Scheduled for 8/6 for Flatness - Tucson, AZ

I am 55, 5'9" and have been thinking about this...

I am 55, 5'9" and have been thinking about this for some time. Reading the reviews have me nervous because of the pain and swelling. Scheduled for 8/6 and my PS requires all TT to spend the 1st night at her facility. It seems from the reading the road to recovery is after 4 - 6 weeks with less pain, but still swelling. Realizing everyone is different, if someone could direct me to a review that has a lot of information would be helpful. I've read there are different types of sutures, am I correct? I know what items I may need during recovery. Whatever recommendation anyone can give would be appreciative. I am on this blog 3 or 4 times a day. Thank everyone in advance.

After reading all the reviews I was left with a...

after reading all the reviews I was left with a whole lot of quesitons. I contacted my PO and we had along talk. My PO gives 2 pain medicine and prior to stiching the patient up, the doctor injects a numbing medicine. I was told to take ibuprofen along wtih my pain medicine which should help the back pains. After surgery a binder garment is placed on the patients. At the 1st post-op the patient is switched to a girdle garment. Now here is the hard and trickey part - I'm hunched over and each time i need to use the bathroom, i have to push this garment down and then up and to add insult the drain is still attached to you Okay - where is the sympathy with this. You can purchase crotchless garments - I mean we are talking about sensitiveness - right?. Why would i want to push and pull a garment that is already on a delicate part of the body is beyond me. Any comments ladies..........

For those that have had their tummy tuck, did your...

For those that have had their tummy tuck, did your doctor put you in a gridle a couple days (3) after surgery and with drains? If so, would you mind sharing your experience with me. I would like to know about pain, using the restroom & the effort it took to pull up & down.

Well time has finally come for me. I am scheduled...

Well time has finally come for me. I am scheduled for Monday. I havent read EVERY review, but have tried to read and skim what I had hope would give me an idea of what to expect. Hopefully what I put in this post will help someone considering or about to have their surgery. Had my Pre=Op last week. I got 6 prescriptions (antibotics, 2 pain relievers, valium, naval ointment & nausea). Was also given VitaMedica (Recovery that includes Bromelain & Arnica that goes under the tongue). Had to pay for the Clinical Support Vitamins (3 in the morning & 3 and the evening). My problem is that I have a phsycological (mis-spelled) problem swallowing pills. Started the naval ointment today (3 days before surgery) and will start my antibotics on Sunday. I think I have everything I need based on the Community's review of things needed. I got gauze, q-tips,Gas-x, ibuprofen, cottonelle disposables, mederma scar gel and Arnicare for massaging. Nervous - Hell Yes; Scared - Hell Yes even though I have been praying. I had an EKG a month aggo, so all I had to do was have blood work done, which has been completed,, I got 3 housecoast at K-Mart which button in the front. I believe the Community Manager stated that she was pantyless, so I have decided to go that route as well. The housecoats have pockets so my drain(s) should be able to slip into the pockets. I will be spending the night at their facility. I dont know if you cant consider it spending the night because I have an afternoon surgery and pick up is at 9:00am. Some thing is better than nothing - right? I rented an electric relincer for a month that has been delivered. My post-op appointment has already been scheduled for Thursday at which time I will be taken out of the CG and put into a gridle, which I am REALY SCARED TO DO. I just can not imagine pushing and pulling a gridle down every time I have to use the restroom. Please keep me in your prayers for a successful surgery, smooth healing and any suggestions that you'd like to send my way. I have to admit this site and the people that submit their picture and share their stories are life savers for us all. Thank You.

Believe it or not its 3:11am and I am wide awake. ...

Believe it or not its 3:11am and I am wide awake. As instructed took a valium did okay,but no longer sleepy. At this time, I dont feel -the anxiety (mis=spelled) that I was normally feeling. Just waiting to go. Have to be there at 1:00. Have things to do this morning to keep me busy. Last minute dusting, sheet changing and putting a few things out so that I won't be streatching (attempting). Well keep me in everyone's prayers for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery. Good luck to all other surgeries scheduled for today. Will update when I can.

Has anyone gone from recliner to a bed & if so how...

Has anyone gone from recliner to a bed & if so how did you do it? I've tried to get in my bed but when I lay in a fetal position it feels like I have plastic on my hps. I've used pillows but I just can't get comfortable. I am renting the recliner & they will pick it up on Friday. I bed has drawers underneath, but I do have a step stool. Any suggestions? I am 20 days post op & still slightly hunched over.

I am 7/8 weeks post op. I do have muse spasms...

I am 7/8 weeks post op. I do have muse spasms which drive me cray. They mostly come while I am in bed. I am walking straight, but I do find in the evening swelling &. Wanting to hunch over especially if I do too much during th day. I still have swelling but not as much as last week or the week before. I wasn't sure what "ken doll" meant, but as time goes by I understood what it means & felt I had it. The swelling in the area has gone down & my PS said it should be gone by 3rd month (we ill see). My incision was made in the area her my tighs meet my body. I am thankful for that. My BB is still healing, waiting or the scab to fall off. The lower part (abdomen belw the navel) feels like it is still stuck to my skin. Initially my whole stomach area felt that way & I guess as time goes on, the feeling is less & less. Still waiting on that waxing in the mounds area, but want to make sure everything is healed & there is no chance of getting an infection due to an area that hasn't healed because I couldn't see it. I still don't have 100% energy but I understand that is part of the process. I tip my hat to the ladies not as far a long as myself that have started exercising. Good for them. I have been using bio-oil & merderma gel like my life depends on it. The end of my incision are still noticeable but the other looks to have blended in & not noticeable. I got a pillow with the arms which helped me sleep in my bed. That's my update till my next PS Appointment which is the end of nov. I do continue to read & post comments. As probably each of us has said, this site has been wonders for me. Sharing & reading others journey has helped. I had days that I actually cried, but because of this site I knew why. Thank you everybody for just being there during all of our times. God Bless each of you.

I will be 3 months on 11/7. I still have swelling...

I will be 3 months on 11/7. I still have swelling from my navel on down & my vaj is also still swollen. Walking a lot, but after awhile I feel pressure & continue to swell up. Once home & resting the pressure subsides & swelling goes down but not completely one. I have strong pins & needles feelings but not as much. Watching what I eat, drinking a lot of water & watching my sodium intake. Otherwise I am doing wonderful. I know I am not 100%, but I know I am still on the right track & will eventually get there.
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Hey - glad you made it okay. I went from recliner to sofa... as nice as it was to have the recliner stand me up, it was wearing my backside out. My sofa is long enough for me so I slept on my side there for a long time. My drain exit sites were on the hips so that made it a little tricky but not unbearable. The bed was just too difficult to manage at first (it's a sleep number bed but that didn't help). Sofa also gave me something to lean on all night. That's just my experience, something to consider if you have/want that option. I still have numbness in some parts of the belly and am about 9 weeks out, going for a check-up tomorrow in fact, but sensation has returned to most of the skin surfaces. :) Stretching still feels strange, like it's very very tight. But it's also getting more normal as well.
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I guess I will try the sofa. It's not as firm as I would like but I have to use something. Thanks for the suggestion. Will update you after I try it out.
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Tried twice before to post, guess RealSelf is having trouble sending Confirm notifications, so logged in and will try again. :) Welcome to the flat side, hoping you are resting comfortably and doing well. As you stated at the very beginning, everybody is different, and the journey you started on today is yours uniquely. It's good to get helpful hints about different things from others based on their experience here, but your body is going to do its own thing on its own schedule. Hope it doesn't swell at all (have read some people just don't - those lucky ducks!), but expect the unexpected and be patient with your body and yourself. Most of all, rest. Looking forward to your posts about your experience, when you are up to it. :)
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Tucson, I hope everything went wonderful for you today. you are in my prayers happy healing .
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Good luck today, I hope your surgery went well! Happy healing!
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An emergency bottle of magnesium citrate, cherry flavored, was on hand for me in case the "side effect" of pain Meds set in. I drank half bottle on days 2 or 3 and was purged of backed up drains in a matter of hours.

Best of luck. I enjoyed the adventure, and learned a lot during my overnight stay. I looked at it positively as a somewhat uncomfortable vacation.

When I spent the night I wished I had known to bring some late night snacks. I don't get any side effects from pain Meds and was hungry like a bear the first day of spring.
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Thanks Abscape, they told me the have snacks for their patients.
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Good luck Tucson! I've been thinking about you. Everything will be fine and you will be so happy with the results. If you ever have any questions I am here! Update when you can.
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Thanks Looking4change - will let you know how things are sometime next week. Please - please keep me in your prayers - very nervous.
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Definitely keeping you in prayer, and sending calming peaceful vibes. One other thing - my PS did not specify postop diet, only "as tolerated" and like others I was hungry.

Hoping you do not get nausea/vomiting postop but in the event that you do it is far easier to "lose" liquids than solids... I was very grateful that I had started off with tea and jello and ginger ale type things, as when they made their surprise reappearance later it did not hurt much. When I could keep those things down, I progressed to soup, etc. Just a suggestion. Bodies can be so interesting and unpredictable. :)
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heya, Tucson... just a few days left for you now, you'll get through it fine. It won't always be easy but you'll figure out ways to get around the unfamiliar things. Be patient with yourself and your body, it's all a learning process. Keep up with the pain meds (good luck on the pills, that will be a tricky balancing act for you), and let your doc know if they aren't working for you, there are other meds that will work if they don't. Relax, take it easy, and don't try to do too much too soon. :)

Re the girdle... if it's crotchless, just flip the lower edge of it up if you need to, to get it out of the way. Would not be pulling anything on and off so early postop. Used my CG until the incision line was very well healed first. jmho. Will be keeping tabs on you. :)
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Hi Tuscan. Here is my experience with the compression garments. I was provided with 2 both crotchless and bought one from Contourmd and one from Norstroms. also a pair of crotchless spanks. Hope this helps and don't worry you will be fill be and look fabulous.

I am using a few things at the moment for my body contour. I am using 2 body compression garments with hooks, down the middle that the clinic got for me both crotchless. I bought a pair of long shorts with hooks and zipper over the hooks down both sides of garment but with a very strong front panel and a reinforced 6 inch waist band also crotchless. Another one which is a slip on body suit where the boobs aren't covered and are also crotchless and a pair of crotchless spanks. I put on the spanks for a couple of hours a day when I feel I need a break from the others when they begin to feel to tight. I try to rotate every 12 hour or so.

One thing I was told about the spanks and compression garments in general is DO NOT put them in the dryer after washing. The heat breaks down the elastic in the garment and they become less supportive over time and then you start to see those little thin rubber band bits coming out of the garment. Like a pair of undies. On a cool air fluff dry it may be fine but since I heard this I never put them in the dryer. I alway air dry. I have ruined a few pair of spanks in the past before they were made crotchless. lol
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Thanks - I appreciate the info you provided. Will know more once I go for my post-op. Just hope the progress is as easy as they say it is. Will keep everyone posted.
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Hey there again Tucson! You posted on my wall and I read your profile. I can understand how you feel and all of the questions and concerns you have. I think we all feel that way. My PS has us in a compression garment when we wake up from surgery and we keep that same one on for quite a while. I believe until they tell us its no longer needed. I keep it on all the time except when I shower. But honestly it feels pretty good on, helps you feel like you are nice and tucked in and supported.
I dont think I read any where on your profile about having kids but as far as trying to compare it to something because I kept trying to figure out what the TT would feel like. I will honestly tell you after 3 kids (2 c-sections 1 traditional) this was much less painful to me than any of those! I kept reading to try and find out how to compare the pain. I have had virtually no pain from my incision, or the muscle work. The only thing I have felt is tightness in my belly. The only real pain I have had is from this drain. I had 2 after surgery and the 1st one was taken out the day after. As you read on my profile I have had my left drain in for 8 days now and its still putting off too much fluid to take out. The drain is placed below the scar in the groin area and its just very sensitive. The insertion point is where I have pain. the only place. So really all in all I have been so pleasantly surprised with my recovery and the pain level of this surgery.
I cannot wait to hear about your surgery and see your results. Sounds like we are about the same height too so I bet we had a similar build. I have always had a chubby thick belly and SO nice to finally be rid of it. You will be so happy you did this!
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Tucson, my PS had me in spanx garment as well right after surgery I had a ton of anxiety over it because I kept thinking how the hell am I suppose to pee with the tiny opening? Well, they told me cut out the crotch area of the spanx (garment is below breast and goes to mid thigh) and it worked out beautifully! I worried for nothing!
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Hi Tucson! I'm 50 & I'm post op 11days. You are very welcome to check my review- I'm still trying to get photos, but I use my phone for internet & you can't upload from phones or pads yet :( Anyway, I had a TT along w other procedures. Every PS has their preferred methods incl meds & garments. Mine put me in a "girdle", a cg (compression garment) that went from under the braline to just above my knees. I had lipo so there were foam pads too. Most surg cgs are going to be crotchless. I won't kid you, it was tricky at first but ok after I got used to it. I used a silicone kitchen funnel to pee through so I didn't wet myself & I still use it at home. The hole was big enough & I pulled it back some so bm was no prob. You prob won't have a bm til about day 4 & most ladies use a stool soft/lax of some kind to get started. I didn't have a binder, just a girdle. This site is so wonderful, but ultimately I totally trust my PS & his skill & yrs of experience. Good luck! When you go to my review, you'll see others' reviews that will help too. This will become your new facebook lol. My PS office just recommended RealSelf on their web newsletter:)
  • Reply had a lot of selection for recovery compression garments in addition to other interesting products, like wedge pillows that are 100% memory foam. I read about recovery supplies at a blog website called SQUIDOO. I read about medicinal grade Honey for incision care, and all sorts of other things. My abscape is scheduled for July 19 so I comfort myself with gathering information. I want to have the correct recovery products on hand if I can, since I am pretty much on my own. Shopping is fun.
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Tucson- we are the same height :) ... I have just had mine done, and of corse I can not compare staying over night to not staying over night since I have not done it both ways, but I am VERY happy that my PS made me stay a night really I think I would have liked 2 nights bust because having 2 RN's do nothing but look after me was wonderful, my husband and kids are doing a good job helping me but they do have other things going on and they are not RN's ... and you are right about everyones tt going differently. my ps had me stay a night, he uses a pain pump, my binder I am to loosen up when I am sitting in my recliner and tighten back up when I move. oh and one really big difference was my surgery lasted a full 5 hours and i know many people go into the hospital, have the surgery and are sent home in under 4 hours. Im not sure what the difference is, my ps may just like to beat his TT' ers up a little more :)
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 I am so happy you joined us!!   The pain and swelling are all temporary and each person is different.  Don't let that scare you away.  The results are far worth everything you will go through.  As long as you go in armed with all of the information you will be fine.

You will make some great connections here on the site.  All of the ladies will help you though.  


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