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Hi! My name is tavie. When I was 19 I gave birth...

Hi! My name is tavie. When I was 19 I gave birth to my first child. Long story short, I was 100 lbs and she was 9. It was almost like my tummy was a balloon got blown up really big and then deflated. It left me with a bunch of wrinkled loose saggy skin in the center of my stomach. After my second child, I decided I was done having children and it was time to get my TT. I saved all my money for a year. $6000 later I THOUGHT I went to a great dr. I guess I was wrong. He chopped me in to peices to say the least. I had a scar from one hip to the other that was aboit an inch thick, puckered and creased on each side, raised my pubic hair about an inch over my pants!!! Not to mention it was horribly painful. My bb was literally just a scar. It looked worse than it did before. When I tried to talk to him about how upset I was he told me I was lucky he even was able to put me back together. So two years later and lots and lots of research I found a dr. To perform a revision. So far so good. Im 2 days PO and it already looks and feels significantly better! Im still very swollen. He cut out the whole scar and bb and performed lipo. He had to extend by an inch on each side to fix the creasing. Ill show before and after pics.
So sorry that happened to you. I am two months post op from a revision. I am feeling so much better but I had the same doctor.(such a different situation than yours). I hope you are feeling better now. You are on the road to recovery. Let us know how you are doing. Sending out happy thoughts.
Which doctor did you have? My first doctor (the one that messed it up) was dr robert dryden. The dr who fixed it was Jeffery nelson. Im amazed at what a good job he did. Im not 2 weeks p o and for some reason my phone isnt allowing me to post updates and pics.
It was Dr. Robert Young. He did a great job but the way my body healed was just messed up. The incision scarred down to the bone. Kind of strange, you can see it in the pics. He fixed it. Looks much better.

27 Yo, 2 Kids, Second Time Around

After my first daughter was born I was left with a large amount of loose skin in the center of my belly. Ive always been very thin and when I got pregnant I was 104 lbs. My daughter was 9 lbs. I gained close to 70 lbs with her. Everyone said "oh you will bounce right back!" Well I didn't. After my second daughter I decided I was done having children and was ready for a tummy tuck. I found someone who I thought was a great surgeon to perform my surgery. I saved my money for a year. I payed him $6000 and he butchered me. I looked awful! Huge dog ears on each side, a huge thick keloid scar all the way across my body from hip to hip. My belly button didnt exsist. Just a scar. I lived that way for 2 years. Finally I was able to get the money to pay for a revision surgery. That cost $2000. So here I am 3 weeks post op revision. I have some concerns about my belly button. Im using hydrocortisone cream on my belly button and depending on how that works, I may need steroid injections. Ive been obsessing over the way my belly button looks so let me know any opinions please or if any of you have had something similar feel free to comment ob what you ended up doing or what the end result looked like. Basically I scar really bad in that area so well see what happens. Also, at 3 weeks im very hapoy with my main incision. Im not too swollen. I get more swollen at night or if I over do it. I still have paper tape covering my incision at all times. Im no longer wearing my garment. I did have lipo on my flanks and waist. So far im feelin good!! edit
I would love to see how your bb look now. I m considering another revision just to fix my bb.
Sorry to hear you had so much trouble. I too was small and had two really large babies - 9+ lbs and almost 12 lbs. I dealt with much concern about my shrivelled skin for years. I am now 51 yrs old and had my TT done when I was 48 and then did a Revision at 50. I had complications with the original TT where a portion of my incision opened (about 2 inches) and it had to heal open where I had home care come every week to clean out. After several weeks it was stitched and it healed okay. When I visited the PS - he wanted to do a scar revision and I also advised I was not liking my BB being a slit. In November 2013 I had the revision - the entire scar was cut out and restitched. It healed very well and my BB is better...although the way I heal if I don't keep a marble/large bead in there - it can easily appear like a slit again. I have used liquid bandage to hold in rhinestone beads and they look pretty good...better than getting my BB pierced. When I look at your BB - it appears similar to mine...I would highly encourage you to get something in it to keep it from slitting on you. I hope this helps somewhat.
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My doctor has been awsome and I can't even believe how much better it already looks!! The shape of my bb was already predetermined by the last dr and he had to cut out the scar.

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