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I recently got lumineers and now regret it. I wish...

I recently got lumineers and now regret it. I wish I had found this forum before I got them, I'm sure it would've changed my mind. I wanted a quick fix for some small gaps in my teeth (after already having braces many years ago). My teeth are large and unrealistic. As some people have said "too toothy". Many people think I am wearing invisalign. I find myself smiling way less even in normal conversation. I'm highly considering getting them removed. I would've rather gotten braces again and still have my real teeth.

I have been happy with my Lumineers for the most part. One became dislodged during dinner and was crushed on the next bite. Total loss. Just recently the Lumineer on #10 broke. My dentist (not the same who installed them about 8yrs ago) glued it back. That lasted a week.
He will try again Thursday 23rd. Is there a specific glue and/or procedure?


The answers on this Q&A will probably be helpful to you Jim:

"Is There More Than One Type of Cement or Adhesive that can Be Used for Lumineers?"


I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling self conscious & finding yourself wanting to smile less. That is probably the exact opposite expectation you had going into it. Have you had an opportunity to discuss your disappointment with your dentist?

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