natural yet effective. If you`ve had concerns and insecurities about your nose`s appearance for a long time, I would say just do it! Obviously know your surgeon and make sure he`s the right choice before saying `yes` to surgery, but other than that, it will honestly be one of the best decisions you ever make! :) People hype it up to be such a huge decision, it`s honestly an easy surgery and such an effective one..I had doubts about my septorhinoplasty, and now I`m thinking why the heck didn`t i do it sooner!!! haha Regardless on what you choose, best of luck !! :)
Dr. M

Plastic surgeon who performed my breast lift. I originally heard about him through my mom.

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